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Of Course Guardians Of The Galaxy Gets Its Own Disney Infinity Playset

You can stop now, Disney Infinity 2.0. We get it. You really want us to buy you, and you aren’t afraid to recruit a team of intergalactic outlaws to make it happen.

Stop Licking The Screen, Doofus, This Is A Screenshot

By my count (*checks watch*) this is about the 117th time I’ve posted screenshots for the upcoming Project Cars. Whatever. They keep looking this good, we’ll all keep on enjoying looking at them.

The Skylanders Dark Edition Isn't A GameStop Exclusive This Year

Last year, I gave Activision flack for making its special Dark Edition versionof Skylanders: Swap Force a GameStop exclusive. The $US99 Skylanders: Trap Team Dark Edition carries no such constraints, so if your children don’t get one it’s merely because you’re some kind of monster.

The Wii U Will Take Digital Money In Japan

Starting July 22, Wii U owners in Japan can use digital money cards to buy stuff through the Nintendo eShop. According to Nintendo, the digital money cards that can be used include Suica, Pasmo, Kitaca, Toica, Manaca, Icoca, Sugoca, Minoca and Hayakaken.

What Those Items In Mario Kart 8 Are Really For

Mario Kart 8 is a great game. But like many great Nintendo games, there are certain things in it that seem to exist for no good reason. Or any reason, really. They’re just sort of… there.

The Wii U Is Getting One Scary-Looking Game

If you like frightening games, good news. Here is the first trailer for the upcoming Fatal Frame game for the Wii U.

Here Are The Top Games In Japan For 2014 (So Far)

Now that we’re into July and 2014 is half over, how’s everyone’s year been? Good? Mediocre? Crappy? OK, let’s talk games.

Mario Kart 8 Hack Launches Luigi Into Space

This is a video of a ghost version of Luigi riding around Mario Kart 8′s Rainbow Road. But don’t worry: this doesn’t mean he’s come back to haunt us all with a new, supernatural death stare.

An Australian Game About Pizza-Delivering Ninja Girls... And Bullying

In a grim, dystopian future, a lone delivery girl-slash-ninja who works for her dad’s pizza parlor must overcome her biggest enemy: a clique of rival, megacorp-allied delivery girl-slash-ninja.

Watch The Wii U Get Torn Apart In The Name Of Trivia

Now that the Wii U is officially a viable contest, it’s time to tear it apart in stop-motion to see what sort of fun trivia makes it tick.