The Top 100 Games On Steam Are (Probably) These Ones

Yesterday, Ars Technica published an exhaustive look at Steam sales figures. A day later and some slight adjustments have had to be made, thanks to some corrections to their data (it’s not a big deal), but something has been added to the report. A list of the top 100 games on Steam.

Steam's Most Popular (And Unloved) Games

Nobody ever releases digital sales numbers on PC. Least of all Valve. Still, that hasn’t stopped Ars Technica from rolling up their sleeves and getting the data themselves.

Half-Life Speedrun Breaks World Record At Just Over 20 Minutes

After months of theorycrafting and planning, speedrunner quadrazid and his friends were able to run through Half-Life — a game that’s anything but short — in 20 minutes. And the fact that it’s almost 10 minutes faster than the previous world record shows how perfectly executed their run was.

Corrupted Half-Life 2 Is Full Of Nightmare Crab People

The limbs. They never end, the limbs. It’s like the characters in this glitched out playthrough of Half-Life 2 are related to Slenderman or something.

South Park Gets Name Change (For Some) After Internet Security Flaw

The security flaw known as “Heartbleed” could be the worst thing that’s ever happened to the internet. Whether or not you’re spooked by it, some people are already taking measures. Like… renaming their games on Steam.

I Wish All Dota 2 Fan Films Looked This Good

Video: Valve’s Source Filmmaker is an amazing tool, and this fan film is a great example. It shows poor Tidehunter trying to land a hit on Kunkka and failing. And failing. And failing. I hope Valve hires this guy to do the clips for their future Dota 2 videos.

A Sniper Rifle Has Never Been So Romantic

Forget about the items you’ve found inside Team Fortress 2 Mann Co supply crates — there’s no way those items are as sweet as the stuff inside this real-life Mann Co crate.

If Half-Life 2 Were Remade Today

Then it might look a little bit like this… which is to say: it would look fantastic.

The Newest Steam Controller, Detailed

Seems like Valve’s Steam Controller has been evolving since the minute they first showed it to us. The latest version adds more conventional face buttons along with the big, already-iconic touchpads. It’s being put through its paces at GDC this week. Let’s see how this puppy performs, shall we?