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Let's Rank Fatal Frame, Best To Worst

The Fatal Frame series is one of the creepiest survival-horror game series out there and certainly my personal favourite of the genre. But as with all series, some games are better than others. So let’s rank them, shall we?

Watch People Freak Out Over Mewtwo In New Smash Bros

Yesterday, Nintendo announced that Mewtwo was heading to the new Super Smash Bros games as a downloadable character. Some people went bonkers. Others filmed themselves going bonkers.

Mewtwo Returns To The New Smash Bros As A Downloadable Character

The most menacing Pokémon of all is back. Mewtwo won’t be available for ‘free’ for everyone, however — only for players that purchase both the 3DS and Wii versions of Smash. And he won’t be available right away, either.

53 Things We Just Learned About Super Smash Bros. Wii U

So Nintendo held a big Nintendo Direct tonight for Super Smash Bros. Wii U, and it basically laid out what we all suspected: this is going to be the definitive version.

Mario Kart 8 DLC Adds A Classic Stage

Initially, Mario Kart 8 DLC looked like it was going to be yucky. But now it seems like it could be quite good, with Link, Tanooki Mario and Cat Peach. But there’s more, including Yoshi Circuit from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Fatal Frame V Is A Solid Survival Horror Game

I am a long-time fan of the Fatal Frame survival horror series — despite my aversion to scary things. And while I’ll be the first to agree the franchise has had its ups and downs, the series’ Wii U debut, Fatal Frame V, is a solid outing for the series.

New Smash Bros Leak Reveals Stage Creator, Board Game Mode

For every new Smash Bros. game, there is a new leak. Just a few months after a leaker at Nintendo revealed the full roster for Super Smash Bros 3DS, today we’ve got Amazon leaking new features in the Wii U version of Nintendo’s colourful fighting game.

Handheld Gaming Continues To Rule In Japan

So last week, the New Nintendo 3DS was released in Japan as was Monster Hunter 4G. Both highlight the obvious: Handheld gaming is still very big in the country.

Super Smash Bros Isn't Finished Being Made

With Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS out, creator Masahiro Sakurai’s job is only half done. When one fan asked him how it felt to be done with the development on Super Smash Bros, he replied, “I’m not done yet…”

Oh My Gosh, Nintendo Gave Link A Motorcycle

If Zelda making its first appearance in Mario Kart wasn’t exciting enough, Nintendo sweetened the deal today. When Link (if that is his real name) arrives in Mario Kart 8 next month, the company said he’ll be bringing a new kart-friendly version of his trusty steed with him.