PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS doesn't try to hide the fact it requires a fair bit of computational grunt to run well, so any tip that stands even a remote chance of buying some extra frames is worth consideration. Depending on your configuration and Windows version, a decent FPS boost could be but a checkbox tick away.


Pop quiz: does the name "PlayOnline" make your blood boil, or at least cause one of your eyes to start twitching? No? Lucky you. If it does, you might be familiar with the worst strategy guide in video game history.


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One of the 10 million people playing Playerunknown's Battlegrounds just so happens to be me, and so I am now qualified to assess it in a video. I promise I'm being sincere when I say I consider it "The Game Of The Decade".


Dujanah is a gorgeous and bizarre indie game full of glitch cats, existential spider-men, and death. With key narrative moments and a small arcade of games that focus on death and dying, it imparts an important lesson of acceptance. We take a look in this critical video.


Just in time for next week's 10th anniversary of Halo 3: Live Halo Or Die Trying, the folks at gaming gear makers Jinx have launched a new line of official Halo clothes and things. Things like these six-inch vinyl figures of Battle Damaged Master Chief and Night Ops Spartan Locke, for example.


In Mushroom Heroes, I'm looking at a fast-moving platform over a bed of spikes. Timing my jump is one thing, but figuring out which character should jump first is another. There could be a monster on the other side of the ledge, and there's only one person who uses arrows. There might be blocks to push around, requiring a different character. I won't know until I cross. These are the kind of chances you take when playing Mushroom Heroes, a platformer that lets you play as three adorable mushroom men.


When the first Destiny came out, I always admired my friends' Destiny outfits. Now that the sequel is here, I'm determined to have a beautiful Guardian of my own. While I'm at it, I think I'll judge some of Kotaku commenters' best outfits.