When you're hoping a developer is working on a sequel to your favourite game, rumours become your bread and butter. And while you want them to be true, the reality is they're called rumours for a reason. Recently, it was suggested by Official PlayStation Magazine that Creative Assembly may soon divert resources to a new Alien game, however, Eurogamer has come back with its "own sources" that say "this isn't the case".


Few video game systems have had as strange a journey as Nintendo's 3DS. The spunky portable console flopped, got a massive price cut, gradually built up a spectacular library of games, and received several bizarre (and confusing) hardware models throughout its six years on store shelves. And now, it's ditching its biggest selling point. Farewell, 3D.


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Red Canids were set to be a team to watch in League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational, which kicks off today, but now they're in the spotlight for an entirely different reason. After posting a racist joke to Twitter, Felipe "YoDa" Noronha has been served with a three-game suspension, and a $US2000 ($2678) fine.


Magic: The Gathering has issued a rare emergency card ban effective today. One card in a popular but dramatically overpowered two-card combo is now illegal in Standard play. Publisher Wizards of the Coast announced Felidar Guardian's emergency ban two days after they put out their April "Banned and Restricted" cards list, prompting players to raise an eyebrow at the delay.