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Victory Was Close, But My Eternal Struggle Against Super Mario Maker Continues

Victory was close, but my eternal struggle against nightmare Super Mario Maker level designer Dan Ryckert continues. I’m still angry. If you want to be angry, too, you can try to “play” Spikeshoe Plains (6E3C-0000-008D-C11F).

Hero Player Dunks On Mario Maker Troll, Saves All The Yoshi

Killing Yoshi to save your own skin is a time-honored tradition in Mario. Noble players who decide against ruthlessness do exist, though.

World's Best Smash Bros. Player Makes Awesome Comeback After Almost Burning Out

Last weekend, things didn’t look so great for Smash Bros.’ top player, Gonzalo “Zer0” Barrios. For a moment, it seemed like reigning champ might actually lose a tournament.

Target Is Having A Sale On All Major Video Game Consoles

You can always count on the big retailers to do a super good deal on major consoles in the lead up to Christmas. This year Target is kicking off the party early, doing solid deals on all three major consoles.

A Skylanders Superchargers Buyer's Guide For Confused Parents

The fifth instalment of the series that started the toys-and-games craze goes on sale tomorrow, which means stores packed with baffled parents trying to make sense of it all. We’re here to help.

New Animal Crossing Amiibo: Blathers & Resetti

Nintendo Japan has announced four new Amiibo. Among them are Blathers and Resetti.

How To Sort Through The Crap And Find Good Mario Maker Courses

Believe it or not, Super Mario Maker has a ton of great courses floating around. Here is the system I used to find these elusive levels.

A LEGO Dimensions Buyer's Guide For The Discerning Player

Tonight at midnight $US465 worth of LEGO Dimensions product goes on sale. How much does one need to pay to have a good time? Let our buyer’s guide by your…guide.

Guy Cries Tears Of Joy After Beating Mario Maker's 'Hardest' Level

Thousands of people have tried this gruelling Mario Maker level. Only six people have actually beaten it thus far — and they had to go through hell to do it.

LEGO Dimensions: The Kotaku Review

Gandalf, Batman and Wildstyle walk into the Aperture Science Enrichment Centre. Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Chances are you haven’t, as up until now the only place you could have stumbled upon that particular combination is your wildest imagination (or perhaps the imagination of a fan fiction author.)

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