Are 60GB PS3s Extinct Yet?

dinosaur%20hall1.jpg 60GB PS3s are on their way out. The US online store has run plum out of the 60GB consoles, leading to speculation that only retail units remain. The $US499.99 machine is listed as "Back Order," while the $US599.99 80GB PS3 is readily available. According to a Sony rep:

The online site has exhausted its inventory of the 60GB. They still have inventory available in-store, however, and other larger retailers and their web operations still have ample supply.

Previously Sony announced that the 60GB PS3s would be available until they were no longer available. So potential customers snap up those remaining "cheaper" consoles while you can, because 20GBs more will set you back a hundred bucks. Don't you just love this pricing scheme? It's evolution, you know. Run Out? [PC Advisor]


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