Counter-Strike's Zombie Chicken, In Action

As outlined in this video from Otoris, massively popular multiplayer shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is celebrating Halloween. Now, this shouldn’t be confused with Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies, which is sort of a) always celebrating Halloween and b) terrible.

Renting An Apartment Is Just Like Steam Early Access

Buying into Steam Early Access with certain games and renting an apartment can both be like lottery, and we can end up with a really painful experience if we’re not paying attention.

Just Be Glad You Don't Have Roommates (With Portal Guns)

If you’ve ever lived with one or more roommates, you know that things can get a bit messy and tense. Now just imagine the kind of jerk pranks would get pulled if you both had Portal guns.

What Happens To Dead Dota 2 Heroes

Every match of Dota 2 has at least a handful of deaths. The question is, what exactly happens to the bodies after a match is over?

Video Takes Counter-Strike To Team Fortress 2 Levels Of Silliness

Inspired by an already existing crazy Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game mode called Chicken Defusal, a Source Filmmaker group called Deviant Pictures created one of the best CS:GO machinima of recent memory.

You Can Now Play Your Own Music Through Steam

First revealed earlier in the year, Valve today released Steam Music Player for all users of its desktop client.

How Dota 2's Map Changed, In Three Minutes

The next time you boot up Dota 2, you might notice that some stuff looks a bit different. How different? Well, Roshan’s moved, yes. There are also a bunch of smaller new paths which you’ll want to be aware of, especially since the changes might alter where you put wards and such, as well as how you move around the map.

An Accurate Summary Of Team Fortress 2 In 60 Seconds

Colour-changing characters, trading and a little bit of fighting. That and YouTuber Chasming‘s take on Team Fortress 2 pretty much sums up the game and all its madness accurately.

People Are Already Abusing Steam Curations

Steam curations — which let people maintain custom pages of recommended PC games — are a great idea, but that doesn’t mean they’re water-tight just yet. People have figured out how to do downright mean/exploitative (and sometimes hilarious) things with them. Valve should probably unchain its moderation hounds.

Huge Dota 2 Update Changes The Map, Tweaks Other Stuff

Lots of changes for Dota 2 today, thanks to a new update called ‘Rekindling Soul’. The most notable change that affects everyone though? The map is now a bit different.