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Survey: PS4 Owners Want Better Resolution, XB1 Owners Just Prefer Xbox

Above: One particularly interesting section of a recent Nielsen survey that probes console owners about the factors driving their buying habits.

'I Swear I'm The Only One Who Plays Diddy Kong'

Video: Competitive Smash-er and YouTuber The Dandy Keef has a clever spin on the “shit people say” template that’s all about Super Smash Bros. jokes andmemes. Enjoy.

Kirby And The Rainbow Curse: The Kotaku Review

Kirby And The Rainbow Curse is a good game with a weird problem. If you play it, you most likely won’t be able to appreciate its graphics. This isn’t because The Rainbow Curse‘s claymation-style graphics are too beautiful for your primitive senses to comprehend. No, you probably would look at this game and think it’s beautiful.

How 'Reading' Works In Smash Bros.

“Reading” isn’t just the provenance of drag queens. Not anymore, at least. The partly-psychological, partly-social practice of “reading” another person is an essential piece of playing fighting games like Super Smash Bros. effectively. So how does it work? An excellent new tutorial by Rush Hour Smash spells it out.

More Than A Third Of 2014's Big-Budget Games Got Day-One Patches

You may have had the feeling lately that the games you’ve been buying and playing didn’t quite get finished when they were shoved out onto store shelves. Well, a lot of them weren’t done baking.

Smash Bros. Player Discovers Potentially Game-Breaking Exploit

Amongst the panoply of Super Smash Bros. characters, Captain Olimar is often considered one of the most peculiar figures in the game. The Pikmin star is tricky to use effectively, particularly for beginners. Now, he’s developing a new reputation thanks to a ridiculously powerful exploit one player discovered this week.

Super Smash Bros. Is Unbalanced, And That's A Good Thing

Controversies over Smash Bros. characters like Diddy Kong and Little Mac illustrate a larger concern that people have with Nintendo’s famous fighting game: Is it properly balanced? One of the most compelling arguments I’ve read says no. But then it asks a compelling follow-up: So what?

What's So Great About Metroid Prime

The Metroid Prime trilogy, arguably the best gaming trilogy ever, has just been re-issued as a $US20 download on the Wii U. That’s a good reason for Kirk “never played a Metroid Prime” Hamilton to try them out. I had to see how that went.

Now They're Never Getting Nintendo TVii In Europe

Which service was Nintendo TVii again? Oh yeah, the cable/program guide thing. In case anyone in Europe was waiting for that Wii U service to launch, you can officially stop waiting now — Nintendo of Europe has given up because it’s too hard.

Kirby: Rainbow Curse Makes Me Want More Claymation-style Games

Is there anything cuter than Kirby claymation in this world? (Hint: No, no there isn’t.)