2008 Brings More Dreamcast Games

DreamcastMainSystem.p.jpg Just because SEGA has abandoned the Dreamcast, doesn't mean gamers have. Better yet, it doesn't mean developers have! Next year will see two new DC games: Dalforce and Wind and Water Puzzle Battles. The games are being published first quarter 2008 by RedSpotGames, who recently released Last Hope for the Dreamcast and the NEO GEO. Dalforce is a vertical shooter with 11 levels, 4 player mode and lots and lots of bullets. The other game is a port of puzzle game Wind and Water Puzzle Battles. It will have 4 player mode and exclusive DC characters. No word on pricing or distribution sources, but both games will be on display in Leipzig, where hopefully Team K will get us hot hot hands-on impressions. New DC Games [Arcade Renaissance via Sega Nerds]


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