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If you've got a massive open-world to play with and build content for, it's not at all surprising that you might use some of it to make fun of what's happening in real life. And that's what the Watch Dogs 2 developers have done, building in a little side quest to poke fun at the real-life Hanna-Barbera villain, Martin Shkreli.


Ubisoft's third-person shooter The Division has been one of 2016's most interesting successes and one of its worst fiascoes. The people who make it now hope it can also be the year's best comeback story.


For as long as humans have dreamed, we've dreamed of flying. We've built machines to launch us into the heavens, ever aware that we're merely visitors. Reality falls short, but virtual reality brings us a bit closer in Ubisoft's Eagle Flight.


One of the more exciting VR games due to be released this year was Ubisoft's Star Trek title, a multiplayer game that effectively channels Spaceteam by giving players different roles on the Starship Enterprise.

It's an awesome concept. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until 2017 to play it.


There aren't many games with split-screen support these days. One of those was set to be For Honor, the upcoming third-person brawler from Ubisoft. But in a video, the developers have announced that the feature is being cut.


The last epic, intense 1v1 duel with swords that I remember was Nidhogg. I was sitting on a mate's couch, and we were just going back and forth, back and forth. He'd capture one screen, get all the way to the end -- and then I'd claw my way back.

It was way too intense for what was supposed to be a light-hearted night of drinks and games. But it was great. And it's the same thing that watching duels in For Honor reminds me of.


If the Assassin's Creed games haven't done a great deal for you lately, then perhaps the characters have something to do with it. So to capitalise on the fact that no-one has come close to matching the suave Ezio, Ubisoft is bringing him back through a remaster.


The tactical, tough team-based shooter Rainbow Six Siege has picked up a lot of traction in the past six months. That's been possible thanks to the release of new maps, new character releases, updates and bug fixes, turning one of Ubisoft's more low-key releases of the past year into one of the best shooters out there. The game's old-school gameplay has also attracted a terrific community of people with whom to play.


While Nintendo might be riding high on Pokemon GO-induced waves, the company still has one major question mark. what the hell is happening with NX?

One person who undoubtedly does know is Yves Guillemot, the co-founder and chief executive of Ubisoft. After all, he's the head of a major publisher -- you'd expect Nintendo would have shown him what it looks like. And as it turns out, Guillemot really liked what he saw.