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GTA V Player Pulls Off Absurd Stunts With A Vespa Bike

Video: The Enduro bike isn’t the only suitable vehicle in GTA V for wild custom stunt maps. The Vespa bike might be sluggish, but when handled correctly it’s a good choice for parkour maps as well.

Aldi Is Now In The Xbox Business

Anyone want an Xbox 360 for $99.99?

Microsoft Ends Xbox 360 Production

After a successful ten-and-a-half-year run, the Xbox 360 is officially saying goodbye. One might even say it’s turning around 360 degrees and walking away.

LucidSound LS30 Wireless Gaming Headset Review: Oddly Elegant

Gaming headsets don’t generally do elegant. They do bright and flashy, looking either as loud as they sound or like something out of a science fiction movie. LucidSound’s LS30 wireless gaming headset does elegant with a little bit of innovative on the side.

GTA V Player Completes Insane Parkour Map In Record Time

Video: Nearly impossible, custom-made parkour maps are a popular part of GTA Online, with their very own community. They test the limits of the game’s engine, which sometimes results in some truly spectacular runs.

Canceled Sci-Fi TV Show Continues Today In Video Game Form

Fans of SyFy’s Defiance were disappointed when the show was cancelled late last year after three seasons of Earth-based alien conflict. But the TV show was only half of the battle. In the video game half of Defiance, season four just went live.

Sherlock Holmes, Borderlands Headline Games With Gold For March

Here’s what Xbox Live Gold subscribers will be getting next month.

That Time Xbox 360's Uno Game Was Flooded With Dick Pics

Uno was one of Xbox Live Arcade’s best games in the early years, a fact that’s been somewhat forgotten because all anyone can remember are endless penises.

Hand Of Fate, Gears Of War 2 Headline Xbox's Games With Gold For February

Not long after Sony announced what’s coming next month, Microsoft has followed suit, with four games that will come out across Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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