Team Fortress 2 Is Becoming More Like Counter-Strike

The next big Team Fortress 2 update is almost here, and it’s a doozy. Players can’t decide if they love it or hate it.

The Steam Players Dedicated To Reviving Dead Multiplayer Games

Time takes its toll on everything — even games that, theoretically, could go on forever. People get bored, or games stop updating, or a sequel sucks the life out of the original. And then, before long, your favourite game’s a ghost town. Dead MP Games Resurrection Group‘s goal is to fix that, even if the game in question returns to its grave after only a single night.

Players Turn Team Fortress 2 Into Splatoon

I suppose it was inevitable, wasn’t it? Pretty much since day one, comparisons between Wii U-exclusive Splatoon and early Team Fortress 2 have run thick, like wet paint or a rotting bucket of squid chum.

New Portal Fan Campaign Is Awesome

Portal Stories: Mel was not made by Valve, but it’s probably the closest thing we’ll get to Portal 3 for a while.

How Counter-Strike's Most Popular Map Has Changed Over 14 Years

Counter-Strike‘s most popular map, Dust2, has been around since 2001, making it more than a decade old.

TIL What A 'Conganado' Is

This. This is what a ‘conganado’ is.

How Valve Could Solve The Steam Backlog Problem

As part of this whole running-a-site-dedicated-to-Steam gig, I check for new releases every day. Last week, a peculiar thing happened: there were hardly any. At all.

League And Dota 2 Are Both Becoming A Bit More Like Heroes Of The Storm

Heroes of the Storm has only been out of beta for a few weeks, but it seems like Blizzard’s newly-minted MOBA is already having an impact on Dota 2 and League of Legends — the two reigning kings of this idiosyncratic and enormously popular game genre.