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How To Get Red Dead Redemption Running On Your Xbox One Right Now

One of the most requested additions to the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility list, Red Dead Redemption is now available for download and play. Folks just need to own the game digitally and find someone already following the game. Don’t worry, I know a guy.

Remember When Madden Predicted The Exact Score Of Last Year's Super Bowl?

We’re a day away from America’s annual Big Football Game, where the Panthers and Broncos will face one another in a match that would be extremely lopsided if they were actual animals (and may be just as lopsided regardless).

That's Not How Motorcycles Work, Just Cause 3

Video: YouTuber ShockNAwe pulled off a truly remarkable motorcycle stunt in Just Cause 3. A few carefully placed boosters, and everything’s set for Moon landing.

No Wonder GTA V Hasn't Gotten Any Single Player DLC Yet

Rockstar hasn’t made any single player DLC for Grand Theft Auto V, and this long after the game’s release, it will probably never happen. One reason why? The game’s publisher, Take-Two Interactive, keeps bragging about how much money Grand Theft Auto Online is making.

Rise Of The Tomb Raider's Big Head Mode Is Pretty Good

Why don’t more games have a Big Head Mode? This needs to become a thing again.

Carl Sagan's Incredible Pale Blue Dot Speech, Recreated In GTA V

Video: And now, a moment for us to be humbled by our place in the universe.

LEGO's Take On Star Wars: The Force Awakens Launches In June

There doesn’t appear to be a listing on the Australian Xbox Live store yet and there isn’t a follow up listing on Steam. But if you’ve been waiting for TT Games to make Rey, Finn, Poe and most importantly, BB-8, playable in block form, there is a release date.

Killer Instinct's Latest Returning Fighter Has A Friggin' Dragon

During this week’s Killer Instinct Cup at PAX Middle (I’m in the South, and it’s not here) Iron Galaxy revealed the new look for classic character Kim Wu. She’s come a long way since Killer Instinct 2.

The Division Is At Its Best When You're Stabbing People In The Back

The only technical testing I’ve done with the beta of Ubisoft’s upcoming game The Division is seeing whether I’ll like it. So far, it has passed that test.

Chaos;Child is A Murder Mystery With Delusions And Superpowers

If I were to sum up in two sentences my experience with delusion-filled murder mystery visual novel Chaos;Child, it’d be these: 1) If I’d known how incredibly long Chaos;Child was, I’d never have played it and 2) I’m so happy that I played Chaos;Child.

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