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Anti-Video Game U.S. Senator Leland Yee Arrested On Bribery Charges

California state senator Leland Yee has been indicted on charges of corruption and bribery, according to multiple news reports.

When Game Consoles Are More Important Than Friends

Admit it: as a kid you had at least one friend you hung out with simply because he had cool video games. It’s a time honored tradition!

Games Still Get More Money Than Anything Else On Kickstarter

Kickstarter just let the world know that it has pulled in more than $US1 billion dollars for thousands of crowdfunding projects since the company launched. And the category that raked in the most cash? Games, once again, to the tune of $US215.75 million.

How Candy Crush Tricks The Brain

We all know Candy Crush Saga is addictive, but have you ever wondered why? Watch Anthony Carboni of Discovery News give an overview of the science behind addiction and talk about how free games like Candy Crush try to trick your brain.

Gamers Get Pretty Gross Facebook Ads

If you have a Facebook profile, chances are good that you’ve populated it with some information about yourself. Like say, some of your favourite games — that way, anyone can look on your page and learn a little bit about you. It’s a useful feature, but it’s also used so that Facebook can spit more “relevant” ads at you.

Not All Kids Think Video Games Are Good For You

Now that YouTuber Game Dave and his army of young, free-spelling youngsters have weighed in on the console war, it’s time to tackle a tougher issue — are video games bad for you?

PS4 And Xbox One Fail To Lift JB Hi-Fi's Crappy Software Sales

At the tail-end of last year, Sony and Microsoft released their first major consoles in more than five years. It was kind of a big deal, with multi-million dollar advertising campaigns, relentless media coverage and a strategic launch date aimed to capitalise on the Christmas shopping frenzy. You’d therefore expect these months to create a significant boost to JB Hi-Fi’s software sales. Except they didn’t. In fact, sales went in the opposite direction.

I'm Still Not Ready To Introduce My Three-Year-Old To Video Games Yet

Broken Age almost made me violate one of my golden rules about kids and video games. I almost let my daughter watch me play it.

Today's Reason To Feel Good About Being A Gamer

You still get it, don’t you? That sneer on the face of someone who thinks that the hours spent playing video games are a waste of time. Here, show them this.