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Tetsuya Nomura's Version Of Hikaru Utada Is... Interesting

This December will see an album of Hikaru Utada songs covered by an array of famous singers. Well-known artists are also doing illustrations, drawings, and art inspired by Utada and her music. For example, this.

Watch Tetsuya Nomura's Hatsune Miku In Motion

Last month, Kotaku brought word that famed Square Enix game creator and character designer Tetsuya Nomura had done a version of Hatsune Miku. Now, we can see his take move about.

Tetsuya Nomura Is Busy With More Than Kingdom Hearts III

Now that he’s no longer helming Final Fantasy XV, Tetsuya Nomura seems to have a lot of free time to work on other projects.

Tetsuya Nomura's Take On Hatsune Miku Looks So Final Fantasy

You might know Square Enix game creator Tetsuya Nomura best for his Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts character designs. Recently, his version of virtual idol Hatsune Miku was revealed in New York.

Kingdom Hearts III Is Being Made With Unreal Engine 4

In a recent interview, game creator Tetsuya Nomura revealed that Kingdom Hearts III is now being developed on Unreal Engine 4. Oh. Alright, then.

Tetsuya Nomura Talks Kingdom Hearts III But Is Quiet On FFXV

Square Enix recently revealed that Tetsuya Nomura is no longer helming Final Fantasy XV. Now he can work on getting Kingdom Hearts III out quickly.

Look What The Creator Of Kingdom Hearts Has Done To Batman

This is what happens when Final Fantasy character designer and Kingdom Hearts boss Tetsuya Nomura gets his hands on the Caped Crusader.

Things You Probably Don't Know About Tetsuya Nomura

The first time you ever heard of him may have been from his character designs in Final Fantasy VII, but Tetsuya Nomura doesn’t consider Square Enix’s biggest hit to be his turning point in the video game industry.

More 2014 Resolutions From Japanese Game Developers

2013 was a great year for gaming. After what was accomplished this year, let’s see what Japanese game developers hope to do in 2014.

Kingdom Hearts Director Addresses The Remaining HD Remake Left To Do

With Kingdom Hearts I.5 HD Remix out and II.5 HD Remix on the way next year, there’s nothing left to re-tell as we prepare for the eventual release of Kingdom Hearts III. Oh wait, yes there is.