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The Division's Daily Missions Keep Disappearing

Is a Daily Mission really daily if it doesn’t happen every day? That’s the new philosophical dilemma facing The Division, an online shooter in which players travel through New York City wishing they were travelling through space.

Early Footage From Assassin's Creed Creator's 1666: Amsterdam

In 2010 Assassin’s Creed creator Patrice Désilets left Ubisoft to form his own studio within THQ to work on a game called 1666: Amsterdam. Here’s our first look at how that game was shaping up before being sold back to Ubisoft and left in limbo for three years.

Even Fox News Is Mad About The Division

Everyone’s bummed out about The Division these days, from internet message boards to cable news channels.

Far Cry Primal's Survivor Mode Makes The Game Feel Complete

Ubisoft’s caveman adventure Far Cry Primal has been one of the stranger, more beguiling games of 2016. Last week, they added a free survivor mode for console and PC players. If you’re willing to start a new game to try it, it makes things much more interesting.

When One Teammate Takes The Division Too Seriously

Video: Role-playing as a tough military officer in The Division, while the other players have no idea what’s going on? That could end up really badly, or it could be a fun run.

Disastrous New Division Exploit Lets Players Do Unlimited Damage

The Division has already been having a rough week, and things just keep getting rougher: A newly found exploit lets players temporarily boost their gun’s damage output to game-breaking levels.

The Division Is Having A Bad Time

In Tom Clancy’s The Division, there’s a war on the streets. There’s a war on the message boards and in the forums, too. This game is having a tough time all around.

The Truth Behind The Division's Bioterrorist Apocalypse

There’s something uniquely horrid about the prospect of biological warfare. There’s the obvious: diseases like ebola are strong candidates for the very worst way a person can die. Then there’s the careless, wanton nature of the destruction: unlike other weapons, you can’t ‘aim’ a plague.

Players Report The Division Is Wiping Characters On Xbox One

There are multiple reports popping up today that the latest patch for Ubisoft’s The Division has, for an unlucky few on Xbox One, resulted in the demise of their character.

The Division's Endgame Is About To Get A Lot Of New Stuff

There are some rad changes coming to Ubisoft’s online shooter very soon.

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