In 1997, to cash in on the cult reception Ghost in the Shell's release had met with in the British Isles, Murphy's hired an ad agency to go and make an anime-themed commercial. That firm, Nexus Productions, was able to assemble a team of all-stars from Production I.G. to make one of the greatest ads of all time.


Everybody I know who plays Overwatch's pistol-slinging cowboy McCree is coveting the digital skin worn by Do-hyeon "Pine" Kim, the world class McCree pro who stole everybody's heart last week in his debut Overwatch League match. It's a dreary blue skin repping New York's Excelsior team, but wearing it is aspirational. If I dress like he did, the thinking goes, I can play with the same mastery. So now, there are little Pines scattered across Overwatch's servers, making ambitious McCree plays and, probably, landing a few headshots.


Players who earn enough points during Star Wars: Battlefront 2 matches can play as a variety of special characters, from hi-tech Stormtroopers to the Emperor himself, but none are as deadly as the Wookiee Warrior. A new patch has nerfed these overpowered creatures and brought an end to their hairy reign of terror.


Last week, after a temporary hiccup thanks to a power supply that was dead out of the box, I finished building my first gaming PC. For the past few days I've been using it extensively, and as a result, I've experienced a number of brand new feelings that I'd like to share.


Nice work Casual - yesterday's game was indeed Bio Menace. What a platformer. Maybe I should do another playthrough sometime.

Anyway, new day, new game. Let's see how you go.


When Epic Games originally announced a Battle Royale mode for its co-op zombie survival game Fortnite, the internet seemed sceptical. Battlegrounds had already taken over the world, so it was easy for Fortnite: Battle Royale to look like a trend-chasing copycat. Months later, the studio's enormous player base seems to have proven everyone wrong.