Ninja Gaiden Sigma Gets DLC

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Gets DLC

1158779642_ninja.jpgDoes it bother anyone else that his bicep is nearly bigger than his head? On a side note, Tecmo has announced three Survival Mode expansions for Ninja Gaiden Sigma—the first of which will hit for about $US3—and we’re guessing the rest will go for a similar price.

8/30: Weapons Master Mission, five weapon limit
September: Speed Master Mission, quick fights on a time budget
October: Rachel Master Mission, different character with five survival tests

None of these expansion missions are rocking my world, but each will offer a tangible measurement for a global ranking system sure to cut your ego down pretty quickly. And besides, your subsequent dependence on booze is a priceless commodity.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Downloadable Content Announced [IGN]

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