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Steam's First Uncensored Sex Game Is Actually Pretty Tame

Kindred Spirits on the Roof was touted as being the first ‘erotic game’ released on Steam in its original uncensored format, but anybody seeking out this girl-on-girl visual novel for base titillation is going to find themselves sorely disappointed.

Valve Forbids Coaches From Helping Out During Pro Counter-Strike Matches

As time has passed, coaches have become increasingly invaluable parts of pro Counter-Strike teams. During matches, some keep track of strategies, monitor the in-game economy, and call plays. Valve has decided this doesn’t gel with their goals for Counter-Strike.

Biggest Counter-Strike Betting Site Drops Betting

After Valve’s cease-and-desist letter, the owners of CSGO Lounge held out as long as they could. They even tried to get an official gambling licence. It apparently didn’t work.

Trolling Gamescom With 'Half-Life: 3'

A “Half-Life: 3” poster has been spotted at Gamescom. But don’t get excited just yet! This isn’t for Valve’s long overdue sequel. It’s for some world-class trolling.

Wings Gaming Wins This Year's International And Almost $12 Million

After one of the most intense and captivating tournaments in Dota 2 history, the team that finished equal last in the previous Major came from a game down in the finals of this year’s International to win the biggest prize pool in the history of video games.

Dota 2's AR Interviews Are Just Awful

Valve’s annual festival for all things Dota 2, The International, always provides plenty of entertainment. And every year, Valve tries to do something cool with its coverage. This year’s latest trick: augmented reality interviews with Dota 2 heroes.

Unsurprisingly, they’re awful.

And The International's Prize Pool Is Now More Than $26 Million

The winning play for last year’s International was termed the “Six Million Slam” — because that’s how much money the winners walked away with. This year, it’ll be just over $11.5 million — because the total prize pool has soared past $26 million.

Valve Closes Steam Cheating Loophole

Steam’s VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) and game ban systems can block people from playing games they have cheated in, no questions asked. But where there’s a will to break the rules, there’s almost always a way.

The Main Guns In Counter-Strike Just Got A Big Change

As popular as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has become, there are many, many complaints to be made. And one of the longest running issues has been the accuracy of the weapons — namely that the penalty for spraying like a madman wasn’t severe enough to encourage players to more carefully control their rifle fire.

Valve’s tried to correct that today, and they’re focusing on three of the game’s most important guns.

Biggest Counter-Strike Betting Site Seeks Official Gambling Licence

CSGO Lounge, the top Counter-Strike skin betting site, has announced that they plan to comply with Valve’s CSGO gambling cease-and-desist letter by obtaining an actual gambling licence. Problem: That’s not the reason Valve sent the letter in the first place.

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