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Super Mario Is Headed To Minecraft: Wii U 

On May 17, the digital version of Minecraft: Wii U Edition will get a free update that brings the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack, which features Mario skins, music, item textures and a Super Mario-themed world.

The Wii U Is Dying Before It Ever Really Lived

I won’t miss the Wii U. But I’m going to miss what it could have been.

How A Mario Maker Rivalry Got Me Punched In The Balls

I’ve been fending off the diabolical Mario Maker creations by Giant Bomb editor Dan Ryckert for months now. Our rivalry has always taken place over the internet, however. At PAX East, it was a face-to-face showdown.

Podcast: Nintendo Is Bumming Us Out

Even for longtime Nintendo fans, it’s hard not to feel burned by the Wii U, a console that never quite lived up to its potential. Sucks for people who bought one just for Zelda!

Guy Performs Free Jazz To Competitive Smash Bros.

Video: Here’s Caleb, doing a stunning drum performance. And it’s not just random drumming. All the different hits are in sync with all the Smash Bros. moves. You can hear light cymbal hits for Fox’s short hop lasers, for example.

I'm Going To Miss The Wii U

History won’t be kind.

History will most likely judge the Wii U as a misstep. A series of missteps. It’ll remember the name, which was silly. It’ll remember the hardware, which couldn’t compete. It’ll remember the third party support, which felt non-existent.

Game Critic Uses Brilliant Workaround For YouTube's Copyright Garbage

Thank god for Jim Sterling, a game critic whose recent YouTube antics forced YouTube’s copyright system to eat itself alive. Here’s how he did it.

Tell Us Dammit: What's The Best Game On The Wii U?

So last night Nintendo announced the release date for its next console the NX.

Which sorta means that the Wii U is on its last legs.

I understand why the Wii U struggled to make a dent this generation, but you know what? I think it was home to some of the best games of the last five years. What were some of your favourite Wii U games?

Zelda Delay Signals Another Slow Year For Nintendo Fans

Longtime Nintendo fans may remember the brutal last years of Wii, in 2010 and 2011, when third-party support had dried up and just about all Nintendo put out was Skyward Sword and Fortune Street. After today’s news, it seems like 2016 might be even worse.

The New Legend Of Zelda Isn't Coming Out This Year Either

We now know that NX is officially coming out March next year, but what about one of the flagship titles — the new Legend of Zelda? As it turns out, we won’t be seeing that in 2016 either.

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