360 Gets European Price Cut, New Names, New Colour

new360s.jpgGuess they couldn't wait for the Games Convention to kick off. Microsoft just announced that European 360s are having their prices cut, probably to celebrate the late arrival of the Elite console in the region. The Core's now going to set you back £180/€ 279, while the Premium's been cut to £250/€ 349. The Elite, it's new, it doesn't need a cut. It's going on sale for £300/€ 450. They're not done with the announcements, though.Belgian site Shizzle Games are also reporting that the 360s will be launching with new names, which were first hinted at when Flynn uncovered those 360 holiday bundles. The Elite keeps its name, but the Premium looks like it's being changed to the Xbox 360 Pro and the Core's now called the Xbox 360 Arcade.

To coincide with these changes, the Arcade is coming bundled with a 360 memory card which will be pre-loaded with 5 XBLA titles (one of which looks like Pac-Man). The Pro, if this chart is to be believed, will also be sporting a new colour scheme, having a "silver finish" as opposed to the Arcade's "standard finish".

Nu ook officieel: Microsoft verlaagt prijs Xbox 360, alle consoles krijgen HDMI-uitgang [Shizzle Games]


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