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My, My Zelda, How You Have Grown

The Legend of Zelda series has been around for 28 years now and over that time, the game’s heroes and villains have been redesigned again and again. But let me be frank here, when it comes to Zelda character designs, there are none I like more than those from the newest spin-off game in the series, Hyrule Warriors.

Nintendo Fans Don't Buy Assassin's Creed, Ubisoft Says

Ubisoft has been more supportive of Nintendo’s Wii U than most of its peers, but the company has also remained wary of the console’s weak commercial performance. In a recent interview, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot sounded more doubtful than ever about the prospects of selling his hit Assassin’s Creed games on the Wii U.

The Ending Credits Are My Favourite Part Of Hyrule Warriors

That’s right: not the gameplay nor the cutscenes nor the story. My favourite part of Hyrule Warriors is the ending credits.

Contra Meets Starship Troopers In Co-op Platformer Hive Jump

Graphite Lab’s first crack at a Kickstarter for its side-scrolling, co-op shooter Hive Jump didn’t go so well, amassing just $US6157 of its lofty $US75,000 goal. Now, six months later, the developer is having another go, this time with external funding, updated visuals and a thumbs-up from Valve to sell the game on Steam. Suffice it to say, it’s already doing a lot better the second time round.

The Men Who Hacked Mario Kart 8

“I don’t want to go to bed at night thinking I’ve ruined thousands of people’s fun,” one of the two men who’s cracked open the code for the Wii U’s biggest game told me this week. I was confused.

And That's Why You Don't Taunt People In Mario Kart 8

Taunting in Mario Kart 8 is a fine art. Maybe because they can’t trash talk each other online, seasoned players have resorted to waiting at the finish line to trip up incoming racers as the ultimate form of kart-based swagger. But this is hard to pull off. If you don’t, you end up looking very silly.

Meta Knight Returns, Looks As Menacing As Ever In Super Smash Bros. 4

Menacing or cuddly, depending on how you look at him. Kirby’s nemesis and the first on Brawl’s pro-gaming tier list, Meta Knight will be appearing for the second time in Smash Bros.

Bayonetta 2 Is Looking Good, Adds Surfing

Familiarity is underrated in video games. Sometimes, I don’t want anything new or crazy. Sometimes, I just want to play Bayonetta again since the original game was already awesome.

Aladdin And Princess Jasmine Are Coming To Disney Infinity

Seeing how the movie came out 22 years ago, Aladdin isn’t exactly “a whole new world” at this point. Disney Infinitycertainly took its sweet time bringing the nineties-era classic back in video game form, though. Today, Disney finally revealed its plans to bring Aladdin and Princess Jasmine to the Disney Infinity Toybox 2.0.

Video Shows How Far Project CARS Has Come In Two Years

One racetrack, one car, one game, two years apart. From the foliage to the road textures and the overall colours, the changes are quite noticeable.