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I Help Make Video Games, And I'm Sick Of The Hatred From Gamers

Dear consumers and fans of video games, You don’t know me. But you might know some of the games I’ve helped create. And as I come to a close on another one of the AAA titles I have worked on, I begin to get excited for all of the people that will love our game, and I begin to loathe those who will hate it.

You've Never Heard Of Half Of These Songs About Video Games

I love old songs about video games. Not specific games mind you, but just the general idea of video games. They tend to be joyful, simple and wonderful. With that, here are some you might not have heard of.

Google's Top 10 Video Game Searches Of 2013 Are... Interesting

Quick, what do you think were the biggest games on Google this year? Grand Theft Auto? Call of Duty? League of Legends?

The Most Searched For Game Cheat In 2013 Was... Scrabble?

Australians searched Google for scrabble cheats more than any other game this year, according to Google’s own statistics. In a surprise result, the Mattel board game took out the top slot for most searched game cheat, beating out the likes of GTAV, Minecraft and Candy Crush.

Reading Books Could Lead To 'Life-Threatening Blood Clots'

Some days, as I’m combing through the Internet and catching up on news, something interesting gets my attention. An article about video games. A catchy headline. “PLAYING VIDEO GAMES COULD LEAD TO LIFE-THREATENING BLOOD CLOTS.” Holy shit. Is this real?

If Video Games Had Upworthy Headlines

Upworthy’s headlines are pretty great. We wrote some for video games. Enjoy.

How I Fell Out Of (And Then Back In) Love With Video Games

Is it just me, and my own personal circumstances, or is the games themselves?

The Games That Destroyed You

There’s nothing like a good, solid emotional breakdown to really liven up your day. And when it happens in a video game? Even better.

Watch Six People Shout About Violent Video Games For About Six Minutes

Last night on our favourite CNN-wannabe HLN, Dr Drew had a bunch of people on his show to talk about the Navy Yard Shooter. This, of course, eventually devolved into a shouting match about violent video games.

This Is Actually The Citizen Kane Of Video Games

There’s been a lot of chatter, in recent years, about the “Citizen Kane” of video games — that one achievement that will drag the world of gaming into our collective cultural consciousness, and convince all the naysayers that video games are indeed works of art.