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The NES Was Once So Rare You Could Only Get It In Two Cities

It’s easy to forget now, given its enormous success, that the NES was once seen as a risky proposition. Coming on the heels of the great video game crash of 1983, into a market unsure if games were a fad that had already died out, the system didn’t just magically appear in stores across North America.

Nintendo's Ballsy Star Wars Knock-Off

Nintendo had a pretty strange relationship with Star Wars in the early years of its video game enterprise. We’ve already seen the weird shit that went down when Star Wars came to the NES, but a 1979 arcade game was even weirder.

Crazy SNES Controller Had All The Buttons

In the late ’90s, Canadian company TranDirect Holding had an idea: What if you could connect a Super Nintendo to a phone line, and use it to do your banking on? And what if instead of using a regular SNES controller, you used a sweet custom BANKING CONTROLLER.

The Gun Game That Nearly Broke Nintendo

Nintendo’s first arcade video games were, to be honest, pretty terrible. Way more interesting were the machines that came before those, starting with 1973′s Laser Clay Shooting System.

Nintendo's Kick-Arse 1966 Board Game

Before they made video games, Nintendo made loads of other sweet stuff. One of the sweetest was this Ultraman board game, which has art that looks as awesome today as it did in 1966.

Star Wars' Most Explosive Moment, Captured Perfectly In A Video Game

Since it’s out today on GoG, meaning a bunch of people are going to be playing it for the first time, let’s talk about X-Wing Alliance. And how it has the best ending of any Star Wars game ever made.

Nintendo's 'Boob-Shaped Controller' Was, Sadly, A Failure

One of Nintendo’s most important innovations in video games has been the invention of the d-pad, which is still used prominently on controllers today. To get there, though, they had to go through some less successful prototypes. Some with stupid names.

In 1997, Lucasarts Tried To Copy Diablo

People gave Lucasarts a lot of crap towards the end, mostly for being a company interested in nothing but licensed garbage. For the most part that was totally fair criticism. But there was once a time when Lucasarts wasn’t just brave, it was a little weird about it.

Doom Is Now Old Enough To Drink

This week, classic PC shooter Doom turned 21. So if you see someone in green slide up next to you at a bar and scream RIP AND TEAR, buy the guy a drink.

100-Year-Old Nintendo Souvenir Is An International Treasure

Erik Voskuil, who runs the excellent Before Mario, has a very special piece of Nintendo history in his personal collection. And, no, it’s not badass Lego.