360 Skate Demo Delayed

360 Skate Demo Delayed

skateordie.jpgYeah, so about that Skate demo for the Xbox 360 I told you about the other day that was scheduled for the 15th of this month? Isn’t happening. In a post on the EA forums, Executive Producer Scott Blackwood explains that overly-ambitious features are pushing the demo back by several days, though not more than a week.

The thing is: the skate.reel video upload functionality is much more technically complex than a standard offline demo. So after submitting it to MS, we got blindsided by a technical (server related) issue we needed to address.

Unfortunately it wasn’t really something that could have been avoided – just an unfortunate side-effect of doing something totally new in a demo environment.

Of course the forum-goers have been nothing but understanding. “what a sh*t company to pull out and have screw ups like this…that’s totally unprofessional…” See? Hit the link and feel the love.

Demo Timing Announcement [Skate Forums via Destructoid]
image courtesy of Gotcha

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