With last weekend's Sydney Supanova drawing guests like Jennifer 'Commander Shepard' Hale, talented Overwatch voice actors Anjali Bhimani and Carolina Ravassa and that guy from Home And Away, Chris Hemsworth, you expect all the local cosplayers will bring their A-game. Spoilers: they did.


Technically, Team Ico did complete Shadow Of The Colossus. It shipped in 2005. You could put the disc in a PS2 and and experience what would become one of the most iconic adventures in gaming. But a much more sprawling vision for its world and the colossi that would inhabit it was never realised. Shadow Of The Colossus was broken, unpolished, and incomplete, and the upcoming remake shouldn't try to fix that.


So nobody actually picked Mark's ScribbleTaku cameo on Friday. It was Nintendogs. I still don't understand how that game got made, but Nintendo has a habit of doing their own thing.

Anyway, new week. New game. Let's see how you all go.