Team Fortress 2 Mod Makes Gameplay Smoother And Jazzier

Sometimes, a small addition to a game can really mix things up, turning it into a completely different experience. In this case, a brilliant, funny experience: Sekti42′s Smooth Jazz mod for the Heavy’s Minigun in Team Fortress 2 changes all the sound effects of the weapon to various jazzy ones.

Counter-Strike's Pro Cheating Scandal Might Be A Good Thing

Hear me out: Counter-Strike‘s pro cheating scandal — which has seen three top-tier players get banned and others put under a hot magnifying glass of scrutiny — sucks right now, but it could be a good thing in the long run. Or it could create standards the sport can never live up to.

Top Counter-Strike Players Caught In Big Cheating Scandal

To say that all is not well in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive‘s pro scene would be a massive understatement. Multiple pros have been caught cheating by Valve’s official anti-cheat software, and even more are suspected.

Steam Sales Could Start This Wednesday

It’s not Christmas yet. It’s not even December. But according to a VG247 report, PayPal let it slip that the Steam sales are going to start this week, so get ready.

The Worst Possible Ways To Play Team Fortress

Thing about video game strategies is, they’re always helping you win. What’s the deal with that? What if you want to find the most spectacular routes to glorious failure possible? Well then, look no further.

Guy Wins At Team Fortress By Distracting People With Puzzles

Turns out playing a Spy is a piece of cake if you simply rely on what will now be known as the “puzzle gambit”. It’s weirdly, uh, ingenious? I guess?

You Probably Shouldn't Play Counter-Strike With Your Voice

Don’t get me wrong: this guy’s dogged vocal attack on terrorists — he yelps commands like “COMPUTER, LEFT CLICK AHHH” to spray his gun in sheer panic — is a certain sort of impressive. It’s just not exactly practical.

Fallout And Team Fortress 2 Go Together Surprisingly Well

Want to play Fallout: New Vegas as one of Team Fortress 2‘s colourful classes, all the way down to skills, motives and possible alcoholism? Here’s how.

Pretty Sure This Is What Source Filmmaker Was Made For

Some people become heroes through combat. Others prove their worth through great feats of science or art. This hero, however, proves himself through simpler means.

Ubisoft's Big New Games Have Disappeared From Steam

Last night, when I went to bed, the last thing I saw as I turned off my PC was a huge banner ad on Steam advertising Assassin’s Creed: Unity. By the time I woke up this morning, the game was gone. You couldn’t buy it on Steam if you wanted to.