How Much It Cost To Put An Indie Game On Xbox One

Making games as a solo developer is a hard lifestyle. You can put a lot of hours into making something that goes nowhere. But figuring out what platforms to publish on and how much things will cost is a whole other stress. Here’s how much it cost to put one indie title onto Xbox One. Spoiler: launching it on PC is cheaper.

Xbox One Pinball Game Delayed For A Damn Good Reason

Originally slated for release on July 31, Zen Studios’ Pinball FX2 for the Xbox One has been pushed back into August in order to implement changes need to allow players to import tables they have already purchased on the Xbox 360. Thank goodness.

The Xbox One Will Be China's First Major Home Console Since The PS2

Microsoft is going to be able to start selling the Xbox One to the more than one billion people living in China starting on September 23. The company announced launch plans at a press event in Shanghai.

EA Announces Subscription Plan On Xbox One

Today EA announced a new subscription service for the Xbox One that will give customers unlimited access to a handful of the company’s games for $US4.99 a month.

Today's Special Destiny Mission Took Players To The Moon

Videos: It’s where evil space wizards come from. Somebody should investigate, huh? A too-cool-to-miss event during the Destiny beta had been teased all week by developer Bungie and players finally got to sample it today. The special Dark Beyond mission that took players to the foreboding, enemy-enveloped moon was unlocked for only a few hours today. Maybe you didn’t get to play it or see it yet so here’s what it looked like.

Marvel Crams The Guardians Of The Galaxy Into Every Video Game It Can

If the official Guardians of the Galaxy mobile game not enough for you, worry not — Marvel’s cramming Star-Lord and friends into every gaming orifice available, from Xbox Live avatars to Minecraft skins.

New Adventure Time Game Looks Great, But I'm Still Worried

What time is it? If you said, “Comic-Con”, you’d be technically correct, but also missing my reference entirely. Good job, reference misser. The convention’s firing news on all cylinders, though, including a new Adventure Time game that wears its Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past influences on its sleeve.

Remastered Cutscenes Get Me Excited For Halo 2 All Over Again

Halo 2 has never been as appealing to me as it is right now, thanks to the newly-released Halo 2: Anniversary cinematic trailer. So many feelings in such a small place.

Middle-earth: Shadow Of Mordor Stars... Gollum

Video: Why is Gollum in Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor? WE SHALL SEE. Meanwhile, here’s a new story trailer for the upcoming action game, which is out on September 30 for 360, PS3, PS4 and XB1, and on October 2 for PC.

I'm Pretty Sure Sunset Overdrive Is Ratchet & Clank Reskinned

Back in the day Insomniac was top tier PlayStation. The Ratchet & Clank series ruled (unless you preferred Jak & Daxter, in which case: arguments) and it had nailed a perfect mix of run and gun controls and ‘what the hell did I just shoot’ weapons. Why any of it was happening didn’t matter, only that felt great doing it.