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As some of you might know, I'm in the US right now. So the games I would have traditionally given a go over the weekend will go untouched, because you don't bring a massive PC or console with you on international trips.

But one thing I did bring was my partner's 3DS, and a certain present that I got for Christmas.


As is customary, I received some games from my partner over the Christmas holidays. And I've been steadily playing one of them day after day, because it's surprisingly really good.


Given that it's cold, wet and miserable in Sydney, and is set to remain that way for the foreseeable future, I'm looking forward to the leisurely activity that is farming the strike.

It's Don Bradman Cricket time.


I'll undoubtedly be messing around with Final Fantasy 15 a bit more, and because I like shooting things, a bit of Destiny will undoubtedly be on the cards too.

But there's one game I'm really, really excited to work through.


Given that most of my weekend will be occupied with moving - or facilitating the move of my partner into my place - it only seemed appropriate to find a shot of the best item from Metal Gear Solid 5.


I know the Skyrim Special Edition is coming out today. But I'm currently in the middle of two shooter campaigns, and given that one has massive giant mechs I feel kind of compelled to finish them off.


As much as I'd like to continue exploring the cavern that is Dota 2 ranked play, the undue stress I put on my index finger earlier in the week means its probably wise that I don't do a lot of repetitive mouse clicking this weekend.

Fortunately, I have some camels to bet on.


I've been playing a lot of Dota 2 recently. And I'm not very good. I'm still re-learning what most of the heroes do — even though I've got almost 300 hours invested in the game, I basically stopped playing it for three years. Or something like that.

I'm playing Ranked Play. And losing. A lot. But you know what? I'm still having a blast.