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Minecraft Realms Will Have Cross-Play For All Platforms

Slowly but surely, we’re moving into a true cross-play world.

Destiny Team Beats Rise Of Iron's Raid In Two Hours

Clan Redeem is the world’s first Destiny team to complete the new Rise of Iron raid, Wrath of the Machine. The raid launched at 3:00AM AEST, and they completed it a bit past 5:00AM AEST.

Well Of Course Destiny Players Have Already Found Rise Of Iron Cheese

Destiny, a video game about the eternal war between the players and developers of Destiny, has always been full of cheese. Over the past two years, Destiny’s community has discovered all sorts of ways to manipulate the game and get new gear as quickly as possible. Rise of Iron is no exception.

Titanfall 2's Movement Is Looking Sharp

It’s almost at the point where it looks a million times more fun than the mechs themselves.

There's Kind Of A New Road Rash This Year

And in the book of things that came completely out of nowhere, here’s a game that is more or less trying to be Road Rash.

Firewatch Is Having Classification Issues In Australia

Firewatch came out on Xbox One this week.

Correction: it came out in just about every other region besides Australia.

Why the delay? Apparently there’s a small issue with classification.

Body-Bending Video Game Perfect Woman Critiques Female Stereotypes

Womanhood can be a contortion act. Prospering is often a matter of stretching, compressing and jaggedly code-switching like artists’ jointed wood mannequins — the kind girls buy in middle school when a Cosmopolitan quiz augurs the life of a painter. Perfect Woman, a Kinect game released last Wednesday, is about those contortions and uses physical posturing to comment on its societal equivalent.

Rise Of Iron's Last Story Mission Is One Of Destiny's Best

A small team at Bungie developed Rise of Iron in just nine months, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to hear that the main campaign is very short. What’s more of a surprise is that the final mission is one of Destiny’s best to date.

Forza Horizon 3 Is A Good Upgrade

Forza Horizon 3 is classified as a racing game, only really it’s not. It’s an open-world adventure game of the (mostly) four-wheeled variety, with a focus on celebrating everything exciting about cars and driving — even racing.

Bikers Update Brings Motorcycle Clubs To Grand Theft Auto Online

Coming soon to the multiplayer side of Grand Theft Auto V, the Bikers update will allow players to recreate their Sons of Anarchy fantasies in real-time with up to seven fellow motorcycle enthusiasts.

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