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Valve's Showdown With The ACCC Will Take Place In March

Back in August 2014 the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) announced it was suing Valve for making “false or misleading representations to Australian customers”. Since then, the case have been postponed for a number of reasons. Now we finally have an official date: proceedings will be heard between March 7 and March 9.

Inside The Longest Overtime In Pro Counter-Strike History

On the face of it, you wouldn’t pick DenDD vs. PixelFire to be a classic Counter-Strike match. They’re minor professional teams, far below the level of the Fnatics or Na’Vis of the world. But last weekend, they ended up making history: the first map of their best-of-three went into triple, then quadruple, and finally quintuple overtime. By the time the last shots were fired, they had played 79 straight rounds, in the longest map in the history of Counter-Strike LAN tournaments.

Stop Virtual Reality You Don't Fit There

His hands are like “what the fuck is this shit.”

Counter-Strike Team Didn't Know Being VAC Banned Was A Problem For Valve

The recent Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament in Taipei, which functioned as a qualifier for the Valve-sponsored IEM Katowice major and the MLG offline qualifier in Columbus later this year, was entertaining for a number of factions. The two Australian teams were favourites, which isn’t a sentence you write often these days, both of whom ended up losing to a team from Mongolia.

But that wasn’t the only surprising turn of events; Tyloo, one of the more prominent Chinese teams, caused some waves by getting disqualified moments before the tournament began. And their reasoning after the fact is just as amusing.

Thought There Wasn't Gonna Be Another Big Steam Sale For A Bit? Think Again

Thought there wasn’t gonna be another big Steam sale for a bit? Think again. The Steam Lunar New Year sale just kicked off, and it runs until Feb 12th. You can discover new games through a cute (though extremely simple) themed text adventure. Or you can buy nothing at all if your wallet — like mine — is still tired from the last sale.

Ridiculous Counter-Strike Comeback Breaks Opposing Team's Spirit

In a single moment, you can see G2 Esports’ Counter-Strike squad realise they’re going to lose.

Seven Stories Of Injuries And Other VR Hazards

HTC and Valve’s Vive VR headset lets you physically move around in virtual reality. You can walk, run, jump, flail your arms and all that good stuff. You can also be a shambling disaster zone.

With Full Tilt Poker, Valve Is Encouraging Gambling On Steam

Full Tilt Poker’s domain was seized back in 2011 by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the former CEO was sentenced and forced to forfeit assets that included US$40 million in cash and a number of properties two years later.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg of the long journey Full Tilt Poker has taken in the last few years. That hasn’t stopped Valve from allowing the free-to-play poker software to launch on its distribution platform, though.

The Steam Controller, Reimagined To Be More Mouse-Like

Ever since its release late last year, the Steam controller has received mixed reviews. Plenty of people have suggested nips, tucks and layout changes that might improve it. Hardware hacker Ben Heck decided to just make his own.

12 Steam VR Games That Look Cool, Even If I Didn't

Valve and HTC’s virtual reality headset, the Vive, is almost here. It’s the one that tracks you while you move around, and it’s pretty damn cool. During a recent event, I got to play 12 of the games that it will launch with. Here is what they look like and what I looked like while playing them. Hint: not cool.

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