Arm Wrestling Game Recalled In Japan

Arm Wrestling Game Recalled In Japan

overthetop.jpgWho knew Sylvester Stallone’s 1987 arm wrestling film Over The Top would have such a deep effect on the popularity of the sport? In Japan they’ve downright passionate about it…so much so that Atlus is having to recall 150 of its Arm Spirit arm wrestling simulator arcade games after three people broke their arms playing it. Now that’s dedication. What kind of hunter-destroyer robot are we dealing with?

“The machine isn’t that strong, much less so than a muscular man. Even women should be able to beat it,” said Atlus spokeswoman Ayano Sakiyama, calling the recall “a precaution.”

Even women? Wow, that must be a pretty weak machine. Hey, she said it, not me. Opponents in the game range from a French maid to a chihuahua to the end boss, a professional wrestler. I’m betting the chihuahua is the culprit here. Sneaky little bastards, chihuahuas.

Arm-Wrestling Game Recalled in Japan [ – Thanks Armando!]

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