Transformers Fixes A Pair Of Glaring Combiner Wars Errors

Two of the biggest problems with Hasbro’s nostalgia-fuelled Combiner Wars Transformers line so far were a helicopter named Alpha Bravo and a utility truck named Off-Road. Thanks for filling in, guys — your replacements have arrived.

Forget CGI. Transformers Toys Have The Most Exciting Battles.

Who needs CGI animated cartoons and movies when stop-motion Transformers battles can be this good?

A Tale Of Two Megatrons

Once upon a time there were two Decepticon leaders. One was officially Megatron, or as close to Megatron as Hasbro could get these days. The other was Apollyon, the third-party creation from X-Transbots.

The Time Cobra Commander Guest-Starred On Transformers

A couple days ago the folks at the Transformers Collectors Club teamed up with to reveal their upcoming G.I. Joe crossover set featuring a character called “Old Snake”. He’s an actual character from an actual Transformers cartoon. A very silly Transformers cartoon.

The New Transformers Is Off To A Shaky Start... And That's Just Prime

An untested leader, a gung-ho cadet, a rebellious youth and a hulking brute stranded on Earth with a hundred or so of the galaxy’s toughest Decepticons. I haven’t been this excited about a new Transformers animated series since Beast Wars.

One Robot, Five Disguises

Most Transformers, third-party or otherwise, have two modes. A select few score three. But when they’re really good, they get six. Mastermind Creations‘ Terminus Hexatron Continuum is really good.

Transformer's Most Fearsome Combiner Team Finally Gets Its Due

Today at Toy Fair 2015 in New York City, one of the Transformers most imposing figures — the Constructicon combiner Devastator — finally has a physical toy worthy of his reputation. Check out the first official pics, along with shots of the new Defensor, Ultra Magnus, Cyclonus and more.

A Third-Party Callback To Transformers' Scariest Headmaster 

Earlier this week I took my first steps into the world of pricey third-party Transformers with something pink and frilly. Now it’s time for something darker. Meet FansProject’s Function X4, Sigma L, a third party answer to the Decepticon’s scariest Headmaster.

My First Third-Party Transformer Is A Complicated Woman

Challenging the notion that fans can’t spend enough money on Transformers, the third-party transforming robot market produces high-quality dream toys with hefty price tags. After years of browsing and drooling, I’ve finally made the plunge with Mastermind Creations’ Azalea.

Transformers Commercials So Old They Weren't Even Called Transformers

Hardcore fans already know this, but Transformers weren’t always Transformers.