"A Screw Up On Our Part" (With New Photos!!)

giantkenlevineface.jpg Ack! We went from squinty Ken Levine to this. And thank you, Vonthora for this. Some PR person sent us actual respectable Ken Levine PR glamour-shots. We probably won't use them, but have posted them after the jump. You know, in case you want to make a Ken Levine coffee mug or something. Onto the post:

BioShock was traumatic for many. Folks are just getting over the emotional scarring! No, strike that. People will never get over server downtime, piracy-protecting SecuROM and widescreen issues. Pain like this runs deep. Game site 1Up cornered BioShock dude Ken Levine to get his thoughts.

It was a screw up on our part. I don't think we were ready. We didn't know the game was going to do as well as it did [and the]servers got overwhelmed.... So it went down 6 hours one night and that was really stupid. People had just bought the game, spent $US50 and they go home and find out they can't run it. That ain't good.

And what about that widescreen issue?

It [widescreen]was the way we want it to be, but clearly not every gamer agrees with us or how the way it was implemented. Hey, they spent $50 on it, they should have the right to play the game to their atheistic pleasure, not our aesthetic pleasure... While this may make us cringe a bit to see people play ad different FOV than we intended to, it's their game.

So, this Ken Levine seems alright! He's upfront and honest, which is a breath of fresh air. Let's hope the game's popularity doesn't turn Levine into a pompous windbag who says dumb ass things. We already have way too many of those.



Ken Leving Admits BioShock Probs [1Up]


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