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Go Blow Up The New York Times' Website

The New York Times wants you to destroy its recommended articles, its magazine cover art and even its ads. And it’s using a an homage to classic arcade game Asteroids to let you do it.

The Most Important And Boring Game Ever Made

This is a first. The New York Times has cleverly made a game out of solving the US financial crisis – it’s simultaneously the most important and the most boring game we’ve ever played. And we played through the first 20 hours of Final Fantasy XIII.

New York Times on RE5: The Truth About African Zombies

The New York Times’ resident game writer Seth Schiesel kicks off his review of Resident Evil 5 with a lengthy discourse on the racism controversy, invoking the one truism about zombies everyone keeps forgetting.

Who Pitched It?

I read a pitch for the entirely hypothetical (?) Guitar Hero: The Beatles today. Can you guess who wrote it?

When it comes time to script this new game, we hope the developers will notice that the Beatles’ two early movies, “A Hard Day’s Night” (1964) and “Help!” (1965), came as close to being video games as they could in an era before video games had even been thought of. Those movies embed the band’s music in action that’s nearly as frenetic and sweetly fun as anything a frenetic kid with a game controller could ask for. We would like to hope that it might also be about the extraordinary musical chemistry of Lennon and McCartney, those long, long hours at Abbey Road and the unreal sense of discovery and freshness that came out of that studio.

Game Informer? Reader’s Digest? Answer:

It was the New York Times editorial board, who also admit to “a certain sense of loss” when they consider the idea of a video game about The Beatles. A game about the musical chemistry between Lennon and McCartney? Yeah sure. And how about a Beatles version of Ico scored to “I Want To Hold Your Hand”?

Editorial: Let It Be [New York Times]


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