It's A Sad Day When Fake DLC Looks Real Enough To Click

In a world with horse armour DLC, things that game companies sell as additional content never surprises me — but it’s probably a bad sign that I clicked this particular button half expecting the “Red Boots DLC” to be real, huh?

Wasteland 2's Beta Gets A Huge Update

It raised a lot of cash during its Kickstarter campaign. Then Wasteland 2 got delayed because of all that money. But, rest assured, the sequel to the classic RPG is coming. And a new video gives a substantial glimpse at what the gameplay will look like. Get ready for clicking, folks.

Watch A Whole Bunch Of Wasteland 2

Wasteland 2 sure is looking nice. Here’s a lengthy demo of a level from the game, which gives a good sense of a bunch of the different systems and encounters and how they all fit together.

Wasteland 2 Got Too Big For Its Own Good, And Is Now Delayed

Wasteland 2, like Double Fine’s adventure game, is one of Kickstarter’s greatest video game project successes. And, like Double Fine’s adventure game, it’s also run into a snag because, well, we just gave it too darn much money.

The New Link To The Past Took Its Sweet Time... But So Did These Games

After 21 years, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is getting a direct sequel. That’s quite the gap, 21 years. But it’s far from being the only big gap.

The First Gameplay Footage For Wasteland 2 Is Here, And It Looks Great

Wasteland 2, the tremendously successful Kickstarter project that earned close to $US3 million when it was funded last year, is starting to shape up.

Here's The First Ever Gameplay Video For Wasteland 2

Feels like months since we last saw Wasteland 2-related moving pictures. Six months, to be precise. Now we have a new video, though this one has gameplay. Delicious, old-school RPG gameplay.

A Giant Desert Party For Fans Of Fallout, Wasteland, RAGE, Etc.

Well, not just for you. Fans of Wasteland, RAGE, Borderlands or any other game set in a post-apocalyptic desert are more than catered for at Wasteland Weekend, which will be held in the Mojave Desert at the end of the month.

First Footage Of Wasteland 2 Stares A Robot Scorpion In The Face

Until now, we’d only seen artwork and a screenshot of the upcoming Wasteland sequel, but here’s your first look at the game in motion.

Developers Can 'Kick Arse' Without Corporate Overlords Messing With Everything

Not that this is a new idea — it’s where a lot of the appeal of AAA devs going indie lies — but it’s nice to remember that as annoying as the endless stream of Kickstarter projects are, and as big as the risks are for both developers and consumers, there’s an upshoot to the whole thing.