360 Messenger Kit, Halo 3 Accessories Hit Next Week

microsmess.JPGThe Limited Edition Halo 3 Wireless Controllers and Headset and the Xbox 360 Messenger Kit both hit on Sept. 4, Microsoft announced today.

The wireless controllers, which feature Covenant Brute and Master Chief art by Todd McFarlane, sell for $US60 a pop. The Spartan green and gold wireless headset also sells for $US60.

The Xbox 360 Messenger Kit includes a backlit Chatpad that pops on to the bottom of your controller and a special headset that attaches to it. The two sell for $US30, which seems like a pretty great price to me.


    Man, I wished and wished for something like this, now I won't have any excuse to pick "Autoname and save" for my halo screenshots.

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