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YouTubers Play A Game About Being A YouTuber

If you were just unfrozen from a massive block of ice a la Chris Evans in Captain America or Bill Clinton in real life, here’s what you need to know: people make money playing video games on YouTube now, and the latest game they’re into is one about playing video games to make money on YouTube.

Ten Years Of Gabe Newell Talking About Half-Life 3 Is Depressing To Watch

Video: Whether it’s called Half-Life: Episode 3 or just Half-Life 3, here’s a video put together by CrowbCat which collects interviews dating back as far as 2006 in which Valve boss Gabe Newell talks about a game that’s never actually coming out.

Valve: Vulkan Coming To Dota 2 'Sometime Next Week'

2016 will be remembered as the year of close-to-the-metal graphics APIs. I doubt your grandma will bring it up in conversation as you discuss the highlights of the year come Christmas, but you know, you can always try. If she wants examples, no worries granny, you’ll be able to fire up Dota 2 because it’ll be Vulkan-enabled by the end of the week.

Someone Is Making A Game Based On The Steam Summer Sale

If rumours from a person who’s usually not wrong are to be believed, the Steam Summer Sale starts on June 23 and ends on July 4. But does it have to end? Ever? Does it really?

There's A Fight Going On In DOOM's Steam Reviews

It’s been almost 12 years since we’ve had a new DOOM game, but today one has finally arrived. And as you’d expect, the first user reviews are flooding in.

There’s just one problem: they’ve barely played the game.

Steam Changes User Reviews To Focus On Recent Experiences

Steam reviews can be a wonderful thing, but often they don’t properly represent the current state of the game. As of this morning, Valve’s rolled out changes to the service, focusing on users’ most recent experiences.

Finishing Half-Life 2 In 40 Minutes

This team effort from SourceRuns isn’t your average speedrun, but that’s what makes the way they blow through Valve’s classic all the more entertaining.

Valve Finally Cracks Down On One Of The Biggest Team Fortress 2 Cheats

LMAOBOX is the most prolific Team Fortress 2 cheat program. Or at least, it was.

Valve Steps Up Counter-Strike's Anti-Cheat Measures

Counter-Strike is one of the biggest competitive shooters on Earth, so of course, would-be cheaters flock to it like thieves to an Uncharted 4 delivery truck.

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