Poor Halo Player Gets Lured Into A Six Man Teabagging Trap

Video: I’ve played a ton of multiplayer shooters over the years, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen griefing like this clip from Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Condolences, blue player. Red team/Rauppy are huge jerks!

Destiny's Newest Helmet Is An Instant Boss-Killer

Meet the Celestial Nighthawk, one of Destiny‘s newest helmets and perhaps the most lethal boss-killing device in the game. Nighthawk, an exotic hunter helmet that was added to the game with the House of Wolves expansion earlier this week, offers one very interesting unique perk.

Destiny's New Secret Area Is Very Exclusive

Destiny’s new mode, Trials of Osiris, has gone live. With it comes a new social hub that only the best of the best can visit. Trials of Osiris is a very difficult 3v3 elimination mode where players can revive teammates. Once everyone on a team dies, however, the round is over and the opposing team gains a win. The more rounds players win, the better prizes the team will get at the end. We’re talking stuff like cool gear, buffs and such.

The Witcher Was Almost A Diablo Clone

This series sure has come a long way since this early prototype from 2002. Remember, this is what The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which launched this week, looks like.

Destiny Just Got A Hell Of A Lot Better

Everyone loves a redemption story. On Tuesday, Destiny‘s second major expansion, House of Wolves, went live. I’ve been playing all week and good news: Not only is House of Wolves superior to its preceding expansion The Dark Below, it feels like the wholesale upgrade that Destiny desperately needed.

Nasty Witcher 3 Bug Is Corrupting Saves On Xbox One

If you’re playing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on Xbox One, you should watch out this. Players are reporting a couple of ways save games are becoming corrupted. For some, it happens out of nowhere, after dying. Others are convinced it’s related to a specific mission. But for most, it happens after leaving The Witcher 3 suspended for several hours.

Theory Connects All The Far Cry Games In The Same Universe

What if I told you that hunky Far Cry 1 star Jack Carver and creepy Far Cry 2 villain The Jackal were the same person? To quote Eurogamer’s Ian Higton: “The clue is in the name, people!”

Doc Brown Comes Back To The Future To Hype LEGO Dimensions

Christopher Lloyd is a man who’ll jump at any chance to don a Hawaiian shirt, stand in front of a wind machine and shout “Great Scott!” A new LEGO Dimensions trailer is as good a reason as any.

No One Knows What Destiny's New Hidden Coins Do Yet

Right now, players are finding mysterious small coins throughout the new Destiny expansion, House of Wolves. Nobody is quite sure what they do yet, or how many there are. But they’re hopeful that the coins will do something.