How To Deliver A Gas Tanker Like A Winner

In Highlight Reel today we have a load of Dying Light clips, some explosive gas tankers in GTA V, parachute skateboarding action in H1Z1 and more!

Tips For Playing Dying Light

Hello there, fellow zombie hunters. Dying Light is upon us. Is the intense difficulty curve getting to you too? Here are some of the best techniques I’ve found to help get me through the night in the undead wasteland of Harran. Heck, maybe even survive the whole next day, too. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

How To Find Call Of Duty Exo Zombies' Musical Easter Egg 

As with past instalments of Call of Duty‘s co-op zombie slaughter downloadable content, the first episode of Advanced Warfare‘s Exo Zombies contains a hidden song. Unlike previous instalments, this one’s a bit more classy.

Call Of Duty's Star-Studded Co-Op DLC Is Off To A Fine Start

Call of Duty‘s first downloadable content has hit the Xbox One today, bringing with it some maps the competitive folks should enjoy and a chance to soak in the sound bytes of four prominent actors while shooting mechanically-pulled zombies. That’s my jam.

24 Karat Gold PS4 And Xbox One Controllers Are Dumb, Almost Sold Out

Earlier this week the folks at ColorWare (“The Colour People” is probably not their slogan) released an extremely limited run of 24-karat gold-plated PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers. At $US300 a piece the PS4 controllers are already sold out.

Destiny's Best Rocket Launcher Doesn't Need Advertising

Video: Destiny players sure love the Gjallarhorn — and it’s created a hilarious culture around the weapon. Mr Fruit Gaming Channel pretends to be a Gjallarhorn salesman here, and in doing so, jabs at all the silly things surrounding the Gjallarhorn, and the people that use it.

Batman Beats Superman In Footage Of Cancelled Justice League Game

Long before the release of Injustice: Gods Among Us, there was supposed to be another fighting game that featured the members of DC Comics’ premier superhero team kicking each other’s butts. It got cancelled and footage was never seen. Until now.

Last Year's Halo Is Such A Mess, They're Beta-Testing The Next Patch

Of all the broken video games that we were stuck with in 2014, none were as broken as Halo’s Master Chief Collection, which even now, months after release, is still broken. But it’s OK! You can now sign up for a beta. For an update that may or may not fix it.

It Took 27 Minutes To Beat Destiny's Crota's End On Hard Mode

The newest update to Destiny – that introduces a hard mode to the Crota’s End raid — has only been out for about two hours at the time of this writing, but a team of players has already beaten it.

Microsoft's Hologram Plans Apparently Leaked Back In 2012

Today, Microsoft announced Hololens, an ambitious new piece of hardware designed to make it so you can finally hang out IRL with Hatsune Miku. If that sounds familiar, that’s because it totally is: turns out we’ve kinda known about this for three years now.