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In 2015, you liked reading about Fallout 4 and The Witcher 3. You liked lists of top games. You mourned the passing of gaming icons. You craved scoops and post-release coverage (phew!), and you enjoyed getting excited about the Final Fantasy VII remake. You also liked reading about sex. Hey, nothing bad about that! What follows, via our data team, are the 100 most popular Kotaku US stories of the year.


Lots of things got shaken up in the comics I enjoyed from the last twelve months, with characters and themes getting re-invented, resurrected and repurposed in surprising or clever ways. Here's what I'll remember from the comics I read in 2015. Spoilers follow!


It is time again to go through my favourite games of the year. I promise they're not all JRPGs. 2015 was a great year for video games by all accounts, but for some reason it was pretty easy to put together a list of the ten best. Maybe it's because I haven't yet played some games I know I'll dig — sorry, Until Dawn! — or maybe it's because these ten games just stood out from the rest. Either way, these entries are all superb.


If you'd have asked me at the start of the year what I thought my favourite games of 2015 would end up being, I probably would have guessed stuff like Fallout 4, Hotline Miami 2, and maybe Just Cause 3. This year, though, a cool thing happened: most of my favourite games were ones I'd never even heard of until I played them.


2015 has been a weird year for me and video games. In one way, it's been defined by the fact there's been a shortage of games that I've found really memorable, to the point where picking out ten for this list was tough work. In another, that might be because I spent almost the entire year playing The Witcher 3.


It was a damn shame Rise of the Tomb Raider came out on the same day as Fallout 4, wasn't it? Nevertheless, release schedules be damned, a lot of great games came out this year. Here are the ones I liked the most.


It's late December with just days to go until the clock strikes the new year, which makes it the perfect time for Kotaku's various editors to list their favourite games of 2015. I'll go first, for I have no fear.


If games are a truly interactive medium, then it stands to reason that the people who play them have an unusual amount of influence on this creative form; more than they do on others. With that, we present, for the fourth year running, Kotaku's Gamers of The Year.