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You Can Now Watch Dota 2 In VR

It’s not exactly the spectacle people probably imagined virtual reality would be ideal for, but what the hell. If you want to watch Dota 2 matches in VR, now you can.

Half-Life 2: The Kotaku Review

Half-Life 2 has my favourite moment in any game. It’s this:

Valve Issues Cease And Desist Letter To 23 Counter-Strike Gambling Sites

Counter-Strike gambling sites may not be long for this world, as Valve has sent a letter demanding that they change practices in the next 10 days or the company will “pursue all available remedies including without limitation terminating your accounts”.

Twitch Bans Top Counter-Strike Gambling Streamer

Just a few days after Twitch announced that it would be cracking down on folks streaming Counter-Strike gambling sites, one of the most popular streamers, PhantomL0rd, had their account closed by Twitch.

Twitch Tells Counter-Strike Gamblers To Go Away

Twitch is following in Valve’s footsteps, and will shut down streamers using Counter-Strike gambling sites. Those sites may not be long for this world.

Valve Says They Will Start Cracking Down On Gambling Sites That Use Steam

During last week’s big Counter-Strike gambling scandal (and really just in general, where gambling is concerned), Valve remained conspicuously silent. Now, though, they have said that they’re going to start telling gambling sites to cease operations entirely.

Valve Making Changes To Team Fortress 2's New Casual Mode After Widespread Criticism

Last week, Valve launched Team Fortress 2’s big competitive mode update and, with it, a new casual mode that took the place of classic quick play. So far, people… don’t exactly love it.

The Counter-Strike Gambling Scandal, Explained

The past week has seen the world of online games rocked by a major gambling scandal. Two YouTubers with millions of subscribers, Trevor ‘TmarTn’ Martin and Tom ‘ProSyndicate’ Cassell, were revealed to be owners of a site they repeatedly promoted sans overt disclosure. The potential ramifications are not pretty.

The Plan One Guy Used To Get The World's Highest Steam Level Overnight

The PalmDesert dynasty is, at least for now, over. As of today, a new guy has the world’s highest Steam level, and he managed it almost over night. His handle? St4ck. As for how he did it, well, it’s quite a story.

Team Fortress 2 Finally Getting Competitive Mode Update

Team Fortress 2‘s last big update came in December, but now, finally, Valve is about to shake things up again. Much like TF2’s biggest inspiration, Blizzard’s Overwatch, Valve’s undying team shooter is adding a competitive mode.

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