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DC Comics Is Pretty Sure You Need Another Fancy Edition Of Watchmen

Recently, DC began making a huge move that pushed Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s legendary series Watchmen into the wider DC comics canon. And now that they are a part of that canon, DC would very much like you to pay a silly amount of money for new, premium versions of Watchmen again.

How Watchmen Killed The Killing Joke Adaptation

Bruce Timm is finally getting to adapt one of the most iconic (and controversial) Batman stories, The Killing Joke, but this is hardly the first time plans have been made by DC and Warner to turn Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s best-selling comic into a movie. They have tried twice before, and two very different scenarios caused them to hold off.

If Marvel Had Owned Watchmen, That Big DC Rebirth Twist Might Have Come Sooner

The bombshell is out: Rebirth has made the Watchmen part of the DC comics universe, and turned at least one of them into the biggest antagonist in the cosmos. It’s been a controversial twist, but would DC’s biggest competitor have done it, given the chance? According to Marvel Editor Tom Brevoort, absolutely.

Every Major Revelation In DC Comics' Rebirth Special

Today is the day! DC Rebirth #1 is out, and with it, a crazy new chapter begins in the annals of DC Comics’ long and storied history. There’s a lot of big teases in this huge 80-page special — we’ve read through the whole thing and broke down the biggest reveals, and what they might mean for DC’s multiverse going forward.

DC Comics Lifts The Lid On DC Rebirth's Big New Revelations

This week DC is heralding a new era for its comics, both creatively and in terms of its story, with the release of DC Rebirth #1. But they have just revealed some of the craziest ramifications to come out of the new issue, including one that changes the DC universe-at-large in some pretty dramatic ways.

Watch Patton Oswalt Trash (And Defend) The Watchmen Movie

It was a weird thing when the Watchmen movie came out in 2009. There it was, a cinematic adaptation of one of the most-loved superhero stories of all time and… it was bad. Mostly, according to comedian and uber-nerd Patton Oswalt, because it was too much like the comics it was based on.

A Watchmen Cartoon That Stars Spongebob Characters. I... What?

Patrick as the Comedian? Spongebob as Rorschach? Gary as Dr Manhattan? Um. What in the world?

'I Did It 35 Minutes Ago': Before Watchmen's Prequel Problem

Last week, Minutemen #1 — the first of DC Comics’ suite of Before Watchmen projects — came out. This week, Silk Spectre #1 hits the stands. There’s been heaps of controversy surrounding DC’s decision to make more comics set in the beloved fictional universe created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ landmark 1986 series. And, like I’ve said before, the mere existence of these books isn’t the end of everything sacred. In fact, they’re both good comics.

Something Brutal Happens Before Watchmen On The Cover On Minutemen #3

As controversial as it’s been, DC Comics’ upcoming prequel to the Watchmen hold have also piqued the interest of comics fans everywhere. The book I’m most looking forward to is Minutemen, written and drawn by Darwyn Cooke. The lives of the first generation of costumed heroes — who were in a team called the Minutemen — in the Watchmen universe were only hinted at in the original masterpiece and this series will show more of their adventures.

Calm Down, Before Watchmen Won't Be The End Times For Comics Creativity

If you listen to certain corners of the internet, the souls of comics fans everywhere are going to cry out for justice come June 6th. That’s when DC Comics starts rolling out Before Watchmen, the controversial prequels to Alan Moore’s beloved dystopian superhero opus.

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