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Square Enix Working On New RPG

It’s not Final Fantasy, nor is it Dragon Quest. As mentioned in an upcoming issue of Famitsu, the Tokyo-based game company is working on a new action role-playing game. The game currently does not have a title.

Where's The PS3 Version Of Last Remnant?

The game was originally released on the Xbox 360 in November 2008 and later ported to the PC. The game wasn’t the hit Square Enix hoped, and there have been reports that the PS3 version has been canned.

Square Enix Pres Casts Further Doubt On Last Remnant PS3 Release

Japanese role-playing game The Last Remnant was originally planned for a release on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. As of today, only two of those releases have happened, with the third, the PS3 version, starting to look unlikely.

The Last Remnant On PC Has A Shaky Launch

Pardon the French, but there’s no other way to describe the PC launch of Square Enix’s The Last Remnant. It’s a mess.

Square Enix Invades Steam

Adding to their ever-expanding list of publishers, Valve today announced a deal with Square Enix to bring their PC games to download service Steam.

Square Enix's Magic Youthful Character Formula

Square Enix has a formula and has it down pat. That’s not to say all Square Enix RPGs are the same — they’re not. However, they do share similarities in character design. Here’s why.

Square Enix Says Future Unreal Engine Use Will be 'Case-By-Case'

Instead of using an in-house engine Square Enix used the Unreal Engine for The Last Remnant. This was a first for the company, and how was that?

The Last Remnant Gets Windowsed In Spring

Square Enix’s “strategically sound, technically flawed” role-playing game The Last Remnant is coming to Games for Windows in the Spring, the company announced today. Expect “features previously not available” on the Xbox 360 version.

The Last Remnant Review: Strategically Sound, Technically Flawed

East meets West as Square Enix releases The Last Remnant, their first attempt at creating a role-playing experience with both Japanese and Western audiences in mind.

The game follows the adventure of Rush Sykes, a small-village boy who gets thrust into global intrigue after his sister is kidnapped by a sinister man in a flying golden machine. It features a unique union-based battle system that supports large-scale encounters, a cast of memorable characters, and an antagonist easily as powerful as Square Enix’s more famous villains, if not quite as pretty. The whole thing is powered by Epic’s Unreal Engine 3, marking the first time that Square has reached outside of their own toolbox to develop a title.

So how did their first stab at a globe-pleasing RPG pan out? Read on and find out.

Square Enix Details Last Remnant DLC For December

We’ve not seen the last of The Last Remnant, as Square Enix drops the details on not one but four different packs of downloadable content coming to Xbox Live Marketplace in December.

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