Five Years Later, Left 4 Dead 2 Is Finally Uncensored In Australia

A few weeks ago, Valve’s 2009 zombie shooter, Left 4 Dead 2, was reclassified under Australia’s new R18+ rating. Previously, the game had to be censored so it could be sold under MA15+, Australia’s then-highest rating for games. Now, due to the reclassification, an uncensored version is available to Australia.

Counter-Strike: GO, As A National Geographic Documentary

Counter-Strike player 00Mondy00′s video — featuring “the infamous noob” — is just like a National Geographic documentary. It’s very relaxing, it is based upon extensive field research and the players didn’t know they were test subjects.

Documentary Thought TF2 Poster Was Actual War Propoganda

Last week documentary about the First World War was released in Russian that, as you can see, got its Allied propaganda posters a little mixed up.

Counter-Strike: GO, As Told By Steam Reviews

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive took the long way to success. It started off with a number of significant flaws, but with time and some substantial patches, has become one of the most-played games on Steam and one of the best PC games you can play.

The Honest Trailer For Team Fortress 2 Only Has Nice Things To Say

Video: It’s really hard to say anything negative about Team Fortress 2. I’ve been writing for Kotaku since a year before Valve released its cartoon-flavoured online multiplayer shooter and in all that time I can’t think of a game that’s more universally adored by players, press and casual observers.

Team Fortress Sniper Shoots Another Sniper With A Third, Tiny Sniper

It’s not enough to simply snipe another sniper in Team Fortress 2. In order to truly get weird, you have to snipe a sniper with a tiny sniper that shoots even smaller snipers. Norwican pulled that off using Source Filmmaker in the video above.

The ACCC's List Of Demands For Valve

Last week the ACCC announced it would be taking legal action against Valve as a result of its refund policy, which allegedly goes against Australian Consumer Law. Today Kotaku acquired the application papers for the lawsuit, which include a list of the ACCC’s demands should its legal action against Valve be successful.

The ACCC On Valve's Refund Policy: "We Had To Take It To Court"

This morning the ACCC announced it would be taking Valve to court over its current refund policy, today we spoke to the Chairman Rod Sims and Regional Director Sam Di Scerni about the issue and some of the reasoning behind today’s statement.

Valve Responds To Being Sued By The ACCC

This morning the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission announced that it would be suing Valve over its refund policy, as it allegedly goes against Australian consumer law. According to Doug Lombardi of Valve, it plans to co-operate fully.

The ACCC Is Suing Valve

We’ve just received word that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is suing Valve over its refund policy, which it claims is operating in breach of the Australian Consumer Law.