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Now This Is How You Banana Snipe Someone In Mario Kart

Plenty of people claim to be expert banana snipers in Mario Kart 8. Few can actually show for it. Imagine my surprise, then, when I saw someone boasting online about “banana sniping like a boss”, and they actually were.

What Pros Have To Think About In Every Smash Bros Match

Super Smash Bros. is the quintessential Nintendo game: it’s incredibly fun, and easy for inexperienced players to enjoy thanks to its chaotic mixture of cartoon items and characters. But once you get a handle on how the high-level game works, things become far more interesting. It just takes some time to get there.

The NSFW Stages Of Super Smash Bros.

Human nature dictates that whenever people acquire new tools for visual expression, they will use them to draw dicks. So when Nintendo revealed that the latest (and, quite possibly greatest) Super Smash Bros. would come with a level editor, was there any doubt about what players would do with it?

Mercy Self-Destructs, A Smash Bros Phenomenon

I’ve spent a long time playing For Glory in Smash Bros — that hardcore one-on-one mode with no items and flat stages. And while much of that playtime has been me getting my arse kicked, I can’t help but keep coming back to it. Part of it is that, in my experience at least, the players in For Glory are very classy.

Training Pokémon In Smash Bros Can Get Messed Up

We’ve all been through the maddening experience of playing a fighting game against someone who knows that one move that gets you every damn time. And once your opponent learns that one move, they never stop using it. Now, imagine if you were fighting against an Amiibo instead. Terrifying, or amazing?

Is This A New Wii U GamePad? I Honestly Don't Know. 

Recently, a Mario Kart 8 commercial popped up on Nintendo’s official YouTube channel. It features what could be a new Wii U GamePad. “Could be” because Nintendo blurred it out.

Source: GameStop Says Nintendo Has 'Discontinued' Three Amiibos

Since Saturday, we’ve been wondering if Nintendo really did cancel production on three of its new Skylanders-style Amiibo figures. Now, following a pair of vague statements from Nintendo, we’ve seen a more definitive answer.

More Very Cool Smash Bros Stage Creations

We’ve already posted some of the coolest Super Smash Bros stage creations so far. Many of the stages were created by Western games, so now, let’s have a look at what Japanese Super Smash Bros players are sharing online.

Even Smash Bros Pros Accidentally Self-Destruct In Matches

One of the most hilariously clumsy things you can do in Super Smash Bros. is walk off the stage by accident. Or jump off. Or “Flare Blitz” off if you’re Charizard. We’ve all been there. But it’s particularly embarrassing when you trip and fall in the most Smash Bros. way possible during a tournament match.

Smash Bros Characters' Recovery Moves Put To The Test

When weighing the merits of fighters in the new Super Smash Bros, a crucial factor players consider is their unique “recovery” abilities. These are the special moves each character has to help them make it back to a stage after being knocked off. One player has come up with a clever way to experiment with them.