Remember those Xbox Onesies?

Remember that stroke of marketing genius that went viral on a global scale? To the point where even EA tried to imitate it with a tone deaf Battlefield Onesie that almost every reasonable human being railed against?

That idea originated in Australia, with Microsoft Australia to be precise. And as much as I hate onesies with a powerful passion it was a world class idea.

But now Microsoft Australia is drunk with power.


If you play Overwatch, you've had the experience of being backed into a corner with three health and no teammates in sight. The big, blue button that unleashes your ultimate ability is glowing. It could save you, or more importantly, your whole team. Fuck it, you think, before desperately hitting Q, Y or Triangle.


Hi-Rez Studios' 2017 celebration of itself kicks off today in Atlanta, making it the perfect time to reveal one of Smite's coolest gods yet, The Morrigan, and a third (that's right, third) game in the mythology battles franchise, Smite Rivals.


Overwatch's 3 vs. 3 elimination mode, out since November, turns on its head everything we know about team composition. Heroes beloved in 6 vs. 6 Quick Play and Competitive modes, like Lucio and Torbjorn, are damn near useless in 3 vs. 3, where your priorities are a bit different.