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Lego Jurassic World: The Basics

What is it? Lego Jurassic World, another of those Lego games we’re always getting, this time covering the four Jurassic Park movies (including this summer’s Jurassic World).

Talking Toasters, Pop Rocks And Other Fun Stuff Cut From Fallout 2

The sequel to Interplay’s legendary post-apocalyptic role-playing game was bigger and badder than the original Fallout, which translates into more space on the cutting room floor for discarded storylines, abandoned features, unrealized non-player characters and a fully-upgradeable, completely drive-able vehicle.

The Shape That's Everywhere In Mass Effect

There’s no getting around it: a lot of modern, graphically intense games look kinda same-y. At a glance, it can be hard to tell the difference. But show me a shot of the Mass Effect series and I’ll instantly be like, “Yeah, that’s Mass Effect.” Why? A single shape that’s everywhere.

Goat Simulator Coming To Xbox Next Month

Video: One of last year’s most bizarre and surprising hits on PC was Goat Simulator, and it’s coming to Xbox 360 and Xbox One next month.

A Good Reason To Get Back Into Titanfall

If you’re looking for a reason to dive back into Titanfall, here’s a good one: all of the downloadable content is now free on Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC (on Origin!).

Holy Shit, I Just Played Final Fantasy XV

I just spent two hours playing Final Fantasy XV, which I can confirm is a real video game that actually exists. The good news: it’s brilliant in a lot of ways, and from what I’ve played so far, it really does feel like a Final Fantasy game. The bad news? Well, it’s got some serious technical issues and I’m worried it’s too ambitious for even today’s current-gen hardware.

Flying Fusion Coil (Via Man Cannon) Proves Deadly, If Unlikely, Halo 3 Weapon

Sure, you could kill your online foes using traditional Halo 3 weapons, such as the assault rifle, carbine or plasma pistol. No one every expects to be shot out of the air by a man cannon-launched fusion coil though. What are the odds? Good enough, as one player discovered.

Screamride Is Great, But Players Are Making It Even Better

Is Frontier Development’s Xbox-exclusive amusement ride builder worth a play? That depends — how strong is your stomach?

People Are Already Making Bizarre Mods For Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Dragon Ball Xenoverse isn’t even out yet in the West. That, however, hasn’t stopped people from tearing the Japanese version to pieces and reassembling it into, well… whatever this is.

The Xbox 'Ultimate Game Sale' Is Pretty Good For A Console Sale!

This week Microsoft is running a fairly extensive sale on its digital stores for both the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One. Anyone feel like maxing out their credit card? I know I do!