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Sony Corrects Itself, Says The Last Guardian Is Not On 'Hiatus'

Our 90-minute nightmare is over. Sony’s PlayStation boss Jack Tretton may have said that the long-awaited The Last Guardian was on hiatus today, but Sony’s head of worldwide studios, Shuhei Yoshida, says that’s wrong.

Sony Calls The Last Guardian's E3 Listing 'Pure Speculation'

E3 website has a listing for long-delayed PS3 title The Last Guardian. But does that mean the game is coming to E3?

Games Of 2013: The Last Guardian

Video games. It seems like we spend way more time talking about them than playing them. How did this happen? When? A large part of the whole ‘being passionate about games’ thing is the stupid product lust – the ‘hype train’. You can’t escape it. You can’t fight it. You know it makes zero sense, but you hop on board regardless. ALL ABOARD.

Sony Is 'Waiting For The Right Time' To Show The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian should be out by now. It’s not. It could have been shown off at the PS4 unveiling. It wasn’t. Fans looking forward to the game have every right to wonder what the hell is going on, then and to them, Sony Worldwide studios boss Shuhei Yoshida would like to say he’s sorry.

Fumito Ueda Finally Breaks His Silence About The Last Guardian

There always seems to be silence when it come to The Last Guardian. Silence punctuated by a couple of comments every now and then. This statement, made by Fumito Ueda on his own site is one of those moments when there isn’t silence. He actually says stuff! And even addresses the game’s release date…

These PlayStation 3 Games Are Running Out Of Time

From the sounds of it, Sony is unveiling the PlayStation 4 on February 20. Kotaku already ran a detailed look at what gamers can most likely expect.

Fumito Ueda Surfaces, But Not For The Last Guardian

Wondering what Fumito Ueda is up to these days? Even after leaving Sony, Ueda has apparently continued to work on the eagerly awaited The Last Guardian, which is years in development. Sony promised the game still lives. Promised!

The Last Guardian Isn't Out Yet, But This Custom PC Hardware Is

Not content with pleasing the world with his Shadow of the Colossus hard drive enclosure, Reddit user foxfoxwaltz seems to be on a mission to turn his entire desk into a Team Ico playground, as he’s also done this amazing Last Guardian speaker enclosure.

Kotaku Timeline: The Last Guardian

Are video games art? This question has been bothering gamers, journalists and critics alike for a long while. Proponents might say that art is subjective, that anything capable of eliciting a deep emotional response could be considered art. Then, perhaps, there is no greater argument for calling video games art than Team ICO’s work.

Sony Can't Promise The Last Guardian Will Be Released In 2013

I think I may have placed The Last Guardian on my ‘most anticipated games’ list in 2010, 2011, 2012 and I’ll most certainly place it in my 2013 list — but Sony can’t guarantee the game will be released next year, which is quite alarming in context. The game has been in development for four years — at the very least — and with Director and Lead Designer Fumito Ueda working on a contract basis on the game, folks are sincerely speculating whether the game will ever make it to retail.