Arkham Knight Should Let Batman Play With All His Toys

I didn’t love Batman: Arkham Knight, but I did like it. Just not at first. For at least a few hours, I worried that I was going to give the game a “No” under Kotaku‘s binary rating system.

Japan, The Xbox One Isn't Giving Up On You Just Yet

The Japanese Xbox One launch was an utter disaster and recent console sales have been shockingly bad. No wonder that today in Tokyo, newly minted Microsoft Japan boss Takuya Hirano was asked during in a Q&A whether or not the Xbox One was going to be pulled from the country’s market.

Payday 2 Has Been Broken On Xbox One For Three Weeks

If you bought Payday 2: Crimewave Edition on Xbox One, it’s been a frustrating couple of weeks. The game was released on June 16, yet many players continue to report it’s impossible to play the game with strangers. A patch has been promised for a long time.

Even In Borderlands, Telltale Makes Choices Agonising

Tales from the Borderlands episode three is out, and it’s good. Really good. I plan on going into this more soon, but for now I’ll just say that Tales from the Borderlands has become one of my favourite games of the year — something I never expected.

Klei Confirms Xbox One Release For Survival Game Don't Starve

Klei’s super successful survival game Don’t Starve has found its way onto a number of platforms, including the PC, PS4 and Wii U, with Microsoft’s living room hardware the notable exception. That was the case a few days ago, but this week the developer confirmed the title will be coming to the Xbox One.

Xbox One's Games With Gold Program Is Getting Way Better

Microsoft has occasionally offered two Xbox One games per month as part of its Games With Gold promotion, but starting in July that’s becoming the standard, the company announced.

Korean Gamer Destroys An Xbox 360, Alleges Microsoft Isn't Trying

A South Korean gamer known as XBOX∞ is infinitely not happy. Today, he uploaded a post titled, “I got a sledge hammer. Message for Microsoft Korea.” The gamer was upset about the Batman: Arkham Knight Korean localisation. Or rather, the lack thereof.

That New Game From Inafune And The Makers Of Metroid Prime Sounds Cool

No offence to the lead creator of Mega Man, but the words “From Keiji Inafune” in the debut trailer for a new Xbox One game called ReCore weren’t what excited me most. It was what came next: “and the makers of Metroid Prime“. And that was before I even found out what the game actually is.

Phantom Dust Has Quietly Disappeared

At E3 2014, Microsoft thrilled hardcore gamers by announcing a reboot of the Japanese cult classic Phantom Dust. E3 2015 was somewhat less thrilling: the new Phantom Dust has vanished, and it’s unlikely we’ll see it again.

Batman: Arkham Knight: The Kotaku Review

If you are so into the Arkham games that you are going to be wounded by learning anything at all about Batman: Arkham Knight — what characters may or may not be in it, for example — please don’t read this review. Go play the game! You will like it, mostly. The spoilers in this review are minor, in my view, but they are there. UPDATE: If you are sensitive to spoilers, you may disagree about how minor it is. Mentioning it is fundamental, in my opinion, to talking about what is good about this game.