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Faced With Criminal Charges, Valve Denies Facilitating Illegal Counter-Strike Gambling

A few months ago, Valve finally got around to cracking down on Counter-Strike skin gambling, a sketchy secondary market potentially worth billions of dollars. The saga, however, is far from over. Valve is now facing potential criminal charges from the Washington State Gambling Commission.

To Really Appreciate Red Dead Redemption, Listen To It Closely

I don’t think people say that Mass Effect “feels like sci-fi,” or The Witcher “feels like fantasy.” But people do say that Red Dead Redemption “feels like a Western,” and I’m compelled to agree. Why? Listen to the game.

Valve Is Making A New Vive Controller

Valve showed off a new, slicker controller for its HTC-backed Vive virtual reality system at the Steam Dev Days conference today in Seattle.

Valve Will Sell The Steam Controller In Australia (Soon)

Valve’s Steam Controller is far and away the most versatile gamepad you can buy right now. Not only is it built on the most automated assembly line in the US, but its dual touchpads and internal gyroscopes make it useful outside games.

Interested? Good. Because after a long wait Valve will finally start shipping the Steam Controller and Steam Link directly to Australia very soon.

10 Counter-Strike Bugs Valve Still Hasn't Fixed

Counter-Strike is a game of skill and precision. In theory, it’s the sort of shooter where, if something goes wrong, you have only yourself (or your teammates) to blame. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

Valve Brings Sprays Back To Counter-Strike As Consumables

While Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has moved mountains in reviving the competitive and casual communities of the iconic PC shooter, one thing has always been missing: the ability to spray graffiti on walls. So after being lobbied by fans for years, Valve is finally bringing sprays back. But as always, there’s a catch.

Valve's Latest Dota 2 Patch Is Chock Full Of Nerfs

It’s been more than a month since TI6, Dota 2’s largest tournament of the year. After a number of team roster shake-ups and the conclusion of the MDL Autumn 2016 tournament in China this weekend, which saw the newly formed Evil Geniuses beat Team Newbee 3-1, Valve decided it was time to drop the latest update to the game’s meta with patch 6.88e.

Looks Like Steam's Store Is Getting An Overhaul

Steam developers were given a heads-up over the weekend that Valve’s online marketplace is about to be getting some much-needed changes to the way it displays games and new content.

Fans Restore Abandoned Half-Life Project

A long forgotten Valve project is now playable after 13 years in limbo. Based on an old school Quake mod, Half Life: Threewave is a multiplayer capture the flag game that was initially discovered in 2003 during the infamous leak of Half Life 2’s beta. It was unplayable. Not any more.

Steam's Digital Homicide Fiasco Is Valve's Fault

It’s been a dramatic handful of days for Steam. Infamous shovelware developer Digital Homicide sued 100 Steam users for $US18 ($24) million and subpoenaed Valve for their information, at which point Valve booted them and all their games from the service. The worst part? This was all painfully avoidable.

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