Video Game Lets You Drive From Miami To LA In 40 Minutes, Seamlessly

We’ve seen games that let you run from one end of a huge, real city to another. But Ubisoft’s The Crew promises an altogether more impressive spectacle: one smooth drive from Miami Beach to the beaches of Los Angeles. Take a look.

Sorry Ubisoft, Nintendo Beat You To The Top (Of The Mountain)

Ubisoft is spending a lot of money on a competition which promises to let one person become the first to ever play a video game on Mt Everest, using custom hardware built to withstand the “harsh conditions”. It sounds amazing! Pity it’s already been done.

I'm Pretty Sure Sunset Overdrive Is Ratchet & Clank Reskinned

Back in the day Insomniac was top tier PlayStation. The Ratchet & Clank series ruled (unless you preferred Jak & Daxter, in which case: arguments) and it had nailed a perfect mix of run and gun controls and ‘what the hell did I just shoot’ weapons. Why any of it was happening didn’t matter, only that felt great doing it.

Valiant Hearts' Trailer In Minecraft Is Both Silly And Poignant

We’ve got the first trailer for Valiant Hearts, Ubisoft’s fantastic game about World War I, with its own distinct visual style and powerful narration and music. Now, what if we take this visual style, and substitute it for Minecraft? Surprisingly, it works. Kinda.

Watch Dogs Players United In Their Loathing Of One Minigame

Watch Dogs has been out for a little while now. Some people have beaten up on it for various things, while others think it’s a perfectly fine time. But there is one thing most of us seem to agree on: That drinking minigame is the worst.

'When You're Making Fun Of His Suit, You're Making Fun Of His Mum'

Video: Far Cry 4′s Executive Producer Dan Hay gives yet another eccentric tidbit of information about Pagan Min, the game’s villain, in an interview Ubisoft just posted.

The World Of Watch Dogs Is More Plausible Than You'd Think

Watch Dogs! It’s a virtual version of an automated American city where everything is hackable. Total fantasy, right? Well…

Sunset Overdrive Co-Op Looks Pretty Damn Fun

Imagine a Tony Hawk game with crazy guns on a Horde Mode-style map. Insomniac Games did more than imagine. They built something very much like it for Sunset Overdrive‘s Chaos Squad multiplayer. Looks crazy enjoyable.

A Cheat Sheet For Everything Wrong With Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs has some things going for it. It can look pretty. It handles aiming and shooting pretty well. But the story in Ubisoft’s open-world action game is not one of its strengths. Now we have a hilarious movie script breakdown points out all the ludicrous stuff in Watch Dogs. Spoilers Ahead.

Valiant Hearts: The Kotaku Review

Valiant Hearts is a wonderful story trapped inside a video game. An epic tale set against a (mostly) realistic take on the First World War, Valiant Hearts tells the story of a number of very nice people caught up in the events of one of humanity’s most pointless and bloody struggles.