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The New Transformers Movie Is Called The Last Knight

Yes, they’re making another Transformers movie. Yes, we know nothing about it.

Yes, this is probably the most vague ‘teaser’ trailer I’ve ever seen.

Yes, we should probably set expectations to ‘low’ for this one.

New Official Transformers Album Gathers Music From The Strangest Places

On Thursday Hasbro and Sony released Transformers Roll Out, an album featuring transforming robot inspired tracks from ten very different artists, including Danish alt rock band Mew and Gavin Rossdale’s Bush. Let’s give it a listen!

Over The Weekend Hasbro Was At Botcon 2016 Showing Off New Toys.

Over the weekend Hasbro was at Botcon 2016 showing off new toys. LEGO builder Joe Perez prefers the classics, like this transformable LEGO Soundwave compete with cassette companions. Check out his Flickr for the whole set (via The Brothers Brick.)

The Definitive 80s Cartoon Intro

The 80s had quite a few cartoons with the same formulaic opening scene, where only one thing could stop the forces of evil. YouTuber Jared mixed some of these together into one big intro and, well, a fake show like this would still make sense.

Infinite Arms Takes Toys-To-Life To A Whole New Level

With a game by developers who have worked on Elite Beat Agents, Gears of War and toys — real articulated action figures — from one of Transformers’ most prolific designers, Infinite Arms is exactly where I wanted the toys-to-life genre to go.

Megatron Faces The Sins Of His Past In Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #50

It’s a time of celebration for IDW’s Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye as it hits its 50th issue this week, especially for James Roberts. The fan-turned-comic writer has transformed Megatron from the evil leader of the Decepticons to a ‘bot trying to atone for his past, which is about to catch up with him… violently. We sat down with Roberts to discuss this new Megatron, the journey ahead, and what it’s like working on a series he’s loved since childhood.

That's No Ordinary LEGO Brick

What at first looks like a generic, classic red 2×4 brick with tiny holes on it, is a bit more exciting inside.

Someone Is Making An Open World Transformers RPG In StarCraft

Someone already made a massive MMO in StarCraft, so it’s not much of a surprise that something like this is possible too.

Hands On With Woobots, The Wooden Robots In Disguise

Last week I wrote about Woobots, the wooden robots that transform into wooden vehicles, currently the focus of a successful Kickstarter campaign. This week I play with them.

Amazing Wooden Transformers Change Instantly Into Small Chunks Of Tree

They’re robots. They’re vehicles. They’re kindling. I guess that makes Bamloff’s line of wooden transforming robots triple changers. Either way, WooBots are very cool.

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