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Check Out The Spiritual Sequel To Nights Into Dreams On Wii And Wii U

Rodea the Sky Soldier, the newest game by Sonic the Hedgehog and Nights into Dreams creator Yuji Naka was released on Wii U earlier this month. Even more interesting, the game was packaged with its never-before-released Wii version. Yet, it is more than just the graphics that have gotten an overhaul.

The Most Hated Character In Smash Bros Gets Nerfed

Rejoice, Diddy Kong haters. The latest Smash Bros. patch has changed the annoying chimp, making him a bit less of a powerhouse than he was before.

Animal Crossing Makes Mario Kart 8 Cuter

And that’s saying something because Mario Kart is already pretty cute. Here’s a look at the second DLC pack for Mario Kart 8, which is heavy on the Animal Crossing. But wait! There’s more. Much more.

A Disappointing Xenoblade Chronicles X Comparison

So Xenoblade Chronicles X is coming to the Wii U. Good news for those looking forward to a sprawling RPG. Slightly less so if you remember the game’s 2013 trailer.

Why Super Smash Bros. Wii U Deserves To Dethrone Melee

Super Smash Bros. is not a traditional fighting series. There are no health bars, no walled-in arenas, and no fatalities. But there are millions of fans. And while dozens of fighting franchises have a fanbase, there’s none quite like the competitive Smash community.

Smash Bros Glitch Sets Kirby On Fire

Kirby inhales so many things with reckless abandon that it was only a matter of time before one such thing came back to haunt him. And so Smash players discovered an exploit this week that turns him into an raging fireball. Fire Kirby doesn’t change much, gameplay-wise. But it’d make a hell of an anti-smoking ad.

Surprise: The Wii U Is Actually Perfect For Netflix

Australian Netflix: I’m enjoying it. A lot. It’s priced right. It’s fast, slick, works on all my devices. Keywords being: ‘all my devices’. I have a lot of them.

I have a tablet, I have a PS4, an Xbox One, I have two laptops, I have a mobile phone.

I have a Wii U.

The Newest Amiibos Are Sold Out, And Fans Are Upset

A new set of amiibos went on sale yesterday at GameStop, and it was a disaster. They’re already sold out. One day later, Nintendo’s acting as though nothing happened, and fans are pissed off.

Damn, The New Mario Kart Difficulty Sure Looks Faster

Yesterday, Nintendo announced a new downloadable difficulty for Mario Kart: 200cc. It’s supposed to be faster — but just how fast are we talking about here?

The Binding Of Isaac Is Finally Coming To 3DS, Wii U, Xbox One

Briefly: The Binding of Isaac has been teased for Nintendo platforms over the years, but it’s finally happening, and without any content changes whatsoever. (This was a joke.) The addictive roguelike hits 3DS, Wii U and Xbox One “soonish”.