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Steam Users Form 'Scam Report' To Watch For Shady Business

Steam is kind of a minefield. Sometimes mid-development projects get abandoned. Other times, developers try to bury legitimate questions or criticism.

Watch Counter-Strike: GO At Melbourne's Crown Invitational Right Now

eSportsball time! Ignore the 9 October date in the image above, the Crown Invitational CS:GO tournament is running today too. If you’re not there virtually shooting up the place or watching, you can get in on the watching action online.

Watch The Insane Growth Of The Dota 2 International In This Documentary

It’s called Growing Giant, which is the perfect title when it comes to The International.

What It Looks Like When A Dota 2 Character Gets Nerfed

The infuriating explosive-trap laying Dota 2 hero Techies were hit particularly hard with the game’s most recent patch. So hard that it looks like they have almost disappeared from the game.

The New Team Fortress 2 Update Has Some Great Dishonored Easter Eggs

Team Fortress 2‘s loooooooong-awaited alien-themed “Invasion” update is finally out, and players are digging it. Well, some of them are, anyway.

Team Fortress 2 Goes Full Alien In The Latest Update

When Valve’s iconic hat simulator has seen just about everything it can see, what do you do with the free-to-play shooter? Insert aliens, of course.

Counter-Strike Is Broken In Australia And New Zealand

If you’re one of the tens of thousands of local fraggers who have been trying to hit up Valve’s long-standing shooter franchise, then I’m willing to bet there’s a 99.999999% chance you’ve either seen this happen to someone in your game, or it’s happened to another CS:GO fan you know.

It’s only limited to Aussies and New Zealanders though — and it’s bloody annoying.

Dota 2 Hero Alchemist Made A Curious eSports Comeback This Weekend

This past weekend saw Dota 2 descend on New York City’s Madison Square Garden theatre for the eSports tournament ESL One. One thing that surprised a lot of Dota 2 fans was the return of Alchemist, a hero who hasn’t had a huge impact on the game’s pro scene for a while now.

Steam Customer Service Is Still Terrible

This is getting ridiculous. In March of this year, I spoke with Valve business development authority Erik Johnson about Steam’s dubious reputation for customer support. He did not disagree with general sentiment: Valve badly needs to step up their game.

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