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The Last Guardian Isn't Out Yet, But This Custom PC Hardware Is

Not content with pleasing the world with his Shadow of the Colossus hard drive enclosure, Reddit user foxfoxwaltz seems to be on a mission to turn his entire desk into a Team Ico playground, as he’s also done this amazing Last Guardian speaker enclosure.

Kotaku Timeline: The Last Guardian

Are video games art? This question has been bothering gamers, journalists and critics alike for a long while. Proponents might say that art is subjective, that anything capable of eliciting a deep emotional response could be considered art. Then, perhaps, there is no greater argument for calling video games art than Team ICO’s work.

Sony Can't Promise The Last Guardian Will Be Released In 2013

I think I may have placed The Last Guardian on my ‘most anticipated games’ list in 2010, 2011, 2012 and I’ll most certainly place it in my 2013 list — but Sony can’t guarantee the game will be released next year, which is quite alarming in context. The game has been in development for four years — at the very least — and with Director and Lead Designer Fumito Ueda working on a contract basis on the game, folks are sincerely speculating whether the game will ever make it to retail.

The Last Guardian Still Lives, Promises Sony Developer

Noticeably absent from Sony’s press event yesterday was The Last Guardian. The game was first released in 2009. Since then, fans have been waiting for the finished title to emerge. It hasn’t.

The Last Guardian Is Still A PS3 Game

Even though Sony recently “abandoned” its Last Guardian trademark, that means nothing. Work on the game, Sony and its creator say, continues. But does it continue to be for the PlayStation 3?

Why Sony 'Abandoning' Trademark For The Last Guardian Means Nothing

The internet exploded today following news that Sony had “abandoned” the trademark for their much-anticipated PlayStation 3 game The Last Guardian. And indeed the US Patent and Trademark Office has filed a “Notice of Abandonment” to inform Sony that the trademark is reverting to public domain.

Reassuring Words From The Last Guardian's Lead Creator

Fumito Ueda, the mind behind such classics as ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, left Sony last year much to the dismay of fans awaiting the release of his latest project, The Last Guardian. Since then, there’s been little news on his involvement with the project as an outside contractor and indeed how production on the game is going.

You Know What's Missing From The Last Guardian? Dubstep

Upcoming PS3 exclusive The Last Guardian gets a dubstep remix for shits and giggles, courtesy of Mike McWhertor of Meat Bun (and more recently, Polygon) fame.

If this year’s E3 gaming convention taught us anything, you can never have too much dubstep.

No, actually, you can. So knock it off, world.

You know what else is missing from The Last Guardian? A release date. HEY-YO!

The Last Guardian (Dubstep Remix) [Vimeo]

The Last Guardian Will Come Out When It's Damn Good And Ready

While many wonder where the hell The Last Guardian is, Sony has this to offer: it will be out when its ready.

Um, Where The Hell Is Last Guardian?

There was one glaring omission today. There was one glaring omission last fall at the Tokyo Game Show. It was the same glaring omission.