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What You're Seeing Is Advanced Warfare

Video: “What you’re seeing is Advanced Warfare,” says Kevin Spacey’s Jonathan Irons at the start of this official gameplay launch trailer for November’s instalment of the Call of Duty series. Well, there you go then.

Halo Collection Has A 20GB Day-One Update

The next Halo game will launch with a massive day-one update, Microsoft announced today — you’ll have to download 20 GB worth of “features and multiplayer content” to complete the Halo: Master Chief Collection, which is out November 11 for Xbox One.

It's About To Get Easier To Stream Media On Your Xbox One

One of my major complaints about the Xbox One when it first released was that, as a device that badly wanted to be the centre of your living room, it was remarkably difficult to stream media from your home PC to your console. Now, thanks to some new updates to the Xbox One’s firmware, that’s about to change.

Men Arrested For Smuggling Cocaine In Xbox Consoles

Four young men have been arrested after they allegedly smuggled “kilos of cocaine” into the US stuffed inside some Xbox consoles. Officials with Homeland Security, US Customs and the Border Protection Office of Philadelphia say the accused have been bringing the cocaine into the United States from the Dominican Republic, hiding it in both Xbox and Xbox 360 consoles.

Two Ways To Fix Achievements On The Xbox One

Let me start by saying that I realise I’m crazy. The obvious response to anyone ever talking about Achievements is “Why do you care? They’re not worth anything.”

Why So Many People Care About All This '1080p' Stuff

1080p. Ten-eighty-pee. If you have been paying any attention to video game news over the past year or two, you’ve probably seen the term pop up quite a bit, in everything from technical breakdowns to E3 press conferences. It’s Today’s Big Buzzword.

How Much Money Have You Spent On Your Xbox One?

You may have dropped the initial $600 (or, without Kinect, $500) it cost to actually own an Xbox One, but you no doubt pumped more bills into Microsoft’s new-generation console than just that since its launch.

Media Streaming App Plex Arrives On Xbox One

A popular program for streaming personal media libraries from computers to media boxes and mobile devices, Plex launches on Xbox One (and Xbox 360) today, which means I’ll be moving the console back into the living room.

Below Is My Most Anticipated Xbox One Game

It is lazy to describe a game by comparing it to other ones, but it’s also terribly useful sometimes, so here goes: Below incorporates some of the most captivating elements from two of my favourite game series, Zelda and Dark Souls, and I think that’s why it has me wrapped around its little finger.