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So right now I'm sitting in the middle of a cafe, having just enjoyed what is my go-to international breakfast: oatmeal. I'm a little wary of overeating and indulging when I go overseas, especially in the United States, so I try and make a habit of making breakfast as light as humanly possible.

But it got me thinking - what do you all have for breakfast on a regular basis?


Some people will say it's 7. Others swear by the pre-PlayStation era. Some misguided folk think roleplaying as Tidus qualifies as fun.

And with 15 out this week, the question arises once more. What is the best Final Fantasy game?


Both are breakfast condiments. One is Italian and tastes like heaven. The other is Australian and tastes like Satan's diarrhea mixed with battery acid (according to some.) So which do you prefer on your toast?


This time tomorrow, people will be picking up or trading in their existing consoles for a PS4 Pro.

Question is: will that be you, either now or later this year?


Wallrunning has become a bit of a thing in modern shooters, unless you're winding the clock back to World War 1 ala Battlefield.

Question is: do people actually like it?


Within the space of three weeks, gamers are going to be presented with three major franchises. If you pre-ordered and paid a small fortune, you'll be able to play Battlefield 1's campaign and multiplayer today. Titanfall 2 comes out the following week, and shortly after that players will have two Call of Duty games to pour over: Infinite Warfare and the Modern Warfare remaster.

That's a lot of heads to shoot. Question is: which game are you going to shoot more heads in?


I was talking to my partner the other day and we were reminiscing about the fact that we had not one, not two, but three blocks of glorious chocolate. Just sitting in our cupboard. And goddamit it, we weren't going to eat them.

Because if we did, good God. Our bodies. Those blocks would be gone. In one night.

But it got me thinking: there's an awful lot of variety in the world of chocolate, and I've never asked you what you think.


Oh my god, I can't believe I'm doing this again.

We did this before on The Big Question and we almost tore the internet is half. Be excellent to each other.

Which do you prefer... Apple or Android?


It's the next great frontier for our species. We've left the planet, landed on the Moon, and even lived in space for a duration. Now it's time to live on another planet, and SpaceX's founder Elon Musk today announced plans on how that would work.

So let's say this comes to fruition. SpaceX builds a giant, self-sustainable city on Mars. This might not come off for 40 or 50 years at the earliest, but let's say it does.

Would you move planets?


So 4K gaming is around the corner for consoles, and if you're upgrading your PC over the next 12 months then playing at 4K is a very distinct possibility.

Question is: do you really care?


So now we've had a little bit of time to settle since last week's PS4 Pro announcement. The latest software update was rolled out last night to all consoles, granting them the ability to support HDR capability, and we know it'll support 1080p/60fps streaming and broadcasting as well.

But in a year when PSVR is launching as well, are those features enough?


If you haven't been paying attention, there's two major conferences on tomorrow morning. From 3:00 AM, Apple will unveil everything to do with the new iPhone. From 5:00 AM, Sony will be officially revealing PlayStation Neo — or whatever the new name is — and probably the PS4 slim.

Question is: are you ready to upgrade your phone or console just yet?


Video games like covering the time of war. That's not much of a surprise. For about a decade it felt like that was the only time period shooters wanted to cover.

But which is more interesting to cover? The Great War or World War 2?


As most of you know a new Deus Ex came out this week, which is always exciting. Invisible War might not have set many hearts alight, but the series has been consistently good nonetheless.

But every Deus Ex game always presents me with a problem. Do I want to absolutely, positively blow away every enemy in the building — or should I opt for the stealthier route?


For the first time, after waiting what quite literally felt like ages, I'm going to have my first experience of Dungeons & Dragons. Not the kind that's wedged into an RPG on the computer, but real-life, rolling dice, roleplaying.

Thing is, I have no bloody idea what class I want to play.


Amidst all the No Man's Sky hype and the kerfuffle over the Australian Census, I've been trying to finish benchmarking one of the latest grahpics cards from AMD — the RX 470. Hopefully, time permitting, you'll be able to read about that very soon.

But it got me thinking. For those of you who play on PC, what graphics card do you lean towards?


I've gotten into something of a habit with bread over the past few days. You see, I love warm bread. And I'm not talking toast, but rolls straight out of the oven, straight out of the bakery. Crunchy on the outside, warm and loving on the inside.

When you have something that good, there's only one thing to do: crack it open and spread some sweet, sweet butter over those carbs.

Or is it?