A Figurine Ho-Down For Your Eyes

wonderfesayane.jpgThe twice-a-year Wonder Festival is Japan's biggest figure-selling bonanza with over a thousand dealers taking part. The event recently wrapped up in Tokyo on the 12th. The next one will be in Osaka this winter. Here's what makes it so damn cool: All fan-made kits are given a one day licence by copyright holders via the Wonder Festival Executive Committee. Meaning? Sellers can put their work on the market without fear of breaking the law.

I've put together of official and fan-made stuff. It's mostly game-related like Ayane from Dead or Alive (above). So you should be able to pick out Resident Evil, THE [email protected], SNK ladies, Metal Gear Solid and a fuckton of Haruhi Suzumiya figurines.

Wonder Fes 2007 Summer [Senaka Blog]


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