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Disney Infinity, LEGO Dimensions Or Skylanders: Which Toy-Based Game Is Right For You?

First Skylanders, then Disney Infinity and now LEGO — the video game sections of major retailers everywhere are slowly being taken over by toys. Which plastic portal of power should you be plugging into your game console? Let’s see if we can help.

Konami Reveals Details Of Hidden, Co-Op Nuke Event In Metal Gear Solid V

That’s certainly one way to get people back into MGS V, especially with all the Fallout 4 excitement starting to dissipate (albeit slowly). Not only is the event divided by region, but platform as well. So it’s co-operative and competitive at the same time.

The Problem With The Post-Bungie Halo Campaigns

Halo used to mean quality. Its campaigns were all heroic military sci-fi, full of brilliantly-designed levels and enemies. The multiplayer was some of gaming’s best, supplying pulse-pounding firefights and thrilling victories. There was a time when a new Halo game was a guarantee of greatness. Since developer Bungie moved on and custom Halo house 343 Industries took the reigns, it has become clear that something is wrong. Halo is suffering from an identity crisis.

The Xbox 360 Is Ten Years Old Today

A decade ago today thousands of people stood outside electronics retailers in the bitter cold, waiting for their chance to sell an Xbox 360 on eBay. I blame those killer faceplates.

Even With A Billion Guns, Borderlands Can't Escape Honest Game Trailers

2009’s Borderlands might be a little long in the tooth these days, but it’s not old enough to outlast the reach of Honest Game Trailers. It’s strange how ridiculous the game was, in retrospect, and HGT has no qualms getting to the core of that silliness.

How To Run Backwards-Compatible Xbox 360 Games On Xbox One

Video: Xbox One consoles are now backwards compatible with some Xbox 360 games. How do you play supported Xbox 360 games on an Xbox One? What happens with disc-based games? We’ve got a short video tutorial for you.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops III: The Kotaku Review

There are too many Call of Duty games. Let me clarify that statement: There are too many Call of Duty games in Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

Rise Of The Tomb Raider: The Kotaku Review

When we last saw Lara Croft, she was growing out of being a victim. A victim of fate, of other people’s aggression, of her own uninspired previous playable incarnations. She’s still growing, but she’s different now.

Xbox One's First Wave Of Compatible Xbox 360 Games Has Hidden Gems But Not Fans' Most Wanted Titles

Starting tomorrow, over 100 games originally made for the Xbox 360 will be playable on the Xbox One. But the titles that garnered the most votes in a Microsoft user poll are missing.

Black Ops III: Last-Gen Vs Current-Gen

You’d think from hanging around the internet that by 2015 most people would be playing Black Ops III on a PC, Xbox One or PS4. But remember, there are still a lotta folks out there with last-gen hardware. Now is the time to be reminded of their predicament.

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