Megatron Can't Stand Your Selfies

Millennials get a lot of criticism for their overt shallowness and constant need to interact, but it’s extra scathing when it’s coming from a guy in a Megatron costume.

Transformers Universe Is Closing, Six Months After Open Beta Launch

Jagex’s multiplayer arena combat game Transformers Universe launched in open beta on July 4 of this year. On January 31 it’s shutting down for good. That was fast.

Fine Art: If Only Michael Bay's Transformers Had Looked Like This

Carlos Nuñez de Castro Torres is a Spanish concept artist and illustrator who has most recently worked on the Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow series.

There's A New Transformers Game On The Way, And It's Just Precious

Oh my goodness, look at their giant heads. They’re so huge! This is what classic Transformers characters will look like in Transformers: Battle Tactics, a turn-based tactical combat game coming soon to iOS and Android devices.

Kotaku's 2014 Toy Gift Guide

The holidays are upon us, and and nothing says “Happy Holidays” like the smiles on the faces of loved ones when they unwrap a shiny new toy. From the tiniest pieces of colourful plastic to elaborate collectors items to freaking lasers, here are some choice gifting toys for girls and boys of all ages.

Golden Sega Genesis Transforms Into Megatron

There’s certainly more than meets the eye with this toy Sega Genesis. To mark the release of Nintendo 3DS title Sega 3D Re-issued Archives, the game maker is giving away this special “Gold version” Mega Drive (aka Genesis) Megatron Transformer to five lucky individuals in Japan.

We're One Step Closer To Having A Real Transformer

Transformers! They’re the stuff of childhood dreams. And thanks to some enterprising folks in Japan, we’re one step closer to having them be a reality.

It Took Two Videos To Cover Everything Wrong With Age Of Extinction

I avoided seeing Transformers: Age of Extinction in theatres or on Blu-ray specifically so my first taste of the film would be CinemaSins‘ “Everything Wrong With” take. I am not disappointed.

Angry Birds Transformers Is Out. Fans Should Grab It.

And by “you” I mean old-school Transformers fans, for while the game is a bit of a free-to-play time-sink, it has the touch and power of a project put together by 1980s-era fans.

Angry Birds Transformers Is Not What I Expected (Stream Complete)

When Rovio and Hasbro announced Angry Birds Transformers, I imagined sling-shotting helmet-wearing birds at stationary targets, just like Angry Birds Star Wars. The game I’m streaming this morning is not that. It’s more of an action game.