Tips For Playing Divinity: Original Sin

Divinity: Original Sin is a really cool game, but it’s not all that interested in holding your hand. It can be complicated and challenging, and some early difficulty spikes may leave new players feeling a bit burned. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make your first hours in the game go much more smoothly.

A Spoken Word Song About Loving And Hating League Of Legends

Riot Games knows that the community of players that’s built up around League of Legends can engage in some jerky behaviour. They’re trying to fix that. If you want to know what’s bothering folks, the collective frustrations of many LoL enthusiasts can be heard in one man’s voice. He’s rapping. Kind of.

Man Plays Tetris In Real Life, With A Bunch Of Real Stuff

Artist Michael Johansson has a series of pieces he calls Tetris. At first glance they look to be just orderly piles of stuff, but look closer.

If Video Game Covers Were More Honest

Over at Complex Gaming they’re having some fun adding “honest” blurbs to popular game covers, asking “What if games told the truth before you dropped $US60?” Honestly, I’d probably buy them for the blurbs alone.

Futurama Ship Looks Like CGI, Is Actually Real Model

Harrison Krix is a guy who we normally post about for his props work, recreating famous video game weapons, but this piece is a little different.

EA Loses 'Worst Company In America' Contest In First Round

Congratulations, Time Warner Cable. You’re so terrible that you’ve convinced the masses not just to knock out EA — two-time winner of the Worst Company in America award — but to knock them out in the first round.

Jeopardy 'Villain' Arthur Chu Makes Another Appearance

Controversial Jeopardy contestant Arthur Chu and his unorthodox strategies turned up again on tonight’s Jeopardy.

Ken Levine's New Game Could Be Really Fascinating

It really sucks that Irrational Games is shutting down, and I hope that everyone who was laid off finds new employment soon. It’s a bad situation, yes, but for gamers, there’s something to be optimistic about — a new digital game by Ken Levine.