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Shigeru Miyamoto Has Good News For Amiibo Sceptics Like Me

I’m optimistic about many things in gaming, but I’m a confirmed Amiibo sceptic. I fear the day a Zelda dungeon or Smash Bros. character is locked out for those who didn’t purchase the right $US13 Amiibo figure. Well, at least I don’t need to fret about the new Star Fox‘s use of Amiibos.

Splatoon's Splatfest Is Back On For July 4

Briefly: Splatoon‘s Splatfest event was delayed over “tentacle difficulties,” according to Nintendo, but it’s back on for July 4, 5pm AEST through to July 5, 4.59pm AEST. During Splatfests, players choose a side and fight for dominance. This week, it’s cats vs dogs. (Go dogs!)

Ryu Is Good At Smash Bros. Glitches

It’s that time again! Time for more Super Smash Bros. 4 glitches and bugs. This go round, we have Ryu from Street Fighter.

I Am So Hyped About Shin Megami X Fire Emblem

I am so excited about Genei Ibun Roku, the upcoming Wii U JRPG that mashes together Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem. Everything Nintendo has shown off for it so far has been EXCELLENT.

Super Mario Maker's Online Features Sound Really Cool

Nintendo isn’t exactly known for its on-point social features. But based on what they have shared on Mario Maker thus far, it really seems like they’re going to nail it this time.

Look At This Mario Box Art

Just look at it. It’s almost perfect. This is Mario Maker’s packaging, and everything about it excels. The logo, the colours, the Bob The Builder x Mario mashup.

New Shin Megami Vs Fire Emblem Trailer Is A Hot JRPG Mess

That’s not a bad thing. In fact, it’s a wonderful, wonderful thing.

Everything We Know About Nintendo's Experimental New Star Fox

The new Star Fox game for Wii U is an unusual mix of old and new, a game that sometimes feels like a remake and other times like a radical experiment. The game’s developers at Nintendo and — surprise — Platinum recently broke it all down for me.