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Doom Is Now Old Enough To Drink

This week, classic PC shooter Doom turned 21. So if you see someone in green slide up next to you at a bar and scream RIP AND TEAR, buy the guy a drink.

100-Year-Old Nintendo Souvenir Is An International Treasure

Erik Voskuil, who runs the excellent Before Mario, has a very special piece of Nintendo history in his personal collection. And, no, it’s not badass Lego.

I Miss Television Sets With Character

I can describe the television sets I gamed on as a child in intimate detail — the texture of the dials, the dusty ventilation holes, the faded wood paneling. The past three televisions I’ve had in my living room? A series of increasingly larger black rectangles.

The History Of Gaming Balloons In The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Since 1927 the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has been filling the skies of New York with colourful balloon representations of pop culture icons. Video games didn’t enter the picture until 1993, and only three gaming icons have made the cut so far.

A History Of Video Game Graphics

Stuart Brown’s fantastic YouTube series A Brief History Of Graphics starts in just about the most perfect way imaginable: “They say graphics aren’t important… but every game I’ve ever played has had them”.

33 Years Later, New Donkey Kong Secrets Are Being Found

Despite the fact the game was first released in arcades in 1981, has been ported to hell and back and picked apart on the big screen, Nintendo’s original Donkey Kong is still giving up secrets, most recently in the form of “new” music and sound effects.

A Time When Fanboys Were Innocent, And Sega Was King

Before there were YouTube channels about kids who were Sega fans, and a generation of people who equated being “fans” with being loud, angry and combative, there was a humbler, more private form of fanboy expression: home video.

How Nintendo Convinced The World To Buy A Weird Mario Game

Gail Tilden used to work at Nintendo. She was one of the founding editors of Nintendo Power, so knows better than most people how the company was able to sell one of Mario’s strangest moments — a game that wasn’t even really a Mario game — to the world.

Screw Apple's Watch, Nintendo's Watches Were Way Cooler

Hey everyone, Apple is making a watch. You might have heard. It’s like a normal watch, in that it goes on your wrist and tells the time, but it also does some computer stuff. Sound familiar? Of course it does. Other companies have been doing it for years. Including Nintendo. Sort of.

Parental Locks For Video Games Used To Be Crazy

These days, parental locks stop kids from playing games using simple software. In 1990, lacking that kind of technology, things were a little more draconian.