Fire Emblem Warriors is an upcoming hack and slash game featuring heroes from the popular strategy games. Staff writer Heather Alexandra and Kotaku editor in chief Stephen Totilo sat down with Masahiro Higuchi from Intelligent Systems and Yosuke Hayashi from Koei Tecmo to talk about the game and whether or not it will have Donnel the villager.


Perhaps in a bid to capitalise on the excitement surrounding the Mini SNES, emails have gone out to press talking about a "Sega Mega Drive Flashback" or "Genesis Flashback" box that will be sold at Australian stores this year.

There's just one problem, and it's the same problem that cropped up last year. The Mini NES and SNES were brand new products built by Nintendo to perfectly run older games. The "Sega Mega Drive Flashback", or "Genesis Flashback" is a third-party emulator box.


Mercy is Overwatch's most straightforward healer. While Ana and Lucio are clearly built to mix (and/or boop) it up, Mercy has nothing but a dinky pistol and a dream. Many Overwatch players ridicule offence-minded "Battle Mercys" because they get slaughtered and they waste precious healing time. Perhaps, though, people are looking at the innocent angel on Overwatch's shoulder the wrong way.

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The two biggest names in gaming are gearing up for a heated head-to-head battle in the lead-up to Christmas.

In one corner is Microsoft with the 4K-enabled Xbox One X. That goes up against Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro which launched last year, and while Sony has undoubtedly come out on top in terms of number of consoles sold so far this hardware generation, Microsoft will soon have the most powerful machine.

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Ever wondered what Harry Potter would do if he wasn’t the Chosen One, and just worked in a coffee shop? Or if Iris West was the one struck by lightning instead of her fiancé? Or maybe Luke Skywalker decided to take after his mother and solve problems diplomatically, while his more emotional sister took up her father’s lightsaber? Then try the world of fan-fiction - an online community fanbase that is built on this idea of what-ifs.


So we know what 21 games will ship on the Super Nintendo Classic, including the surprise announcement of Star Fox 2. But for all of the games that the system ships with, Nintendo could have included so much more. Here's 10 games from the company's enormous back catalogue that belong on Nintendo's latest retro console.


Did you guess Descent for yesterday's ScribbleTaku? Puppylicks did, and within five minutes no less. I specifically took the crosshairs from Descent 2, although they're weapon dependent and you can find equivalents in all three of the games. There's probably something similar in Overload too, the game some of the original Descent devs are working on.

Anyway, new game time. Let's see if this triggers any memories for you.

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Once a week, for the past eight-odd years, I overhear it: "It's GIF, not JIF." "Actually, it's officially JIF." If the arguers are educated in the subject, they will rattle through their supporting arguments: It's JIF because its inventor says so and it's like "giraffe;" it's GIF because it stands for "graphics" and it's like "gift."