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This Hollow Knight Trailer Looks Gorgeous

Video: I’ve never heard of Hollow Knight before today, but the trailer is hot as hell. It’s on my radar now and it’s apparently coming to PC, Mac and Wii U next year.

'Bowser' Made A Stage In Mario Maker And It's A Real Bastard

Though I’m done with Dan Ryckert’s latest Super Mario Maker stage, I’m still playing new levels every day, in search of the latest, greatest, and most difficult. Today, I took a look at what Nintendo’s been cooking up in-house. What I didn’t expect to find was a devious, troll-y level from Bowser himself.

Look At This Box Art

While everyone was busy looking at Cloud and Linkle in the American Nintendo Direct, the company quietly dropped some box art on their Japanese site that is just *bites lower lip*.

A HD Remake Of Twilight Princess Is Being Developed In Australia

Nintendo has just announced it is releasing a HD remake of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on the Wii U scheduled for March 6, 2016.

And it’s being made in Australia.

Mario Maker's New Update Hides A Horrible, Skinny Secret

Well I’ll be. Mario Maker has fully embraced skinny Mario’s creepy aura, judging from the easter eggs hidden in the game’s first update.

Mario Maker's Newest Impossible Level Has A Great Joke At The End

Anyone who manages to beat this hellish Mario Maker will be treated to a funny callback. Wanna see?

Pokkén Tournament Evolves Mewtwo Into A Darker, More Powerful Form

Well, power is relative when it can be beaten by Gengar, but the new boss patched into arcade versions of the Pokémon fighting game is definitely a darker version of Mewtwo.

Target's Massive EBay Sale Still Going, More Wii U Stock Added

In case you missed the mega sales last time, this is a helpful reminder that you can still pick up some handy bargains — especially if you’re a fan of Nintendo.

Mario Maker Players Are In An Arms Race To Make The Hardest Level Ever

There’s a brutal competition being waged in Mario Maker right now, and it’s inspiring people to make the most hellish Mario Maker courses they can think of.

Target's Having A Massive Sale On Games And Consoles

Something’s going down at Target. Either they’re really getting out of games and consoles and just having a massive firesale, or they just really want drive traffic to their eBay store.

Either way, out of all the deals that have gone up these are by far and away the most insane. Let’s begin.

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