83% Of Xbox 360 Games Aren't FPSs

doomenhanced.jpgOr, put in different numbers, only 17% of Xbox 360 games are FPSs. Annoyed by rantings of too many FPS titles (which I, myself, have been guilty of), FPS Source counted up 137 released Xbox 360 games and found that not even a quarter of titles are FPSs.

The two biggest genre hogs were Action/Action Adventure (at 26%) and Sports (also at 26%). So as far as I'm concerned, there's a new witch hunt on. Less sports games! Now if...uhh...everyone would stop buying so damn many year after year. Like any perceived imbalance in any consumer market, we need to quell demand before we can talk supply.

17% of most Xbox 360 titles are 'FPS/TPS' [via thexboxdomain]


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