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Kotaku Gift Guides: Great Gaming Gifts For $30 And Under

It’s that time of year. The time of Secret Santa, Hidden Hanukkah and Cryptic Kwanzaa celebrations, which means you might be tasked with getting gifts on a budget. We’ve got a few suggestions for that should keep both your wallet and favourite video game lovers happy.

Kid Explains Why Schools Should Have Video Games

TED talks can range from informative lectures to absurd satire. But the most TED thing ever has to be this third grader’s talk on why video games should, like, totally be in classrooms.

Retro Gaming Parkour On A Moving Train

We all wanna parkour like Super Mario or Ryu Hayabusa, but only a few people ever get to actually do it — like freerunner Jason Paul.

Arcades In Movies Were Glorious

Ah yes… the old arcades of the ’80s and ’90s. You may not remember them, but they were wondrous things to behold. And they were even more glorious in the movies!

Video Games And That Distant Dot On The Horizon

Let’s face facts: the present can be brutal.

We have to work. That often sucks. I enjoy my job, but I’m one of the lucky ones.

You might have to go to school, TAFE, university. There are pressures. You have bills to pay. You have relationships to maintain, problems to solve. You have to sit on a train with your buttchecks wedged in between two strangers. You have to sweat together. Gross.

October Is Going To Be An Insane Month For Video Games

Civilization: Beyond Earth will come out on October 24, publisher 2K Games announced today. And if your immediate reaction to that news is to wonder why everything is coming out in October, you’re not alone.

Video Game Layoff Stories

Confiscated emails. Sinking ships. The looming feeling that layoffs are coming, and there’s nothing you can do to save yourself. Two weeks ago, we took an extensive look at why there are so many layoffs in the world of video game development. Since then, hundreds of developers have reached out to sympathise, and to share their own anecdotes and stories.

Inane Internet Quiz Asks 'What Kind Of Video Game Is Your Life?'

It’s about time, stupidly inaccurate Facebook-shared personality quizzes. While I do not care which Supernatural character I should date and am only mildly curious as to which My Little Pony I am , I very much want to know what kind of video game my life is. Let’s find out!

How Video Games Are Helping Returning Soldiers Cope

Like the action movies of the 1980s, mainstream video games view war through a pretty rose-tinted lens. Even when big budget military shooters make an effort with the narrative, war is regularly presented in games as a singular event: ‘a war’ rather than ‘war’; something that parachutes you in for the opening chapter, runs you through 6-to-10 hours of tightly-wound, linear plot, and brings everything to an explosive, heroic conclusion.

Edward Snowden Sees Himself As A Video Game Hero

Mario. Solid Snake. Cloud Strife. EDWARD SNOWDEN.

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