Arcade PC Rig Is Totally Awesome (But Totally Expensive)

radpc.jpgBefore you get excited at the feature-list, know this thing costs FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS. Got it? Let's continue. This is the Game Haven PC3. You can buy it from Skymall. And it would be just about the best thing in the world for emulator fans if you could buy it with normal-human money. At it's heart, it's a PC running Windows XP. On its face? Two arcade stick layouts. A third, four-directional-only stick. Pinball flippers. Tilt buttons. And a trackball. The thing's got AV outputs out the wahzoo, supports a regular old keyboard and mouse and looks like it's built out of battleship steel. In other words, it could play almost anything. Only downside? Yeah. FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS. Official Game Haven PC3 [Skymall, thanks HBunny!]


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