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Here Is A Thing That Happens In The New Tales From The Borderlands Episode

Yesterday I talked about a very heavy moment in the latest Tales from the Borderlands episode. Today, I bring you a polka-dotted clown hanky to dry your tears.

The New Tales From The Borderlands Episode Has A Major Shocker

Wow, I can’t say I was expecting that. Even if you’re just a fan of Borderlands — not Tales from the Borderlands, specifically — this is a big one.

Even In Borderlands, Telltale Makes Choices Agonising

Tales from the Borderlands episode three is out, and it’s good. Really good. I plan on going into this more soon, but for now I’ll just say that Tales from the Borderlands has become one of my favourite games of the year — something I never expected.

Tales From Borderlands Ep 2 Is What I've Wanted From Telltale For Ages

I’ve always said that the best thing about Telltale games isn’t QTE-heavy action or near-pornographic dedication to depictions of bad things happening to good people. It’s disarmingly intimate character moments. Tales from the Borderlands episode two is chock full of them.

A Chronicle Of Messed Up Telltale Games, 2012-2015

It is a truth universally acknowledged but little examined that Telltale’s games have issues. The studio rose to prominence with 2012’s Game of the Year-worthy The Walking Dead adventure game. Since then, their games, wonderful in many ways as they may be, have been accompanied by an undercurrent of fan anger. Each subsequent notch in their belt — a good review here, an award nomination there, a new licensing deal over there — has carried with it echoes of unhappy players, people who are upset over buggy games, erased saves and purchases that won’t carry through.

The Choices We Made In Game Of Thrones Episode Two

Nothing’s easy in Westeros. There are no simple decisions, no sure outcomes, and just when you think you’ve made the right call, something unexpected turns up and kills you.

Game Of Thrones: TV Actors Vs Game Characters

Game of Thrones finally has a good video game series, with solid cameos by some of the TV show’s most memorable ladies and gents, to boot. With episode two out, many of the major players — Jon Snow included — have made their polygonal debuts. But do they actually look… right? Let’s find out.

What Telltale Could Learn From Life Is Strange

There was a time when “Telltale” was just a game studio. But over the last few years, fuelled by the success of 2012 Game of the Year contender The Walking Dead, it’s become shorthand for a whole genre. That genre is in desperate need of a viable competitor to spur Telltale to fix some annoying, perennial flaws.

Episode Two Of Telltale's Game Of Thrones Series Out In February

Video: Hope you’re ready for more tears. Episode Two of Telltale’s Game of Thrones series will be out the first week of February for all platforms, the developer announced today. PS3/PS4/PC/Mac on Tuesday, February 3; Xbox 360/Xbox One on Wednesday, February 4; iOS/Android on Thursday, Ferbuary 5. Episode One was great, so check it out if you’re a fan of the series.

The Internet Reacts To Minecraft: Story Mode

Nobody expected Telltale to announce a “narrative driven” take on Minecraft this morning. Thing is, while seemingly everyone loves playing Minecraft, nobody is playing the game because of the story. That’s exactly what’s causing the partnership between Telltale and Minecraft to look like it’s coming from left field.

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