360 MMOs Will Require HDD "Master Storage File"

tronface.jpgWondering what that "Hard Drive Required" sticker that's going to start appearing on 360 game boxes will be used for? MMOs are a good place to start. Announced at Gamefest today, Microsoft will be instructing any and all MMO providers for the console to nominate how much HDD storage space they'll require, then place that information on the cover (eg 4GB Required). This would come in the form of a "Master Storage File", a single "block" on your HDD which would contain both essential game files as well as the necessary amount of space you'll need for storage. Just like a PC, then. Anyone remember when consoles were simple, and all you had to do was buy a single version and then turn them on? Man, those were some good times. Gamefest 2007: 360 MMOs Can Require Hard Drive [1UP]


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