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Notorious Team Fortress 2 Hacker Says He Regrets What He's Done

A couple days ago, the Team Fortress 2 community came across a video of a notorious hacker getting a taste of his own medicine. They were ecstatic. Responses ranged from “serves him right” to “screw that guy.”

Steam Accounts Hijacked Following Security Lapse

Over the past week, a number of Steam accounts — including those of some prominent streamers and DOTA 2 pros — were temporarily stolen courtesy of a pretty glaring hole in Valve’s security.

Oh, It's Half-Life, Running On A Watch

Yeah yeah, we know Doom runs on everything from calculators to ATMs, but that’s Doom. There’s something about seeing Half-Life running somewhere crazy — like some guy’s watch — that makes it more impressive.

Watch All Of Valve's Portal VR Demo

Valve’s been showing a demo of a virtual reality Portal game behind closed doors for a few months. Now, finally, you can see the whole thing.

Steam Idle Master Automatically Grabs Trading Cards For Games You Don't Play

A couple of years ago, “idling” in Team Fortress 2 for hats and weapons was a thing. Now idling is back, but in a different form — a special app lets you collect Steam trading cards for games without playing said games.

Counter-Strike Map Based On One Piece Actually Kinda Works

This is certainly one of the more… imaginative Counter-Strike maps I’ve seen in recent times. The map is based on the Thousand Sunny, the ship captained by the main characters of anime titan One Piece.

Someone Made A Team Fortress 2 Dating Sim

Rule 34: if it exists, there’s porn of it. Rule 35: if it exists, there’s probably also a dating sim of it on the way.

Fan Uncovers Elaborate, Years-Spanning Team Fortress 2 Easter Egg

Reason number 437 I wish Valve would release more games: they’re so good at packing them with brilliant little things.

Team Fortress 2's New Update Might Be The The Start Of Something Bigger

Team Fortress 2‘s latest big update, Gun Mettle, changed the game in some huge ways. Players, however, have discovered evidence that this is only the beginning.

Team Fortress 2 Is Becoming More Like Counter-Strike

The next big Team Fortress 2 update is almost here, and it’s a doozy. Players can’t decide if they love it or hate it.

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