360 One Step Closer To Homebrew Heaven

madscientist.jpgLots of technical stuff here, so I'll give you the gist: the 360 modding community are now one big step closer to getting homebrew running on the console. It all centres around one of the 360's kernels, which is apparently vulnerable to flashing, after which running homebrew apps are not too far away. Only catch is you won't be able to take your console online, but if you're "flashing fuses" on a "kernel" using a "timed attack" you've probably either got multiple 360s or couldn't give two shits about Xbox Live. As someone who doesn't know what a kernel even does, let alone why they're so vulnerable, I'd recommend hitting the link below for a more technical description than that above. Timing Attack Tested Succesfully: Downgrade from any Kernel without CPU-Key [Xbox-Scene, via 360Fanboy]


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