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Hearthstone Record Chasers Going For Two Massive Records At Once

The folks behind the world’s longest Hearthstone turn — the 45 hour one — are at it again. This time, they’re going for two ridiculous records at once.

A New World Record Ends Hank Chien's Reign As Donkey Kong Champion

In December of 2010, New York area plastic surgeon Hank Chien set the world record high score for Donkey Kong — 1,068,000 points. He topped that score four times over the next two years, setting the score at 1,138,600 in November of 2012. Thursday evening, DK competitor Robbie Lakeman scored 1,141,800 points, ending Chien’s reign of terror.

He Played Missile Command For Nearly Three Consecutive Days

Earlier this year, Victor Sandberg broke Missile Command‘s all-time world record — a mark that had stood since 1982 and was believed to be unassailable. This weekend, he shot for another goal most thought unreachable. In the end, it was.

He's Played 59 Straight Hours Of Missile Command. His Goal Is 100.

If you want to watch a Swedish guy tear Missile Command a new one, tune in to this. Around 11 a.m. EST, he beat his world record of 81,795,035, but that’s not the goal now. He’s trying to play the game for 100 hours, on a single credit. That would be a record across all arcade games.

New Record For 'Most Nintendo Cartridges Blown Into'. Yes, That Exists.

Late Night host Jimmy Fallon wanted to set some new video game world records. So, apparently, he made some up.

A Man Has Played Q*Bert For Over 80 Hours To Break A 30-Year World Record

The last two guys to try and beat the Q*Bert world record had to pull out due to fatigue, because they’d need to have played the game for over 70 hours to beat it.

One Guy Hit Borderlands 2 's Level Cap In A Record-Setting 43 Hours

Matt Siegfried wanted to be first. So the championship gamer — who’s already notched #1 rankings — in various titles got Borderlands 2 as soon as he could at a midnight launch and started playing right away. Less than two days later, Siegfried (who plays under the name “Blitz”) set a time record for hitting the level cap of Gearbox’s hit sequel in 43 hours, 15 minutes. You can head over to Siegfried’s TwitchTV page to watch his epic run in real time.

This Man Is Your New Frogger World Champion

Frogger doesn’t have a whole documentary devoted to it the way that Donkey Kong does, in King of Kong. But Konami’s coin-op classic does have a memorable episode from the Seinfeld TV show, where Jason Alexander’s George Costanza puffs up with pride over his longstanding high score in the game. But that fictional score of 860,630 has been smoked by the tally posted by new world champion Michael Smith.

Jimmy Fallon's Most Consoles Played In One Minute Record Shattered

In July of 2010 late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon attempted to play 10 different games on 10 different consoles in one minute. He only played nine. Not 10, but still impressive, at least until Ohio’s Ryan Sullivan did 13.

You Cannot Top The New Pac-Man World Record

I am sure you have Pac-Man skills. We all do. I’m sure you’re good at turning the corners of getting Inky, Blinky & Clyde to trail you just as you’re approaching the power pellet.

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