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Microsoft Says Free Xbox Live Game Download Was An Error

For a while there, it looked like Xbox One owners might soon be able to download and try out even more games from Microsoft free of charge. But Microsoft says that the screen teasing this possibility was an error.

Australians Will Finally Be Able To Say 'Xbox On' To Their Xbox One

Well, I suppose technically you could say “Xbox On” to your Xbox One right now. Nothing will happen, but you could try. But after the next update Australians will finally be able to say “Xbox On” and have their Xbox One actually turn on.

Microsoft's Pretty New Platformer Is Looking Great So Far

I went into Ori and the Blind Forest… well, blind. I had seen a trailer for it back at E3, but other than that I hadn’t bothered with any information. Nothing against it, I just hadn’t bothered.

'The World's Worst Grand Theft Auto V Stunt Montage'

Video: Their words, not ours. Yeah, yep, those were… pretty bad. But then, in a world where pretty much every possible amazing GTA V stunt has already been done, I suppose this is all that’s left.

Does The Witcher 3's Xbox One Collector's Edition Make You Angry?

Some people are all about the collector’s edition goodies and you know what, they can be really good and offensively bad. Depending on your perspective (read: care factor), CD Projekt RED’s CE for the Xbox One version of The Witcher 3 will have you excited, disappointed or even angry.

How Xbox Is Changing Its Dudebro Image

You know the strange thing about my eight years with the Xbox 360? Despite the fact that I played it most days, I often felt kind of alienated by it.

Destiny Is Going To Take You To Mars

Video: And, just like on the moon, it looks like you’ll be fighting new enemies there too.

The Witcher 3 Sure Is Pretty

It’s hard to discern much about how The Witcher 3 plays, or whether it will feel as grand as it looks, or whether the combat is any good. But there’s one thing we can tell from this new gameplay footage: The Witcher 3 — out in February for PS4/Xbox One/PC — sure is pretty.

Xbox One Will Soon Let You Play Pirated Movies And TV Shows

It’s not the kind of news that makes the headlines during a press conference, but it is the kind of news that can help sell systems: the Xbox One is getting native, official support for .mkv, one of the world’s most popular video formats (well, containers).

Titanfall Domination, Courtesy Of Grenades

Video: In this video, YouTuber GameInReview demonstrates some high-level uses for frag grenades in Titanfall. I doubt I could pull off half of this stuff, but it sure is fun to watch him wreck other players seemingly at will.