Double Bumblebee Is The Best Thing About Rise Of The Dark Spark

I don’t care which universe he’s in, plucky yellow Autobot Bumblebee always rocks. And hey, that’s two voice actors Activision doesn’t have to hire! SPOILER FOR TRANSFORMERS PRIME ANIMATED SERIES FOLLOWS

Kickass LEGO Transformer Turns Into A Game Boy Advance

New York-based LEGO builder Baron von Brunk has a pretty cool and original ongoing series where he builds LEGO consoles with transforming abilities. He made Nintendo 64 and NES Zapper Megatrons, and while we wait for one that can transform into the Nintendo R.O.B., here’s his latest in the form of a Game Boy Advance.

You Can Fly In The Transformers MOBA

The Transformers have seen some changes over the years. You might even say transformations (sorry).

Transformers' Rock Icon Channels The '80s With 'Thunder In Your Heart'

After years spent trying to update his sound, Stan “The Touch” Bush finally realises that he was born to create ’80s rock, no matter the decade. Horrible CG Transformers do battle to the tune of “Thunder in Your Heart”.

Rise Of The Dark Spark Is A Tale Of Three Optimus Primes

We knew Activision’s upcoming Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark combined two Transformers continuities. Now it’s three, as the original Optimus Prime arrives to show the other two how it’s done.

More Chinese Transformers Made From Trash

Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and other Transformers have risen from junked parts in Jinan, China.

Bumblebee Takes Command In The Next Transformers Animated Series

Arise, Bumblebee Prime? The tiny yellow Volkswagen that cost like $3 back in 1984 finally nabs a show-runner spot, as The Hub Network announces he’ll lead a fresh team of Autobots in a new Transformers animated series, in production for 2015.

Celebrate The Transformers Universe Beta With Two New Bots

The massively online tactical action Transformers Universe has officially entered closed beta this weekend, giving developer Jagex the perfect opportunity to dole out brand new Autobots and Decepticons like they own the place. Meet Front-Line and Conduit.

New Transformers Movie Trailer: Optimus Vs Grimlock

Where the first Transformers 4 trailer focused on the absurd, this longer clip is — relative to an expensive Michael Bay movie — more restrained.

Meet The First Exclusive Bots To Battle In Transformers Universe

Massively online tactical action game Transformers Universe is coming this summer, so it’s about time developer Jagex started rolling out some exclusive robots for the Transformers Prime-inspired game. Say hello to Duststorm and Meltdown.