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Static Podcast Episode 2: Lining Up For RTX And The Hunger Games' Stef Dawson

Season 2, episode 2 of Static is here: We chat about how many of your Facebook friends are actually friends, why on Earth people line up for stuff (RTX, In-And-Out pop ups), the pros and cons of open plan offices, and you ask us — what’s the nerdiest way to ask someone out on a date?

We also chat to Stef Dawson, best known as Annie Cresta from The Hunger Games.

​Old People Don't Really Understand The New Hunger Games Movie

Old folks might not be the target demographic for the new Hunger Games movie, but that doesn’t mean they can’t watch it and even enjoy it. Then again, they probably won’t all “get” it, as evidenced by this new video from The Fine Brothers.

The Hunger Games Recreated With Cats That Don't Care

Cats don’t care that these children are forced to fight each other for others’ amusement. They don’t care about how cute Jennifer Lawrence is. They also don’t care that you think Battle Royale was better (it was).

"Slender Games" Is Like The Hunger Games On Faceless Evil Crack

To spice things up, the Gamemakers in this version of The Hunger Games introduce the tall, creepy Slenderman to a fight for survival amongst young kids.

Want To Fight To The Death Hunger Games Style? Fire Up Minecraft

The dystopic, autocratic world of The Hunger Games hasn’t really been well-represented in video games just yet. There are ways a traditional game could work, but for the time being the only official version of Panem we’ve got is on Facebook.

Unlikely Fan Fiction Crossover Battle: The Hunger Games Vs Mario Teaches Typing?

This one was just too easy. I mean, who hasn’t imagined the characters from Suzanne Collins’s young adult novels interacting with the disembodied Mario head of Mario Teaches Typing 2?

The Hunger Games Facebook Game Finally Steps Into The Arena

The Hunger Games came out in theatres recently, setting new box-office records and drawing millions of eager fans. The film had two tie-in games announced, one on iOS and one on Facebook.

'Hunger Games' Stud Can't Shake Off The Super Mario Theme

At the end of a nearly 13 minute interview, Peter Travers, the eminent film critic from Rolling Stone asks Josh Hutcherson, who plays Peeta in current box office smash The Hunger Games to sing the song currently on his mind. OK, Hutcherson says, just one problem: The song has no lyrics.

The Mystery Of The Hunger Games Facebook Game

The Hunger Games opened last Thursday to sold-out theatres. Bringing in over $US150 million in ticket sales in the US alone, it claimed the third-best opening weekend in terms of revenue in the history of blockbuster cinema.

Before There Was The Hunger Games, Japan Had This Brutal, Bloody Opus

Were you one of the oodles of theatergoers who packed into American cinemas to see The Hunger Games? The movie is raking in the box office cash — and it’s being hailed as a smash hit. But in Japan, people are referring to the flick as something else: “Hollywood’s version of Battle Royale.”

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