Batterystaple Games and Fire Hose Games must agree with me that Mega Man X is the best Mega Man game, because their 20XX is an obvious tribute. 20XX perfectly recreates the feeling of Mega Man X, and generously adds all the procedural elements (scheduled challenges, permadeath, a progression system, loot) that players want out of an old-fashioned game these days.


Madden NFL 18 has a story mode, a first for a Madden game. Called "Longshot," it follows the career of fictional would-be quarterback Devin Wade. Unlike Madden 18's Ultimate Team mode, which allows you to feel like an all-powerful football god who can make record-setting numbers of touchdowns per game, Longshot isn't about winning. Instead, it's a story about overcoming loss and grief, in life and in football.


Coming soon to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, the third instalment of Zen Studios' pinball platform will focus on community run tournaments and multiplayer match-ups. Today the studio announced which console and PC platforms can play together, as well as which Pinball FX 2 tables players can import into Pinball FX 3.


People often think about the meaning of their online name, but they don't often think of what it looks like visually. So one Kiwi gamer has spent the last few days doing that, creating illustrations from people's gamer names.


When I was a kid, I begged my parents for a Game Gear. When I eventually wore them down, they bought me the handheld, along with six games — but I only had the courage to play five of them.

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Two trains leave their stations and travel towards one another. Michelle is on Train A and is scrolling through her Instagram feed. Ben is on Train B and listens to Spotify while reading the news. Forty-five minutes later, the trains pass one another. Who has used the most data?


The specter of the Hiroshima bombing hangs over the World War II anime In This Corner of the World, and yet, the movie easily lures viewers into a specious calm with easy vignettes of '40s Japan. Falling into the regularity and mundanity of surviving a seemingly far-off war only serves to make the inevitable more catastrophic.

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The Huawei Watch 2 is the first smartwatch in Australia that supports 4G, and that's just one of its many tricks. Running Android Wear, it's simple but powerful. This is the first watch you can use properly without your phone in Australia — and that comes in handy more often than you'd think.


I've been reviewing Razer accessories and hardware for ages, and aside from the odd licence tie-in and those rainbow headsets, they have mostly had one thing in common — they have been black. Well now we've got the Mercury line, so bright and white they look like the restless spirits of real Razer products.