GTA Delay Good For Activision, EA

GTA Delay Good For Activision, EA

gtaivlogo802.jpgWhile gamers across the globe reacted to the news of GTA IV’s delay with spite-filled emails, comments, and general gnashing of teeth, the game analysts of the world simply steepled their fingers together, closed their eyes, and analysed the hell out of the situation. Analyst firm Nollenberger Capital Partners suggests that the delay of game will massively benefit Rockstar’s competition, namely Electronic Arts and Activision. Todd Greenwald was temporarily released from the hive mind to comment.

“We estimate that roughly USD 400 to USD 500 million in consumers wallets will be freed up to spend on other hardcore games.”

Hardcore games like Activision's Call of Duty 4, EA's Crysis, Halo 3, Need for Speed ProStreet and many more that would have been passed up for a chance at rampaging through Liberty City anew.

It's interesting to take a step back and look at the situation from a market perspective, where games aren't measured by review ratings but in the number of dollars they generate in revenue. All hail the hive mind!

EA, Activision to benefit from GTA delay []

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