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Here's Where You Can Stick Your Disney Infinity Toys

Just as Power A did with Skylanders, gaming peripheral makers PDP have teamed with Disney to give Infinity gamers a place to put their toys when they aren’t using them. Here’s a quick look at what storage PDP has in stores.

What's Inside The Wii U? Let's Get Technical

We know what we’re getting here in Australia on November 30 and how much it will cost us, but what’s on the inside? Here are the technical details on Nintendo’s most powerful game console yet.

Crucial Adrenaline SSD Review: Solid State Cache For Your Hard Drive

Last year we reviewed OCZ’s RevoDrive Hybrid, which saw the marriage of a 1TB hard drive and a pair of 50GB SandForce SSDs on a PCI Express card. The idea was to use the SSD controllers and 100GB of NAND flash as a high-speed cache for the much larger spinning disk drive.

Am I Up To Reviewing This Competitive Gaming Bag?

The Battle Dragon Bag is Tt eSports’ answer to the pro-gamer’s equipment carrying woes: A perfect way to transport the delicate equipment the serious competitive gamer needs to excel at their craft. I am not a serious competitive gamer.

When You Can't Hide Your Cables, Embrace Them For Better Access And Organization

DIYer Palle Olsen picked up some cheap super glue and mounting tape to mount his PS3 and its four annoying cables to the wall.

PlayStation Plus Subscribers Score Online Games Saves Tomorrow

Sony gives PlayStation Plus subscribers the ability to store game saves online via the PlayStation Network with tomorrow’s 3.60 system software update, allowing up to 1000 data files to be stored on 150MB of space as long as the money keeps coming in. Check out the PlayStation Blog for more details.

Fallout Fan Creates A Working New Vegas Platinum Chip

Chewman_BG, a regular over at the Overclockers got a little bit bored after finishing his VCE exams, so he decided to build a working Fallout: New Vegas Platinum Chip – one that works as an actual storage device.

Here's Where You Can Stick Your IPad

The iPad might not fit in your pocket, but you’ll find there are plenty of places around your house you can store it safely, like in my pants.

Strong Bad Sales Double With Wii SD Card Support

Nintendo’s addition of SD memory card play to the Nintendo Wii has done amazing things for WiiWare developers, with Telltale announcing that sales of their Strong Bad series have doubled since the GDC announcement.

Nifty Ottoman Hides Your Rock Band Instruments

Much to the delight of my wife, a good third of our game closet is filled with Guitar Hero and Rock Band instruments. Which means this sexy storage device is a must have.

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