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Looks Like Steam's Store Is Getting An Overhaul

Steam developers were given a heads-up over the weekend that Valve’s online marketplace is about to be getting some much-needed changes to the way it displays games and new content.

Fans Restore Abandoned Half-Life Project

A long forgotten Valve project is now playable after 13 years in limbo. Based on an old school Quake mod, Half Life: Threewave is a multiplayer capture the flag game that was initially discovered in 2003 during the infamous leak of Half Life 2’s beta. It was unplayable. Not any more.

Steam's Digital Homicide Fiasco Is Valve's Fault

It’s been a dramatic handful of days for Steam. Infamous shovelware developer Digital Homicide sued 100 Steam users for $US18 ($24) million and subpoenaed Valve for their information, at which point Valve booted them and all their games from the service. The worst part? This was all painfully avoidable.

The Multiplayer Game Valve Never Released

No, it’s not Half Life 3. But Valve was working on another game. It was called Half-Life: Threewave, and you can get it running on your PC today.

Valve Changes Steam Reviews Again

Last week, Valve made some big changes to Steam reviews. Developers, especially, didn’t love them.

When Steam's Tagging System Goes Wrong

Come with me, friends. Come with me on a journey.

Booted From Steam, Digital Homicide Looks To Sue Valve As Well

After having all of its games removed from Steam following their decision to file a lawsuit against 100 anonymous Steam users, Digital Homicide has escalated matters by announcing that it is looking for “legal representation” for a lawsuit against Steam, and Valve, itself.

Thousands Of Cheaters Reportedly Banned From Counter-Strike

Valve just dropped the hammer on Counter-Strike cheaters. Big time.

Valve Makes Big Changes To Steam Reviews, Angers Developers

Valve has spent this year slowly revamping Steam reviews, and the latest change is a biggie: By default, reviews written by people who obtained a game with a key (or anything else not directly within Steam) don’t factor.

British Telecom Giant Is Suing Valve Over Steam Patent Infringement

British Telecommunications, a multinational mega-conglomerate with origins dating back to the 1800s, is suing Valve, a video game company that can’t count to three.

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