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Who Do You Want To Draw The Next Dark Knight Batman Story?

The legendary comics artist who drew The Dark Knight Returns won’t be handling the art chores for its upcoming follow-up. So who should?

Batman Has Some Stupid Weapons

Batman’s cool. Not only is he the smartest guy in the room, but he’s got fancy tech and gadgets to boot. And this set truly captures the arsenal at the disposal of the Caped Crusader®. Plus some extra.

What An Ancient Mayan Batman Would Look Like

Inspired by Maya art and Camazotz, an actual bat god from Mayan mythology, here’s artist Kimbal’s pre-Columbian Batman.

Taiwan Really Likes Batman And Running

Hot off the heels of the previous fun run, the folks over in Taiwan have held another hero run. This time, they run for the Dark Knight!

Dayshot: Joker, As A Chaos Wyrm, Batman, As The Dark Knight

Joker, as a Chaos Wyrm, and Batman as… well as The Dark Knight in DeviantART artist sandara‘s surreal piece. That’s breathtaking! Like one of the bosses from Dark Souls, except it looks more evil.

This Joker Figure Made Me Question Why I Was Being So Serious

So another Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece figure finally came out, and, as is my nature, I simply had to get it.

Batman Is A Huge Jerk And He's Ruining Christmas

This is what you get for inviting Batman over for Christmas, though to be fair I’m not sure they actually invited him. Then again, maybe they should have expected that the Dark Knight would drop by at some point — this has apparently happened to them before.

If The Dark Knight Were A Teen Comedy

It would probably look like Gotham High, created by these brilliant YouTubers at movieclipsTRAILERS.

They Should've Called Him Deckard Bane

The Dark Knight Trailer Recut Using Footage From Batman: The Animated Series

I guess Batman Week is more or less official at this point, huh? In an effort to prove the unending amazingness of the internet, the folks at Hub TV have recut the entire Dark Knight trailer using nothing but footage and voice-over from the classic Batman: The Animated Series. It’s a promotion for their upcoming Batman: TAS marathon this Friday.

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