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The Legend Of Zelda Wii U Delayed Out Of 2015

Briefly: Bad news, Zelda fans. The next game won’t be out this year, Nintendo just announced — it’s “no longer making a 2015 release [its] number one priority”. Series producer Eiji Aonuma announced the bad news in a video message on Facebook, where he talked about how the team has “discovered several new possibilities for the game”.

Plastic Boxes To Keep Your Amiibos Safe. Because, Amiibos.

Were Amiibos ever truly designed as gameplay additions? You have to wonder. Surely Nintendo knew what would really happen: that hordes of video game nerds in their 20s and 30s would descend upon them like a horde of cashed-up locusts, buy all the good ones them keep them locked away forever.

Jigglypuff's Famous Rest Attack Put To The Test

One of the key things that makes Jigglypuff an absolute terror in the Smash Bros. ring is her “rest” move. If you’ve ever gone against the Puff, you know what I’m talking about: it’s when she falls asleep and then beats you into a pulp. But just how powerful is it, exactly? Numbers to the rescue!

Affordable Space Adventures: The Basics

What is it? Why, it’s a Wii U game that uses what’s special about the Wii U to its advantage. We don’t get enough of those.

What Made Super Mario 3D World So Great

We all know Super Mario 3D World is super rad. Just how rad is it? YouTuber Mark Brown took a look at the modern classic for his semi-regular “Game Maker’s toolkit” video series, and makes a case for putting 3D World in the time-honoured “totally hella rad” category. That might not be the name of an actual honorific.

Everything We Know (Not Much) About Nintendo's New Hardware

Nintendo just surprised everybody with the announcement that its working on some new hardware, codenamed “NX”. Pretty much everything about “NX” besides its codename remains a mystery, however.

Lego Jurassic World: The Basics

What is it? Lego Jurassic World, another of those Lego games we’re always getting, this time covering the four Jurassic Park movies (including this summer’s Jurassic World).

Which JRPG Has Better Sliding: Xenoblade Chronicles X Or FFXV? 

There are many things we could compare between Xenoblade Chronicles X and Final Fantasy XV. But today, we’re going to see which has the coolest-looking sliding. That’s right, sliding.

The Amiibo Rap Knows Your Frustration

Video: This song is for anyone who has made a beeline for the video game section of their local retailer and cursed loudly at empty shelves. Musical comedy group Hot Chocolate Party apply their lyrical mastery to the Amiibo phenomenon, singing the praises of immobile plastic married to computer chips, at least until they try to go buy one for themselves.

All The Indie Game News Out Of GDC

The Game Developer’s Conference is indie game central this year. There’s so much indie new that it’s difficult to keep track of. Here are the major announcements compiled into one great big list for your convenience.