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Welcome to the first annual Toy Time Holiday Gift Spectacular, with special guests Batman, Spike the Dragon, The Walking Dead, Transformers and more. These are the toys and collectibles that would have made my Christmas list, were they not already sitting right over there.


DC Super Hero Girls versus Pokemon. Funko Pop! vinyls versus LEGO Disney minifigures. Fossil Hunter Lottie versus Fortress Maximus. We've got some tough choices to make to determine the winners of the Toy Industry Association's 2017 Toy of the Year awards.


With a game by developers who have worked on Elite Beat Agents, Gears of War and toys — real articulated action figures — from one of Transformers' most prolific designers, Infinite Arms is exactly where I wanted the toys-to-life genre to go.


It's a time of celebration for IDW's Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye as it hits its 50th issue this week, especially for James Roberts. The fan-turned-comic writer has transformed Megatron from the evil leader of the Decepticons to a 'bot trying to atone for his past, which is about to catch up with him... violently. We sat down with Roberts to discuss this new Megatron, the journey ahead, and what it's like working on a series he's loved since childhood.