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Destiny Player Hits Level 40 Without Leaving The First Mission

98 hours, spent entirely in Destiny’s first level. Holy shit.

Rocket League Has Been Remade In Halo 5

Yeah, Rocket League is out on Xbox One next week, but if you absolutely must play it on Microsoft’s console today, a pretty decent version of it has been made using Halo 5’s editing tools.

Fallout 4 Looks Better On Consoles Now

Good news, PS4 and Xbox One owners. Thanks to the latest Fallout 4 patch, the console versions of the game are about on par with the PC version running on high.

Destiny Expansion Coming This Year; Destiny 2 In 2017 

Today Activision confirmed that, as Kotaku reported last month, Destiny 2 won’t be out until 2017. But there will be a significant expansion later this year.

Excellent Art Direction In The Newest Assassin's Creed Sidescroller

The third and presumably final 2D Assassin’s Creed Chronicles game is out this week and looks even better than last month’s one set in India. We captured video of its first level.

Destiny's Newest Farming Trick: Valentine's Day Suicide

This week, everyone gets to celebrate Valentine’s Day festivities in Destiny, the video game version of the myth of Icarus.

Rocket League Is Coming To Xbox One Next Week

After entertaining players on PC and PS4 for over half a year, Rocket League is finally coming to the Xbox One. February 17, to be exact.

You Used To Play Me On Your PS4...

Briefly: Destiny has some new emotes for Crimson Days. (Taken from this clip).

Destiny's Valentine's Day Event Is Full Of Love And Murder

Today, Bungie released another update for Destiny, a video game in which players travel through space imagining new content.

That Time Xbox 360's Uno Game Was Flooded With Dick Pics

Uno was one of Xbox Live Arcade’s best games in the early years, a fact that’s been somewhat forgotten because all anyone can remember are endless penises.

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