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A Little More Than Meets The Eye

In THE REAL DEAL, Patrick Boivin brings a five year-old boy’s Transformers showdown to life.

Now This Is A Good Transformers Movie

Video: When I opened an email about a “Transformers cosplay fan film”, I feared the worst. A CG-filled compilation of cringe, with bad Stan Bush covers.

Look At This Transformers Figure

3A toys — most recently flooring us with their Destiny efforts — have also managed to pick up the rights to make some Transformers figures. And oh boy.

Toy Time Transforms MakeToys' Pandinus, $400 Worth Of Third-Party Scorponok

In 1987 Hasbro released a stocky green and purple robot that transformed into a mechanical scorpion and a Decepticon Fortress. Nearly 30 years later, third-party Transformers crafters MakeToys releases a much cooler take on Scorponok.

The Bitter End Of The Great Autobot Decepticon War

In the first of four prelude videos leading to the Transformers: Combiner Wars animated series, Autobot leader Optimus Prime recalls how he ended the last great war. Here’s a hint: One stands, one falls.

Toy Time Plays With Victorion, Transformers' First Female Combiner

Last year Transformers fans from around the world voted the first all-female combiner team into existence. Now Toy Time finally gets the chance to combine six robots into on giant robot woman. Rust Renegades, combine to form Victorion!

IDW Is Merging GI Joe, Transformers And Its Other Hasbro Comics Into One Giant Universe

You might have noticed over the last few months that IDW has been picking up more Hasbro franchises to turn into comic books, as ROM, MASK and Micronauts have joined the ranks of Transformers and GI Joe. But later this year, they’re all being mashed together into one universe. Just like the movies!

The New Transformers Movie Is Called The Last Knight

Yes, they’re making another Transformers movie. Yes, we know nothing about it.

Yes, this is probably the most vague ‘teaser’ trailer I’ve ever seen.

Yes, we should probably set expectations to ‘low’ for this one.

New Official Transformers Album Gathers Music From The Strangest Places

On Thursday Hasbro and Sony released Transformers Roll Out, an album featuring transforming robot inspired tracks from ten very different artists, including Danish alt rock band Mew and Gavin Rossdale’s Bush. Let’s give it a listen!

Over The Weekend Hasbro Was At Botcon 2016 Showing Off New Toys.

Over the weekend Hasbro was at Botcon 2016 showing off new toys. LEGO builder Joe Perez prefers the classics, like this transformable LEGO Soundwave compete with cassette companions. Check out his Flickr for the whole set (via The Brothers Brick.)

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