A Japanese Poltical Game That Could've Been Better

onita01.jpgDS game Atushi Onita's Political Quiz doesn't sound that interesting. It quizzes players on their knowledge of the Japanese government. Atsushi Onita does. Background on him: After dropping out of high school, he began wrestling. He was a star of Frontier Martial Arts Wrestling and created the barbed wire death match. He's even appeared in wrestling games like Fire Pro and Toukon Retsuden. He even starred in a movie! He later returned to school in his 40's to finish up his education and then found political success in 2001 when he won the 19th House of Councillors election as a Liberal Democratic Party. Right after he was elected, he initiated post-9/11 humanity relief to Afghanistan that consisted of him wrestling in ramshackle Afghan wrestling rings. This was to benefit the children, apparently. He's been since forced out of politics by a sex scandal in which he's accused of using government property for threesomes with a porn actress and a female Japanese bureaucrat. Rumour has it that's slept with over 20,000 women. Oh, so he has this DS game. And well, it's probably not the Atsuhi Onita DS game that should be made. You know, the one with all the punching, lying and screwing. A missed opportunity. Truly. Onita Game [Game Watch via Insert Credit]


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