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That Time Ubisoft Made A Spanking Party Game For The Wii

We Dare was more famous for its commercial than its gameplay, largely because the backlash to the trailer was so strong that Ubisoft basically cancelled it.

Skylanders Amiibo Figures Finally Available Without Buying A Skylanders Game

Amiibo collectors who purchased a Skylanders Superchargers starter pack for the Wii U, Wii or 3DS solely to acquire the exclusive Bowser and Donkey Kong combo figures are kicking themselves right now.

A Lot Of Work Goes Into Making Skylanders The Most Story-Focused Toys-To-Life Game

Where Disney Infinity delivers a series of small self-contained stories and LEGO Dimensions is just getting started, the Skylanders series has spent the past five years building an original fictional universe — and tearing it apart.

Every Punch-Out!! Opponent, Ranked

I’ll make a deal with you, Nintendo: I will promise to buy any console that you release, if you will promise to release a new Punch-Out!! game on it.

There's A Perfectly Reasonable Explanation For Why I'm Playing A Monster High Video Game

It’s not every day I get to refer to my wife as perfectly reasonable but yeah — this is all her fault.

Disney Infinity, LEGO Dimensions Or Skylanders: Which Toy-Based Game Is Right For You?

First Skylanders, then Disney Infinity and now LEGO — the video game sections of major retailers everywhere are slowly being taken over by toys. Which plastic portal of power should you be plugging into your game console? Let’s see if we can help.

A Skylanders Superchargers Buyer's Guide For Confused Parents

The fifth instalment of the series that started the toys-and-games craze goes on sale tomorrow, which means stores packed with baffled parents trying to make sense of it all. We’re here to help.

Tribute Thursday: Wii Fit

With the Wii U getting the biggest releases this week (Armikrog and Super Mario Maker) it’s time to look back at one of the biggest hits of all time for Nintendo. And no, I’m not paying tribute to Super Mario Bros.

It’s time to look back at what was one of the best selling games in Australia for months on end. The game that everyone apparently bought but barely played.

Let’s get fit. Wii Fit.

Weird. The Wii Has The Most Edits Of Any Video Game Wikipedia Page.

I stumbled across this graph during my morning trawl through the internet. It’s a list of the most edited pages in Wikipedia’s history and it makes for fascinating reading.

Nintendo Wii Blamed For Fire

A man lost his RV and many personal belongings in a blaze that firefighters believe his Nintendo Wii could have started.

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