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What It's Like To Be The Community Manager For The 'Worst PS4 Game Ever'

In late 2014, to help a friend, I joined the team of Wander, the non-combat, exploration MMO, volunteering to help with mundane things like filling out paperwork and maybe playing the game a little to check out a few features. Nothing serious, I thought. I didn’t know that I’d soon be called in to help more often, to be company during work periods that would run late into the night, to be the in-house tester for the game, and to manage its growing player community.

I also didn’t know, then, that Wander would soon (and I hoped briefly) be made notorious by players calling it “the worst game on PS4 ever.”

PS4's Newest MMO Is Hilariously Broken

Wander is an MMO that doesn’t feature any combat. That sounds pretty interesting, right? Too bad it seems completely broken.

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