Team Fortress 2's New Map Is Totally Bonkers

It has kart racing. Kart racing! With adorable chubby-faced characters. Valve has finally lost it — in a good way, mostly.

If Harry Potter Were About DOTA 2

“Harry, yer a DOTA player.” Former Team Liquid admin Ken “Hot_Bid” Chen and Mark “SirJolt” McEntegart are Kickstarting their eSports satire publication in an attempt to turn it into a full-time job.

It's 2014, And Team Fortress 2 Is Still Around

I checked my RSS this morning, and saw — because I am still subscribed to the blog’s feed — this news piece from Team Fortress 2. It’s about the game’s big Halloween festivities. And I thought, wow, I can’t believe I’m still opening blog posts about Team Fortress 2.

Valve Won't Let Hackers Ruin Team Fortress 2's Halloween

Halloween makes people do strange things — for instance dress up in costumes and beg for candy from people who might be murderers. Sometimes, it also makes them create Team Fortress 2 cheat plugins that teleport players between Halloween items, which ruins the game. It’s a trick alright, but it’s definitely not a treat.

Fed Up With Steam, Devs Unite To Score Extra Greenlight Votes

Steam Greenlight was originally envisioned as a way for fans to help select which games would make it onto Valve’s ridiculously ubiquitous PC gaming storefront. Unfortunately, it’s kinda busted sometimes. A group of game creators has decided to take matters into their own hands by gaming the system. Kinda.

Counter-Strike's Zombie Chicken, In Action

As outlined in this video from Otoris, massively popular multiplayer shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is celebrating Halloween. Now, this shouldn’t be confused with Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies, which is sort of a) always celebrating Halloween and b) terrible.

Renting An Apartment Is Just Like Steam Early Access

Buying into Steam Early Access with certain games and renting an apartment can both be like lottery, and we can end up with a really painful experience if we’re not paying attention.

Just Be Glad You Don't Have Roommates (With Portal Guns)

If you’ve ever lived with one or more roommates, you know that things can get a bit messy and tense. Now just imagine the kind of jerk pranks would get pulled if you both had Portal guns.

What Happens To Dead Dota 2 Heroes

Every match of Dota 2 has at least a handful of deaths. The question is, what exactly happens to the bodies after a match is over?

Video Takes Counter-Strike To Team Fortress 2 Levels Of Silliness

Inspired by an already existing crazy Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game mode called Chicken Defusal, a Source Filmmaker group called Deviant Pictures created one of the best CS:GO machinima of recent memory.