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NVIDIA Is Giving Out Free Rainbow Six Siege Closed Beta Keys

If you’ve been intrigued by the return of the objective team-based shooters and wouldn’t mind playing another, then perhaps you might want to give the Rainbow Six: Siege beta a try.

Even Without A GamePad, ZombiU Holds Up

ZombiU was a fantastic game when it launched alongside the Wii U. Years later, it’s arrived on other platforms with minor tweaks, including a new name: Zombi. As it turns out, it’s still great.

Ubisoft Has Delayed Rainbow Six: Siege From October 13 To December 1

Ubisoft has delayed Rainbow Six: Siege from October 13 to December 1, citing player feedback as a reason the team needs a few more weeks to polish the game up. The upcoming closed beta will still kick off on September 24, however.

Rayman 4 Would Have Been So Much Cooler Than Rayman Raving Rabbids

The Rayman series of platformers are far, far better than people give them credit for. And it’s a shame Rayman 4 was eventually cancelled — and replaced by Rayman Raving Rabbids on the Wii — because the project sounded really interesting.

An Assassin's Creed Syndicate Preview, In Three GIFs

They’re showing Assassin’s Creed Syndicate over at Gamescom in Germany this week. They’re letting people play as Evie, the other twin in the pair of brother-sister assassins who are playable in this game. First observation from where I sit: the hat-knocking-off tech in this game is pretty good.

All Maps Cleared

Video: Assassin’s Creed Rogue didn’t stand a chance when it met an AC obsessive like me. All three game maps cleared after some 36 hours spent playing on my PS3. If you’re wondering about that boat in the lower left of the North Atlantic, I got that too.

An Illustrated Guide To Why I Can't Stop Playing Assassin's Creed

I have once again returned to an Assassin’s Creed game and found great things. Specifically, I have learned a lot about open-world video games, how Ubisoft makes them, and why I love them so much. I must show you.

Hey, A New Rayman Mobile Game!

Video: Hey, a new Rayman mobile game! The announcement of Rayman Adventures is good news since the character’s previous smartphone outings have been pretty dang good.

The Next Big Assassin's Creed Adds A Dash Of Batman And A Helping Of GTA

I judge an Assassin’s Creed, crazy me, by the overall quality of its world design and the quality of the high quantity of things these games give us to do. I therefore cannot judge the not-yet-released Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, of which I’ve only played for five minutes in the South Hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center. I can, however, be my usual optimistic self about two things.

Things Are Looking Grim For Beyond Good & Evil 2

Shenmue III? Check. Final Fantasy VII remake? Check. The Last Guardian? Check. Beyond Good & Evil 2? Well, it’s complicated, but it’s not sounding good.

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