Activision – Rock Band Will Never Be Prom Queen

Activision – Rock Band Will Never Be Prom Queen

256px-Rockband-logo.jpgActivision’s Will Kassoy has plenty to say about their franchise versus the upcoming Rock Band:

I think some of the early signs we’ve seen might make [Rock Band]a little more complex than some of the things that make Guitar Hero so great, which is its accessibility and ease of play for everyone…[and]If you go beyond the game industry to just really mass market consumers, people haven’t heard about Rock Band yet and the fact that it’s only on next-generation platforms is going to be a little bit limiting.

Is it petty jealousy, marketing hoopla or truth? I’m actually leaning towards truth. Rock Band, while shaping up to be incredible (I just withheld about one thousand exclamation points), it will struggle to find mass market appeal at its speculated $US200 price point alone. But as for people actually knowing about the game—we have a feeling the MTV partnership will work that end of the equation out if all else fails.

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