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Tekken X Street Fighter Looking For The 'Right Time' To Release

Street Fighter X Tekken released on March 6, 2012, meaning Namco Bandai has been answering so-where-the-hell-is-it questions about Tekken X Street Fighter since March 7, 2012. Five games under the Tekken brand have appeared since, raising offhand speculation about TxSF‘s priority.

Street Fighter X Tekken Developer Jokes Tekken X Street Fighter Might Not Be Out Until 2018

So, Street Fighter x Tekken came out and met with widespread acclaim. Good for Capcom. Now it’s Namco Bandai’s turn to produce a fighting game crossover that follows up on an idea that once looked impossible. When might the Tekken be coming out? The guy who made SFxT has no idea.

Street Fighter X Tekken X Infamous In Action

Infamous protagonist Cole is joining Street Fighter X Tekken. Capcom showed off gameplay featuring Infamous‘ Cole MacGrath.

Street Fighter X Tekken Gets A New Challenger

No, not Bob Saget (unfortunately). Sagat! According to this image, Street Fighter‘s Sagat is apparently coming to Street Fighter x Tekken.

Don't Hold Your Breath For Tekken X Street Just Yet

Kotaku‘s played Street Fighter X Tekken, but from the sound of it, nobody outside Namco will playing Tekken X Street Fighter anytime soon.

When The Going Gets Weird, The Weird Make Fighting Games

Don’t think of upcoming fighting crossover Street Fighter x Tekken (or vice versa), but rather, one unhinged game producer against another.

Street Fighter X Tekken Is Serious Business Indeed

Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono takes no chances as he prepares for a visit to Namco Bandai’s Sunnyvale offices to talk the Street Fighter X Tekken crossover fighter, as seen on Capcom Unity.

Street Fighter, Tekken Creators Duel On Twitter

The creators of Street Fighter and Tekken have been squabbling in Germany. They’ve been battling (playfully, with pranks) over Twitter all week. Who won? Take a look.

Live Action Tekken Vs Street Fighter Starts Weird, Gets Weirder

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Namco gave Tekken and Street Fighter fans in Germany an unforgettable presentation at Gamescom this week in the form of a live-action match between fighting game characters Ryu and Kazuya Mishima… and a cross-dressing Chun-li.

An Early Look At Tekken X Street Fighter

Namco held an unusual event at Gamescom today to give its European audience a peek at Street Fighter X Tekken. But fans of both fighting games also got a sneak peek at its successor sibling, Tekken X Street Fighter.