Nintendo's Wiggly Waggly Handheld Patent

wigglygamboy.jpgThe DS sells. The Wii, it sells too. Combine them and you've got some kind of world-devouring, money-printing contraption, whose coming would herald the very end of days. That seems to be the idea behind this patent application from Nintendo, which is for a handheld gaming device with Wii Remote-esque motion-sensing abilities. Sure, this probably won't go anywhere, since it's the legal equivalent of Nintendo doodling some ideas on the back of a dirty placemat after 17 beers down the karaoke bar on a Friday night, but it's still nice to look. And imagine. Mainly how you'd actually play the thing without killing yourself and those dear to you, what with all the flapping and flailing that'd be going on. nintendo working on a motion sensing wii portable? [technabob, via Gizmodo]


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