Timed DLC Exclusivity Is Bullshit

There’s some new Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC out today, as you may have heard. It’s called “Jaws of Hakkon” and you can get it for Xbox One, PC, and… well, that’s it. Did you play Dragon Age on PlayStation 4? Sorry. No DLC for you this week.

I Bought The Final Fantasy XV Demo For $US18

Final Fantasy Type-0 was released in Japan this past Thursday — two days later than in America. But like many of you, I was more interested in the Final Fantasy XV demo than Type-0 itself.

Halo 5's Online Mystery Game Suggests Master Chief's A Traitor

We’ve always thought of Master Chief as the saviour of humanity in the Halo series, but the ARG kicking off for Halo 5: Guardians posits something much sinister: he’s a traitor.

Mortal Kombat X Has A Nice Surprise For Rage Quitters

So we can all agree when it comes to finishing moves, the Mortal Kombat franchise has always had the top spot. Always. The next instalment, X, looks to continue the trend with the addition of the “Quitality”, a short-and-sweet way of humiliating players who can’t handle the heat.

Mortal Kombat X Is Getting Predator As A Playable Character

Briefly: Mortal Kombat X isn’t just getting Jason Voorhees as a playable character; an early listing for DLC on Xbox Live reveals that the Predator is going to be on the roster as well.

Leaked Video Shows What Phantom Dust Reboot Could've Looked Like

Last month, we broke news that Microsoft had cancelled the Phantom Dust reboot that was in the works at an independent studio called Darkside Games. As a result of this cancellation, Darkside shut down, laying off around 50 staff.

I'm Glad These Halo 3 Cut-Scenes Didn't Make The Cut

The Halo series has always been a great source of ’30 seconds of fun’ shenanigans and still features incredible AI. To this day it’s my go-to for online multiplayer.

But boy-oh-boy did its story get a bit weird.

Final Fantasy XV's Summon Will Blow Your Damn Mind

There are a lot of cool moments in Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae, the much-anticipated demo that’s finally out today for PS4 and Xbox One (alongside FF Type-0 HD).

Watch Me Play Final Fantasy XV, Live

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae is out today, and to celebrate, we’re throwing it up on a livestream and seeing what happens.

Five Nights At Freddy's, Built In Halo

This isn’t your typical Five Nights at Freddy’s clone game. Built entirely in Halo 2, this take on Five Nights at Freddy’s makes the horror game a hell of a lot more combat-oriented.