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Tips For The Steam Summer Sale

The Steam Summer Sale is in full swing, which means deals out the proverbial wazoo. Here are some things to keep in mind if you want to come away with plenty of games and a not entirely empty wallet.

A Counter-Strike Player Is Suing Valve Over Skin Trading And Gambling

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Valve by a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player in the United States, with the latter alleging that the corporation has “knowingly allowed an illegal online gambling market” to foster through its in-game economy of skins and the trading and gambling sites that have opened around them.

Today Might Not Be The Best Day To Buy Games On Steam

You’re probably all aware by now, but there’s a giant Steam sale going on right now. It’ll go on throughout most of the first week of July as well. And that’s excellent — because as it turns out, today might not be a great day to be buying games in US dollars.

Here's Today's Big Discounts In The Steam Sale

Surprise: another big Steam sale has arrived. And while different deals will pop up, it’s often the case that you can find plenty of interesting discounts on the opening day. So here’s a big list of games to help you determine what’s worth buying.

You Can't Gift Counter-Strike During Valve's Steam Summer Sale

We’ve got a twofer for you in the Unexpected Happenings department today: 1) You can’t buy Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as a gift during the Steam Summer Sale, and 2) Valve actually explained their actions. Quickly!

This Year's Steam Summer Sale Has Started

If you’ve got a piggy bank, kiss it goodbye. If you don’t, I guess stare deeply and lovingly into the imagined eyes of the Apple wallet icon on your phone or something. It’s summer in the US, which means It Is Time: The Steam Summer Sale is here.

Team Fortress 2 Game Fills With Streamers, Descends Into Chaos

Video: These days, it’s not all that uncommon to run into somebody who’s streaming and commentating while you’re playing a multiplayer game. If they’re not A Tool Of The Actual Devil, they might mute their mic. But in a team-based game you can’t always afford to do that.

Developer Accuses G2A Of Profiting At Their Expense

One of the largest differences in today’s world of gaming is the way digital marketplaces have flourished and made the market more accessible for developers and gamers over the last ten years.

But it’s also opened up a whole lot of grey areas, opportunities that third-party vendors have used to flourish. Some of those opportunities, however, can come at the developers’ expense.

A Third Of Valve Is Now Working On VR

Valve? More like VRlve. Hm, that doesn’t really work.

Steam Controller Update Lets You Customise Every Button Press

The Steam Controller continues to be a thing that is not super comfortable for a lot of people, but that hits just the right spot for customisation junkies. Valve’s regularly updated it since launch, and now it’s gotten one of its most ambitious updates yet.

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