Why Did Nobody Tell Me There's A Suikoden Reference In Diablo III?

Kotaku, we need to talk. You all KNOW that Suikoden II is my favourite game of all time, yet in the six months since Diablo III‘s Reaper of Souls expansion came out, not ONE of you has told me about this incredible Luca Blight reference.

At Least Konami UK Listens To Their Fans

Konami US has been depressingly quiet about the prospects of making Suikoden more accessible to modern gamers, but at least the company’s UK branch is showing their best franchise some love. Today on the Konami UK blog there’s a big post about Suikoden, written by the folks at the Suikoden Revival Movement. Progress!

It's Time For Konami To Bring Suikoden II To PSN

How much do you think a copy of Suikoden II costs on Amazon? $US60? $US150? $US300? If you guessed $US699.99, congratulations: you win the prize for Ability To Guess Obscene Internet Price Gouging. The prize is sadness.

Today Is Suikoden Day

Really, every day should be Suikoden day, but this is the actual one. Allow me to explain: the wonderful Suikoden Revival Movement, a group dedicated to trying to revive Konami’s equally-wonderful RPG series, has declared today “Suikoden Day” — a festive occasion created to celebrate all things Suikoden.

Passionate Suikoden Fans Are Swarming Konami's Facebook Page

A whole bunch of people who really love Suikoden are spamming Konami’s Facebook page to show how much they care.

How To Fix The Best RPG Series On The Planet

Suikoden is a video game series about destiny. About fate. About people who fight against near-insurmountable odds to accomplish things that shouldn’t be possible.

Loyal RPG Fans Are Just Looking For Hope

There are a lot of disgruntled gamers out there. For every video game series that has been abandoned or mistreated by its creators, there’s a group of fans who want nothing more than to see their favourite titles restored to glory. Americans who love games like Mega Man Legends, Mother, and Valkyria Chronicles are angry. Dissatisfied. Upset at how they’ve been treated by the companies that claim to care about them.

Suikoden Gets All Chop Choppy

From Suikoden II. Which I don’t think I’ve ever actually played. Maybe I should, because this looks great. [via VGJunk]

eBay Seller Thinks His Video Game Collection Is Worth $US35,000

Would you spend $US35,000 on a case full of video games? On one hand, this eBay seller is pawning off an impressive collection of games that includes rare gems like Suikoden II, Earthbound, Snatcher and a whole lot of other titles for Super Nintendo, Sega CD, Game Boy Advance and several other consoles.