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Some Things Never Change

Here’s an excerpt from the magazine Computer Gaming World, reporting on E3 1997. Replace “real-time strategy” with “first-person shooters” and bump up the numbers a little bit — 50-75MB! — and this could be from 2014.

When Every Nintendo Game Looked The Same (And Was Better For It)

Outside of budget lines, video game box and disc art these days is a unique and varied art. No two games’ presentation looks the same. But for a short time, right back at the beginning of their days in the home console market, Nintendo bucked this trend. And it’s a shame they never stuck with it.

A History Of Video Game Consoles, In Japanese Commercials

Last week, we saw what the history of video games looks like through Western commercials. But the birthplace of Nintendo and Sony has a history of consoles all its own — and the commercials to match.

'Final Fantasy Has Arrived'

Via Steve Lin, a Nintendo employee newsletter from June 1990. “Oddly enough, this first-of-its-kind blockbuster is called Final Fantasy, but you can bet that it won’t be the last.”

The Specs Of A Nintendo Console That Never Was

A quick recap for those who may not know: the Sony PlayStation only came about because a deal between Sony and Nintendo to produce a CD-based console fell through. Nintendo then went ahead with plans to make their own CD drive, and stick it on the SNES. That ill-fated attachment never appeared on the market, but enough progress was made that some technical docs for the product are still out there in the wild.

That Time When Mario And 'Evil Brother' Luigi Starred In A Racing Game

Recent Nintendo events got us looking back at some old news clippings about the house of Mario and we found some we just have to share. Here’s one of the more interesting ones from the Daily Yomiuri, from November 1992. As you’ll see, we can’t vouch for veracity of all of it….

Adam West: Batman, Mayor, Star Of Terrible Video Games

The real joy of seeing Adam West do anything on the screen is that, even at his worst, he can make the most dreadful thing fun. Because he is Adam West.

The Dreamcast Wasn't The First Time Sega Quit A Hardware Business

The day Sega stopped making video game hardware was a sad one, but it’s worth remembering that, like former rivals Nintendo, video game hardware wasn’t the only thing Sega had ever made.

The Inventor Of The AK-47 Has Died

Russian designer Mikhail Kalashnikov, creator of perhaps the world’s most famous firearm, has passed at the age of 94. He leaves behind a somewhat complicated legacy.

Nintendo's First Electronic Toy Was Very, Very Cool

We all know Nintendo is a company with a long history. In over 100 years they’ve made everything from playing cards to LEGO sets to video games. But as important as some of those products were (or still are!), few are as important as the Nintendo Companion.