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Guy Performs Free Jazz To Competitive Smash Bros.

Video: Here’s Caleb, doing a stunning drum performance. And it’s not just random drumming. All the different hits are in sync with all the Smash Bros. moves. You can hear light cymbal hits for Fox’s short hop lasers, for example.

Every Single Wii Shop Channel Mashup I Could Possibly Find, From Worst To Best

Nintendo may not ever be on the leading edge of gaming, but it writes some bangers. Even the Wii shop song — which is essentially the home console version of hold music — is fertile ground for mashups. Soundcloud’s obsession with the Wii Shop jam also intersected with many of its other memes (“Bonfire,” Smash Mouth/Shrek, Space Jam, etc.) and this feels somehow like a fitting eulogy for that dying community.

Metroid Prime: The Kotaku Review

When she shoots, Samus Aran doesn’t miss. That’s one of the fundamental truths of the original Metroid Prime, the first-person sci-fi game that came out in Australia on the Nintendo GameCube in 2003. You lock her gun onto a target and fire. She hits it every time.

That Time A Zelda Trailer Supposedly Made Grown Men Cry

Few game reveals are more anticipated a brand-new Legend of Zelda game, but nothing touches the intense reaction Twilight Princess generated at E3 2004.

The Best Wii Emulator Has A DirectX 12 Renderer, And It's Great

If you haven’t messed around with Dolphin, an emulator constantly refined and tweaked by a massive community of contributors, then you should find some time tonight to play around with it. It’s a superb program; it might even be the most impressive emulator released to date.

Dolphin’s just got one of its biggest upgrades to date, however. The team behind the emulator has just added a DirectX 12 renderer to one of their experimental releases, and the gains are huge.

That Time Ubisoft Made A Spanking Party Game For The Wii

We Dare was more famous for its commercial than its gameplay, largely because the backlash to the trailer was so strong that Ubisoft basically cancelled it.

Skylanders Amiibo Figures Finally Available Without Buying A Skylanders Game

Amiibo collectors who purchased a Skylanders Superchargers starter pack for the Wii U, Wii or 3DS solely to acquire the exclusive Bowser and Donkey Kong combo figures are kicking themselves right now.

A Lot Of Work Goes Into Making Skylanders The Most Story-Focused Toys-To-Life Game

Where Disney Infinity delivers a series of small self-contained stories and LEGO Dimensions is just getting started, the Skylanders series has spent the past five years building an original fictional universe — and tearing it apart.

Every Punch-Out!! Opponent, Ranked

I’ll make a deal with you, Nintendo: I will promise to buy any console that you release, if you will promise to release a new Punch-Out!! game on it.

There's A Perfectly Reasonable Explanation For Why I'm Playing A Monster High Video Game

It’s not every day I get to refer to my wife as perfectly reasonable but yeah — this is all her fault.

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