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How Developers Are Gaming The Steam Sales [Updated]

It’s been happening for a while and people should have learned to expect it, but developers are still pulling the age-old trick of raising prices right before a sale, and it’s a bloody shameful practice.

Steam's Exploration Sales Started Today, Here's All The Good Deals

We knew they were coming and now they’re finally here — the first round of Steam sales for the Christmas holidays.

This round is called the Exploration Sales, and as you’d expect there’s some good deals. Let’s dive right in.

How Counter-Strike's Bullets Actually Work

Counter-Strike is a game that’s defined by tiny details. So let’s talk bullets.

You fire your gun, they make people ever-so-slightly more Swiss cheese-like in appearance, and that’s pretty much that. Headshots good, non-headshots less good. You’ve played video games before. You know this stuff.

The Steam Controller Just Got A Great New Feature

If you’re a fan of action-RPGs, strategy games, or MOBAs, the Steam controller just became a much more viable option.

It's Steam Autumn Sale Time

Briefly: Steam’s autumn sale is in full swing. As I wrote previously, it’s a little different from previous sales. There aren’t daily deals or flash sales. Still, 50 per cent off on new games like Shadowrun: Hong Kong? 50-75 per cent off series like Fallout and Tom Clancy? It’s a Steam sale alright.

Star Wars Battlefront's PC Fanbase Is On Par With Clicker Heroes

When it comes to Star Wars: Battlefront, there’s no doubt that the game looks sensational, sounds like a Star Wars game and runs as smooth as butter. The gameplay isn’t bad either, although there’s a solid complaint about the amount of content.

But if you’re playing on PC, there’s a bigger problem. The community there simply isn’t big enough for a AAA shooter. In fact, it’s about as big as some free-to-play games on Steam.

Counter-Strike's Latest Event Just Fell Shy Of One Million Concurrent Viewers

If there was any doubt that Counter-Strike isn’t a substantial contributor to current-day eSports, the ongoing growth of its spectator base should put that to rest.

Nobody's Sure How One Of Counter-Strike's Best Players Nailed An Incredible Shot

The weekend’s IEM San Jose Counter-Strike tournament was full of great moments, but one shot rang louder than the rest. The reason? It seemed goddamn impossible.

Axe Attacks In Dota 2's New Comic

Briefly: Valve just released a meaty web comic telling part of the story behind the Dota 2 hero Axe, a melee warrior who…wields an axe. It’s a very good comic, even if you don’t know anything about Dota’s lore! Read it here.

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