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A Perfect Example Of Why You Shouldn't Buy Used Games Online

Redditor Vernm51’s parents couldn’t find a copy of Pokemon HeartGold for the DS locally for Christmas, so they ordered it online from GameStop — and received a bootleg copy that didn’t work.

GameStop Is Overhauling Trade-Ins, Will Offer More Money

GameStop is overhauling trade-ins and launching a new program that will wind up giving people more money for the games they sell, Kotaku has learnt. The new initiative, which will launch on August 18, will simplify GameStop’s trade-in structure, reducing the complexity of what has become an unnecessarily obtuse service.

Cash Converters: In The Catacombs Of The Gaming Damned

Herein lies the dread account of one man’s descent into the ancient ruins of Cash Converters and the unspeakable otherworldly terrors discovered within.

Online Passes Treated Every Customer Like A Shoplifter

Every time I bring home a new video game I have this ritual: I take a fish boning knife and slide it under a fold in the shrinkwrap, then twist. Then I try to remove all of the cellophane in one piece, like it’s the world’s biggest peel-and-eat shrimp. If it’s an Xbox 360 game, I slip it down under the obnoxious seal across the edge and lift that out. I have to do all of this because American retail packaging insists on treating every customer like a potential shoplifter.

Microsoft's Muddled Messaging Shown Off On Television

The battle over our rights to play used games took centre stage last night during Jimmy Fallon’s Video Game Week, a post-E3 celebration of all things ludic. Fallon had brought up Mark Cerny, lead designer of the PlayStation 4, to talk about Sony’s next gaming console. And inevitably the conversation turned to DRM.

Mario's Creator Likens Game Ownership To Toy Ownership

It’s clear what Microsoft thinks of game ownership — the Xbox One’s policies don’t communicate much of a belief in it. Sony scored a lot of points on Monday, but to be fair, it was a defence of the status quo. Where does Nintendo come down on the subject?

Yakuza Series Developer Offers His Opinion On The New Consoles

The well-tanned Yakuza series developer, Toshihiro Nagoshi was walking among the crowds at E3 this year. Hopefully basking in the saturated spectacle of upcoming consoles and games.

Third-Party Publishers WIll Have Final Say On Used Games For PS4

In an interview with Game Trailers’ Geoff Keighley, Sony CEO Jack Tretton shed more light on how used games will work on the PlayStation 4. It seems that, while the system’s first-party games will be free to trade in or share without restriction, third-party publishers can choose to behave otherwise.

"This Is How You Share Games On PS4."

Nothing else need be said.

Redbox Takes A Mild Shot At Xbox One, PS4 Over Used-Game Concerns

While the rent-by-mail service GameFly is keeping quiet on what Xbox One may mean to its future, the kiosk rental service Redbox has begun a modest lobbying campaign to remind gamers that game rentals, used games, even taking them to a friend’s home are in serious jeopardy under the new console generation.

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