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Verily, The Art In Mighty Thor Is So Damn Good

There are many incredible looking comic books out these days, but one of my favourite-looking series at the moment is thanks to the incredible art of Russell Dauterman and colourist Matthew Wilson in The Mighty Thor. Here’s some choice bits of art from their wonderful work.

Mjolnir's Weird 'New' Comic Book Power In Thor Isn't Actually New At All

In this week’s issue of The Mighty Thor, Thor’s trusty hammer gets to do something totally strange, and unlike anything we’ve seen it do in a long time. But while people are freaking out about this strange “new power,” it’s not really new. It’s more of a mix of some weird and wonderful things the hammer’s done in the past.

The Original God Of Thunder Is Back And Ready To Prove Himself In The Unworthy Thor

You might have noticed that for the past few years, Thor has not been a title used by the man who’s been Thor since 1962. The role has been taken up by none other than Jane Foster, and she’s been doing a damn good job. But although her adventures are continuing, the Odinson is finally back with a comic of his own.

Taking Smite's New Mecha Thor For A Test Drive

The ultimate unlock in Smite‘s 2016 World Championship-funding Odyssey is finally live, and I get a chance to put Ragnarok Force X Thor through his paces.

Smite's New Thor Skin Pilots A Giant Mech

With the introduction of the Japanese pantheon to the god-based MOBA coming early next year, Smite wanted to do something special to make the incoming deities fell welcome. Ragnarok Force X Thor should do the trick.

Being A Superhero Isn't Helping Thor Fight Cancer

Unlike the big blond guy who preceded her, the woman who’s wielding Mjolnir isn’t immortal. In fact, she’s fighting one of the worst fatal diseases to ever plague mankind. And being a superhero is complicating her treatment a whole lot.

Avengers Age Of Ultron: Australian Review

This is it. No more origin stories. No more unlikely heroes come together at the last minute: it’s on. The Avengers are an established team, and they’re back to kick a whole planet’s worth of arse in The Avengers: Age Of Ultron. In case you’re wondering, it’s practically perfect.

How Thor Flies, According To Science

Of all the major superheroes who can defy the laws of gravity, Thor’s mode of flight seems like one of the most unlikely: spinning his magic hammer Mjolnir around and holding on after flinging it. Is there any way that would actually work? Science actually says yes.

When Superheroes Fight Game Characters, Things Get Painful

Ever wonder what it would be like if Captain America beat the crap outta Ash from Pokemon? Or what if Thor fought Master Chief?

Technically, Thor Is Now A Disney Princess

Whoa. Then again, Thor entering the Disney princess circuit would also give people a reason to never, ever retire the whole “Disney princesses as [insert other thing here].” Hmm.

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