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So we're finally done with the Switch, and we're halfway through January. The quiet period is almost over. And while there's no major releases this week, there are plenty of intriguing indies coming out.


Welcome to 2017, people. It's the first week back, which means it's the first week back for This Week In Games. And while there certainly isn't a whole lot as far as volume is concerned, one title in particular makes up for that in quality.

It's Isaac time.


Amazingly, there are still plenty of games coming out this week. But if you're not interested in the new Walking Dead season, most of them are the titles on Steam that you'd normally ignore. It's probably time to start exploring that Pile of Shame.


Christmas might be just around the corner, but there's still plenty of gaming left in the year. And this week's theme is all about farming: whether you're tending to your blueberries and wine, farming the strike, or farming for loot on a derelict spaceship.


Who knows what the gaming industry will look like whenever Fumito Ueda's next game comes out. Will we have moved on from consoles entirely? Who knows.

Either way, The Last Guardian is finally here. And while it's far from the only major release this week, it's easily the one people have been waiting the longest for. But there's actually quite a few interesting games out, from a VR take on Werewolf to 3DS JRPGs to a Space Hulk FPS.


How long have you been waiting for a new Final Fantasy that wasn't an MMO? Years?

Well, wait no longer. Final Fantasy 15 is out this week. But that's not all - it's also a cracker of a week for the 3DS, Steins;Gate 0 is available, Watch Dogs 2 hits the PC, and there's some intriguing smaller titles to boot. Welcome to the last major week of the year.


The blockbuster season isn't over yet, but if you just looked at this week you'd think it was. After weeks when there's been new consoles, new VR headests, new blockbuster franchises and new games, now we have ... some pinball, Killing Floor 2 and a handful of PSVR titles.

Yeah, it's a quiet week.


Hello, I'm back on the 'This Week In Games' beat, which means that I'll probably miss a ton of stuff — but look! This is broad strokes alright.

Anyway, let's be real. It's all about Dishonored this week, am I right?

Of course I'm right. Why is this even a question?


For the middle of the silly season, it's a surprisingly quiet week. And for good reason: because with the exception of Nintendo, who don't really care what the rest of the industry does, and Football Manager, nobody wants to mess with Call of Duty.

That's right: it's finally Modern Warfare time.


The biggest thing this week isn't a game so much, but hardware. PlayStation VR, to be precise. And because it's PSVR, that means I get to reuse this derpy shot of Mark.


It's a special edition of This Week in Games ... well, because it's Tuesday instead of Monday. Public holiday and all that.

That aside, there are still plenty of new titles to capture the imagination this week. Reminiscing with mobsters, remastered Rocksmiths, bastards, vikings, bro shooters and more.


Silly season is officially back people. And how do we know? Because the latest expansion for Destiny is out.

It's not just Rise of Iron that kicks off this week, however: there's a new Batman episode, Jazzpunk gets a console release, and Firewatch hits Xbox One.


Remember this game? Recore? The one with the cool robot dog from E3? Yeah, it's out this week.

And that's not all. It's a big week for Xbox One, a great week for sports fans and there are plenty of cool offbeat games to boot.


There's not a great deal in terms of big name titles this week, but then it is the final week of August.

But the amount of time you could spend with those big games? Well, that's another story entirely. Especially if that game happens to be the new World of Warcraft expansion. And there's a ton of weird indies, too.