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One Of Square Enix's Biggest iOS Games Has Been Broken For Months

The World Ends With You is broken on iOS 8, and has been for a long time, to the point where Square Enix pulled it from the App Store last week because it just doesn’t work.

How Gaming Helps Me Get Over My Fear Of Flying

My Apple iPad 2. Crisp display with a density of 132 ppi. Reacts to multi-touch gestures. Contains accelerometer, gyroscope. Reacts to involuntary shakes in hands. Enough battery life to last majority of a cross country flight. Reacts poorly to excessive, clammy sweating. Does not register uncontrolled clenching of fists/jaw. Eight-megapixel front-facing camera accurately captures wild desperation in eyes, ghostly pallor, but leaves out racing thoughts, mounting dread, cavalcade of head voices.

Final Fantasy Blamed For Brutal Murder

A grisly killing in Munich left a 31-year-old woman dead. She was stabbed 18 times with a katana, and now some members of the German press are pointing the finger at Final Fantasy.

First Look At The Newest World Ends With You. It's A Social Game.

The World Ends with You is getting a new game for smartphones. It’s a social game called The World Ends with You: Live Remix, and it features songs from the previous game.

Time For JRPGs To Get Rid Of Voice Acting

You ever get to that point in a Japanese role-playing game? You know. The point where you want to turn it off. There you are, killing monsters and levelling up and minding your own business, when in comes a pair of tiny twins or a cackling rogue to ruin your day with voice acting that even Kristen Stewart would call hammy.

Surprise Ending Of The World Ends With You Remake Teases Sequel

Looks like we might be getting a sequel to The World Ends With You after all. A new teaser image at the end of the iOS version, sent in by Kotaku reader Michael, hints that the franchise could continue soon, and translator Brian grey confirmed its legitimacy on his Twitter account today.

Disappointed By The World Ends With You iPhone Port? Chin Up

After a drip-fed countdown, Square Enix revealed that The World Ends With You was being re-released. On iOS. For 21 bucks.

The World Ends With You Is Actually A Good Port

Look, nothing justifies what Square Enix did. Setting up a weekly countdown that everyone giddily expects will be a sequel to beloved DS game The World Ends With You only to reveal that it’s actually a $21 iOS port? Indefensible.

The World Ends With You Countdown Leads To $21 iOS Port

A rogue online store listing last week has led Square Enix to confirm that The World Ends With You-Solo Remix will be released for iOS devices. The game goes on sale tomorrow, and here is its launch trailer.

Square Enix Outs The World Ends With You As An iOS Game

Numerous Japanese sites are speculating that The World Ends with You is iOS bound. Earlier today, Square Enix revealed that the game was an iOS title on its online store page for the soundtrack page. The iOS notice has since been removed from the soundtrack page, while the countdown site soldiers on. Thrilling.

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