We're One Step Closer To Having A Real Transformer

Transformers! They’re the stuff of childhood dreams. And thanks to some enterprising folks in Japan, we’re one step closer to having them be a reality.

It Took Two Videos To Cover Everything Wrong With Age Of Extinction

I avoided seeing Transformers: Age of Extinction in theatres or on Blu-ray specifically so my first taste of the film would be CinemaSins‘ “Everything Wrong With” take. I am not disappointed.

Angry Birds Transformers Is Out. Fans Should Grab It.

And by “you” I mean old-school Transformers fans, for while the game is a bit of a free-to-play time-sink, it has the touch and power of a project put together by 1980s-era fans.

Angry Birds Transformers Is Not What I Expected (Stream Complete)

When Rovio and Hasbro announced Angry Birds Transformers, I imagined sling-shotting helmet-wearing birds at stationary targets, just like Angry Birds Star Wars. The game I’m streaming this morning is not that. It’s more of an action game.

The Seven Best Classic '80s Transformers Episodes

Taking over a billion dollars worldwide, the success of Transformers: Age Of Extinction shows that the enthusiasm of the paying punter hasn’t paled for Michael Bay’s takes on giant-robot warfare. That ought to please Kotaku’s own Yannick LeJacq, at least — he put forward his case for a little Bay loving back in June.

Glorious Grimlock And Optimus Prime Statue

Absolutely gorgeous Transformers: Age of Extinction statue by Prime 1 Studio:

Samurai Stormtrooper Figure

Custom samurai stormtrooper figure made by Justin Alan Volpe as a commission.

Angry Birds Transformers Trailer Is So '80s

The new Angry Birds trailer is meant to look like it was ripped from a VHS tape. Also, it’s loaded with lasers and features a new song by the man who made music for the ’80′s Transformers movie:

If Michael Bay Directed Pixar's Up

Say what you want about Michael Bay, but you can’t deny that the one-man blockbuster-movie-making machine has a unique style. It might not appeal to everyone. But hey: let’s all just be glad the guy isn’t making Pixar movies. That would be very… explosive, to say the least.

Fantastic Optimus Prime Figure Lights Our Darkest Hour

Hot Toys are releasing an Optimus Prime figure. I know you can’t see it, but my wallet is suddenly flapping around like a bat, and I’m having a devil of a time trying to catch it.