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Surprise, Telltale's New Batman Game Is Busted On PC

The new Batman series from adventure game specialists Telltale starts out OK, but in technical terms — at least on PC — the game is a mess.

Telltale's The Walking Dead Returns This Autumn

It’s been almost three years since Telltale put out the trailer for the second season of The Walking Dead series. The third season is due out this autumn, and the first teaser is here.

Telltale's New Walking Dead Episode Holds A Special Pain For Players Who Are Parents

While playing the newest Walking Dead video game miniseries, it’s pretty easy to convince yourself that lead character Michonne will be OK no matter what scenarios unfold. But, she’s not OK and never will be because she’s a parent in a world gone wrong.

The Walking Dead: Michonne Adds Depth To The Series' Toughest Character

It’s weird to hear Michonne talk so much. But, man, the things I’m learning about The Walking Dead‘s dreadlocked enigma rattle me even more than hearing her speak.

Telltale's Making A Batman Game

The folks who’ve made episodic classics based on Borderlands, Fables and The Walking Dead are taking on the Dark Knight.

More Of Telltale's Game Of Thrones Is Coming

Briefly: Surprising nobody, Telltale is working on a second season of their Game of Thrones series, according to an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Don’t read that interview if you haven’t finished the finale; it’s full of spoilers!

I Made Some Tough Choices In Tales From The Borderlands' Finale

Tales from the Borderlands‘ finale was one hell of a ride. With a veritable bouquet of guns to your head, what choices did you make?

Tales From The Borderlands' Finale Is Its Darkest Episode Yet

Previous episodes of Tales from the Borderlands kicked things off with musical numbers full of upbeat shenanigans and masterful sight gags. Episode five’s was so heartbreaking that I nearly cried.

Minecraft: Story Mode Works Surprisingly Well

The reveal of Minecraft: Story Mode was met with a lot of internet scepticism in 2014 — could a narrative-driven take could even work for such an open-ended exploration game? I’ve played through the first episode of the new series, and can say with confidence that yes, actually, a story fits Minecraft pretty damn well.

Telltale Announces Season Finale For Tales From The Borderlands, With Release Date

Telltale’s announced the season finale for Tales From The Borderlands will be released on October 20, starting with PC, Mac, PS4, and PS3. It hits October 21 on Xbox One and Xbox 360, October 22 on iOS and Android. Additionally, the first episode is now free for console and mobile players.

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