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Winning By A Nose, Mario Kart Edition

“It don’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile,” Dominic Toretto famously said at the beginning of The Fast and the Furious, “Winning’s winning.” Well let me ask you this, Dom: have you ever played Mario Kart?

Splatoon: The Kotaku Review

Every year, some new game claims to have revolutionised the art of shooting people in the face. Most of the time, it doesn’t feel true. With Splatoon, it does.

Nobody Is As Good As Nintendo At Making Cute Games

Nintendo’s greatest skill will always be game design. Whatever else you might think about Nintendo games, their design is often exquisite, relying on elegant visual and gameplay cues and your natural curiosity to guide you rather than tutorial prompts and objective markers.

Luigi Destroys Smash Bros. Wii U By Doing Absolutely Nothing

The year of Luigi never ends. We’ve seen Luigi wreck everyone in Mario Party by doing nothing. He’s reigned supreme over the AI in Melee by doing nothing too. And now Omega Tyrant has managed to get Luigi to win against every level 9 character in Smash Bros. for Wii U without doing a single thing as well. Amazing.

How Nintendo Makes Its Games Appear Cheaper In Japan

It looks like Nintendo is doing funny stuff on its official website with price listings to make its games look cheaper.

Watch Us Play The Wii U's New 2D RTS, Swords & Soldiers II

The first Swords & Soldiers, released nearly six years ago, was a hidden Wii gem. The new one, released today for Wii U? More of the same in all the best ways. I captured my playthrough of one of the game’s levels so you can see for yourself.

The 8GB Wii U Is Dead In Japan

The Wii U Basic Set set is no more in Japan, Nintendo announced today.

Smash Bros. Player Is So Damn Good There's A Bounty On His Head

Gonzalo “Zero” Barrios is on a hot streak. Since November 2014, he’s come in first for every Super Smash Bros. for Wii U tournament he’s participated in. That makes a whopping 34 consecutive first place wins for the 1v1 category. It’s absurd.

Sometimes I Leave Xenoblade X Running Just To Listen To The Music

As I write this post, Xenoblade Chronicles X is up on my TV, its music blasting from my surround sound system — just as it has been for hours. This is despite the fact that I haven’t really played the game at all today.

Xenoblade X Lets You Launch Your Camera Into The Stratosphere

I had no idea how much I wanted an RPG to let me do this until now. Xenoblade Chronicles X is not an easy game to navigate. It is simply massive and can take hours to run across. More than that, even with waypoints, it’s common to find an unclimbable mountain or area full of high-level monsters between you and where you want to go.