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Steam Changes User Reviews To Focus On Recent Experiences

Steam reviews can be a wonderful thing, but often they don’t properly represent the current state of the game. As of this morning, Valve’s rolled out changes to the service, focusing on users’ most recent experiences.

Finishing Half-Life 2 In 40 Minutes

This team effort from SourceRuns isn’t your average speedrun, but that’s what makes the way they blow through Valve’s classic all the more entertaining.

Valve Finally Cracks Down On One Of The Biggest Team Fortress 2 Cheats

LMAOBOX is the most prolific Team Fortress 2 cheat program. Or at least, it was.

Valve Steps Up Counter-Strike's Anti-Cheat Measures

Counter-Strike is one of the biggest competitive shooters on Earth, so of course, would-be cheaters flock to it like thieves to an Uncharted 4 delivery truck.

Counter-Strike On Android Wear Just Barely Works

Sixteen years ago, you needed a reasonably powerful computer to run Counter-Strike. Now you can play it on a damn smartwatch, although you’ll need to bring a pretty lose definition of “play” along for the ride.

Removing One Of Counter-Strike's Best Maps Was A Mistake

About a week ago, Valve unleashed one of the greatest changes to Counter-Strike to date: they removed Inferno from the active matchmaking pool. In its place is the revamped Nuke, a map yet to properly find its feet in CSGO.

It’s understandable why Valve would want to change the status quo. But all Valve has done is make a terrible mistake.

Counter-Strike Wants Your Phone Number To Make Matchmaking Better

The matchmaking experience for Counter-Strike has always been, let’s say, hit or miss. The quality of the servers and matches themselves are one thing. But often the most contentious part of the experience has nothing to do with the game or infrastructure itself. It’s the people — they’re awful.

So Valve wants to change that. And in their latest update, they want you to help — by letting them use your phone number.

Ambush... Truce?

Video: Most of the time in Counter-Strike, if you encounter an enemy lying in wait around a corner, you’re screwed. Well, unless you’re lesi20, anyway. Of course, all good things must come an end… some faster than others.

Half-Life's Black Mesa Test Chamber, In LEGO Form

One of the most memorable scenes of Half-Life was right at the beginning, when Gordon Freeman woke up in a severely damaged test chamber, realising that getting out of the facility will be a bit problematic.

You'll Be Able To Buy Steam Games With Bitcoins

Users have been lobbying for Valve to introduce bitcoins as a form of payment to the digital marketplace for years, and as of this morning it looks like the company has finally agreed.

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