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The More Damage You Have In The New Smash Bros., The Harder You'll Hit

A small change can make a huge difference — and it looks like the new Smash Bros. has a tweak that will definitely change the way the game plays.

Smash Bros. Looks Like A Scene From Samurai Jack

Dayshot: With this design, Smash Bros. suddenly looks like a scene from Samurai Jack in Toxodentrail‘s excellent fan-art.

New-Gen GTA V Release Date May Have Scared Sonic Off

Back in July, Sega announced that the upcoming Sonic Boom games would be hitting the 3DS and Wii U on November 11 and 18, respectively. This morning, the Japanese company updated the release date of the Wii U version. Guess they don’t want their hedgehog getting becoming a Grand Theft Auto casualty?

Remove The Sky, And Mario Kart 8 Gets Pretty Weird

Ah, Moo Moo Meadows. So calming. So picturesque. Wait a minute… something’s not right here. Luigi, now what’ve you done?!?!

Super Smash Bros. Characters Sure Have Changed Over The Years

We’ve talked a bunch about Super Smash Bros‘ new characters, but what about the classics? Mario, Link, Samus and pretty much every other major character in Nintendo history? Turns out they have changed since Super Smash Bros Brawl/Melee in ways both big and small.

Here's The Full Roster For Super Smash Bros.

The new Super Smash Bros. is out for 3DS in Japan, which means that we now finally know the full roster of characters that will appear in the upcoming Nintendo mascot fighter, from Mario to [SPOILERS].

Why Super Smash Bros. Players Are So Obsessed With Ridley

I mean, this character isn’t even playable. What’s the deal? A vocal contingent of Super Smash Bros fans have an obsession. They have wanted one of Metroid‘s prime villains, Ridley, as a playable character for years — long before the latest instalment in the series was even announced. Their campaign has thus far yielded nothing tangible, leading to widespread outcry on these here internets.

Hyrule Warriors Characters Are Awesome In 2D

They are so colourful and detailed. Artist AbyssWolf put together a fantastic piece with all the playable characters of Hyrule Warriors to celebrate the game’s upcoming release.

Watch Dogs Is Finally Coming To Wii U In November

Rejoice, Wii U owners — you, too, will get a third-party game later this year. Ubisoft just announced that its open-world hacking game Watch Dogs comes to Wii U on November 18.

The Art Academy: Sketchpad Community Is One To Keep An Eye On

Briefly: Between the masterpiece that is “Tanooki Bowser” (pictured above) and the amazing Robin Williams tribute from the other day, it looks like the Art Academy: SketchPad community on Miiverse is one to keep an eye on.