Valve's Steam Machines Will Officially Launch In November

“Steam Machines will start at the same price point as game consoles, with higher performance,” Valve said in a press release today. Well, OK.

No, Valve Isn't Holding A Press Conference Today

Breathe, people. Relax. Valve isn’t holding a press conference today. And despite all the speculation you might have seen on social media or other gaming websites, they don’t have some big GDC announcement planned for 3 o’clock this afternoon — 3pm on 3/3 — so please, don’t get your hopes up.

HTC Vive: The VR Headset Valve And HTC Built

Sound the alarm: Valve is getting into the virtual reality business with the help of HTC. Meet the Vive headset: the most ambitious VR project to date.

Smash Bros. Creator Is Totally Impressed With Steam

But aren’t we all? Steam is a pretty decent online store. At least Smash Bros. creator, Masahiro Sakurai, thinks so. Maybe he could, you know, make a game to sell there?

There Are Over 125 Million Steam Accounts

Valve announced today that there are now over 125 million active Steam accounts. It’s a marketing brag, yeah, but it’s also a figure worth looking at.

Fan Turns Half-Life 2's Headcrab Into A Gun-Wielding Criminal

Video: Here’s a short but intense Half-Life 2 fan-clip by animator Nathan Hibberd. His version of the game’s annoying little enemy steals airboats, uses machine guns and acts like a crazy cartoon character.

Why Some Dota 2 Players Are Mad At Valve Right Now

Last weekend, a special event themed after the Chinese New Year was released for Dota 2. Called “Year Beast”, the new mode was so popular, that Dota 2 hit a new record for number of people playing a Steam game at the same time. But the number of players trying to get into the Year Beast proved to be one of the many problems facing the event.

Dota 2's New Puppy Sidekick Is Cute, But Expensive As Hell

Meet Aurora. Aurora is a wolf-pup that comes packaged with an upcoming skin for a Dota 2 character called Crystal Maiden. Aurora costs twenty eight dollars.

Valve To Counter-Strike Pros: Never Bet On Matches

Recently there have been accusations (some proven) of match-fixing and illicit betting in professional Counter-Strike matches. Valve announced their verdict against the trend, bringing their ban-gavel down on multiple bigtime North American players. Now, they have added some stern advice: pros should stop betting altogether.

Gabe Newell Shows Us How Customer Support Is Done

When you have an issue on Steam, you typically send in a report, which Steam Support has to deal with. But one Steam user decided to take their problem to the man in charge of Steam itself, Gabe Newell. And, amazingly, Gabe actually took time out of his day to fix the problem.