“America Is Not Nice”

To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft
RE: Bike!

Yah, I think sneezing at 3,000m altitude can really wear you out.

There was a program on TV this evening that had elderly people recount when the U.S. Military firebombed Osaka during WWII. Mini-Bash was watching it. I was blogging. He came running over to the computer, saying: “Daddy’s country bombed Japan.”

His face was puzzled. A flood of sentences came flooding out, all to the effect of Japan is a nice place. People in Japan are nice. Questions followed, hard questions: Why did Daddy’s country bomb Japan? When did Daddy’s country bomb Japan? Did Daddy bomb Japan? A conclusion was reached in his four year-old brain. “America is not nice.”

How do you explain war to a pre-schooler? Mrs. Bashcraft put it best: “You know, when sometimes Daddy and I have an argument. We don’t really hate each other. We’re just upset and let the emotions get the most of us. It’s like that.”

Oh, said the kid, seeming to get it. He nodded. He continued to nod periodically throughout dinner, shifting it over in his head, trying to make sense of something even adults don’t quite grasp.

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