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Australians Are Spending A Lot Of Money On Digital Video Games

So here’s something we were all aware of: digital sales of video games is a massive growth market. Retail sales? Not so much.

Here’s something new: in 2015, for the very first time, Australians spent more money on digital games than they did at traditional retail. We all knew this day would come.

Pokémon Is One Of The Creepiest Dystopian Societies Ever

For 20 years, Pokémon has had the reputation of a cheery kid’s franchise. But under the veneer of Ash and co.’s adventures, there lies one of the most sinister dystopias around. To celebrate Pokémon‘s 20th birthday (and its newest games), here’s a few reasons as to why the Pokénation is much more terrifying than you realised.

Leave The Division's Poor Dog Alone

If you’re playing The Division’s beta this weekend, you may come across this dog. The dog can die, if you happen to shoot it. So…maybe don’t?

Which Video Game Console Should You Buy?

Last week, I got an email from a reader with a simple yet challenging question: Which video game console should they buy?

The Natural: The Trouble Portraying Blackness In Video Games

Every morning, I run a pick through my hair. It’s important that I do this when it’s still spongy and damp from the shower. Wait too long and my hair gets drier and less cooperative, making it harder to pull the comb through my natural. (Pro tip: A natural is something black folks sometimes call hair that hasn’t been altered or straightened by heat or chemicals.)

Australia's Minister For Women Links Video Games With Attitudes Towards Domestic Violence

Most of the chatter from Canberra has been around a new $101 million package to tackle domestic violence and the publication of new statistics about attitudes towards domestic violence. But in a radio interview with 2GB’s Ben Fordham, Australia’s Federal Minister for Women, Michaelia Cash, indicated that video games could also have a role to part in negative attitudes towards domestic violence.

What's It Like When A Video Game Totally Flops, Selling Less Than 150 Total Copies?

What’s it like when a video game totally flops, selling less than 150 total copies? Read this interesting Gamasutra blog by Aussie Airscape designer Daniel West if you want a glimpse at how tough it is to get games noticed these days. “It’s no longer enough to make a good game.”

What A Video Game Budget Looks Like

Here, via veteran game designer Ron Gilbert, is a detailed look at the budget for the upcoming point-n-click adventure Thimbleweed Park.

2015 Has Been The Best Year For Gaming And It's Killing Me

Last night I turned the TV off. I looked at the time. 1am. Bollocks. I have to wake up in five hours. How the hell did this happen?

Oh, yeah. I forgot. Video games.

A Shark Tank Show For Video Games Is Being Made

If you’re happy to risk being roasted on cable TV to get some additional investment for your video game, then this new show is for you.

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