Divinity: Original Sin is a really cool game, but it's not all that interested in holding your hand. It can be complicated and challenging, and some early difficulty spikes may leave new players feeling a bit burned. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make your first hours in the game go much more smoothly.


It really sucks that Irrational Games is shutting down, and I hope that everyone who was laid off finds new employment soon. It's a bad situation, yes, but for gamers, there's something to be optimistic about — a new digital game by Ken Levine.


As news goes, the Video Game Awards are more about the future games they will tease than the existing ones they honour. Kotaku will be in Los Angeles on Friday covering the gala. Here is an internal chatroom discussion among Stephen Totilo, Luke Plunkett, Mike Fahey, Kirk Hamilton and yours truly as we try to pin down the most expected unexpected announcement of the evening.